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Where Doctors Turn for Personal Plastic Surgery

Where Doctors Turn for Personal Plastic Surgery

If a doctor wants to get a personal procedure for their own individual needs, or for their family members, only the best of the best will do. Every year, Texas Monthly releases a “Super Doctors” Rising Star Edition, which honors those “best of the best” top surgeons throughout the state of Texas. Read the selection criteria process.

Have you ever wondered how you could obtain that list for your own personal use and find the very best of the best doctor for your particular needs? This is the place to find it. Every year, the leading researcher and publisher asks doctors to nominate peers in whom they most admire or who they would use and trust for their own medical care. Physicians are not allowed to nominate themselves.

Most of the doctors are newer to the industry, having worked as a doctor or been fully licensed for a decade or less. The odds of getting chosen for this esteemed honor are only 2.5% in Texas who are selected based upon the same criteria as the Super Doctors. The only difference between these Super Doctors is the term, whereby the younger doctors are considered “Rising Stars” and the veteran physicians are simply in a league of their own.

TVintage Style Texas State USA Stamp here are many, many excellent doctors who are not on the list, so that is not to say that any doctor not listed is not as good as a doctor who has made the echelon of “Superhood”, however this is a trusted compilation that is widely respected within the state of Texas and elsewhere for both doctors and civilians who are not part of the medical world.

The list is maintained and kept honest by Key Professional Media, Inc. whose difficult job is to narrow down a list of thousands of “Super” Texas doctors to only forty-two specialists. Their role is not undervalued. Doctors were chosen using a point system in which those who obtained high ratings from surveys, reviews, research and a blue ribbon panel were selected for their respective specialties. Plastic surgery is Dr. Frank Agullo’s forte and he is honored to have received the Texas Super Doctors Rising Stars billing in plastic surgery for 2013.

As we approach the month of June, 2014, the annual selection process will once again be announced by Texas Monthly Magazine.

How SPY Imaging Technology is Helping Breast Cancer Patients

Illustration of a spy with accessories icons. Spy in the black coat and hat with a magnifying glass and briefcaseWhen you think of SPY Imaging technology, perhaps your mind fills with images of James Bond carrying a black briefcase full of clever and useful tools to accomplish secret missions. If so, the James Bonds of plastic surgery can be found in El Paso, TX, where two renowned plastic surgeons have been putting the use of modern technologies to good use.

SPY imaging is a fairly new, cutting edge system that enables the doctors to determine exact percentages of tissue perfusion during surgery. This offers tremendous hope to patients who have suffered the loss of one or both breasts as a result of cancer. An IV indocyanine green dye (known as ICG) uses infrared angiography to see the damaged or remaining healthy tissue, thereby enabling its removal. What makes this technology so great is that the SPY imaging decreases long term complications by removing the tissue most susceptible to be infected by the cancerous cells, and without having to return for another surgery.

In a recently published article in the El Paso Physician magazine, Dr. Agullo and his fellow co-founder of Southwest Plastic Surgery, Dr. Humberto Palladino, both addressed the benefits of SPY imaging technology to breast cancer patients. “The SPY imaging system should be used to prevent complications and increase surgical accuracy in many types of breast reconstruction procedures.”

Dr. Agullo and Dr. Palladino referenced recent evidence that points to the benefits of SPY imaging in other types of plastic surgery as well; as long as there is communication between the surgeon and anesthesiologist during the ICG dye injection. That seems to be the most critical aspect in the delivery of a successful outcome, since the dye pinpoints the regions that must undergo removal prior to the breast reconstruction.

One of the major advantages for the dye is that it is nephrotoxic; therefore it can be used several times during one procedure. A smaller area of removal in the fatty tissues of the breast during surgery can be detected by the SPY imaging system. During clinical studies, it the ICG dye was far more accurate than dyes used in other methods. These new studies have revealed the accuracy of SPY imaging, estimating it to be three times more effective than the methods widely used in the medical industry.

Southwest Plastic Surgery and both Dr. Agullo and Dr. Palladino have won numerous awards in the past year for their excellence in the plastic surgery industry. They are considered to be leaders in the SPY imaging and breast reconstruction field. Women from all over Southwest Texas, New Mexico and even from other states have turned to them to help overcome that final stage of breast cancer where they can trust the team at Southwest Plastic Surgery to bring the “wholeness” back to womanhood through the reconstruction of one or both breasts after beating cancer.

Can Breast Reduction Surgery Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer?

There is no doubt that women of all age groups and ethnic backgrounds have a common battleground, and that is with breast cancer. Unfortunately, breast cancer has become one of the leading causes of death among women and now a major front line medical concern. We are now learning the causes of breast cancer can be linked to stress and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Of course, women are more educated than they were twenty years ago, therefore a larger percentage of women get mammograms than even a decade earlier. This has helped in diagnosing breast cancer patients earlier to prevent the progression of breast cancer, but it hasn’t stopped the massive number of new cases.Breast cancer graphic design, silhouette of woman with a ribbon on her chest and "Fight Against Breast Cancer" written below her

Dr. Agullo from Southwest Plastic Surgery of El Paso, Texas has been studying this very issue, which he recently wrote about in an article for “The El Paso Physician”: Vol. 36, No. 4. Among other notable plastic surgeons, Dr. Agullo concluded that women who underwent breast reductions had significantly fewer chances of getting breast cancer than those with larger breasts. The conclusion was based on a recent study of women throughout the U.S., Canada, Sweden and Denmark whose risk was lowered by as much as 50 – 70% over those who had not received breast reduction surgery.

Why is this? Most cases of breast cancer arise from dead cells in the fatty tissue of the breast that manifest into cancer. By reducing the fatty tissues in the breast, you also reduce the potential for getting breast cancer. In fact, today many women are opting to remove the fatty tissue altogether replace their breasts with implants, which seems like an extreme measure, but not without just cause for those women who have a higher hereditary predisposition for breast cancer.

For those who suffer from breast cancer already, there are plenty of options for you. Once the breast cancer has been treated, there are several methods for breast reconstruction that will become an option, if you choose to go through with a breast implant reconstruction. Breast reconstruction is just one method which involves replacement of a tissue expander. After a few months’ time and a few visits, a silicone gel is then inserted to complete the process of expansion. Later on, a final surgery will be needed to remove the expander. Voila! Your new breasts will be complete.

Another type of method used by Southwest Plastic Surgery is called Latissimus Dorsi Myocutaneous Flap. This technique also uses a tissue expander or implant, but is known for giving women a natural look to their reconstructed breasts. This complex procedure also gives Dr. Agullo an ability to reconstruct any part of the breast, including the nipple. Although this particular procedure may not be a solution for every breast cancer patient, it has clear advantages for qualified recipients. These are only a few different types of procedures that can have a positive impact on your breast reduction at Southwest Plastic Surgery of El Paso, Texas.

Which Is Best, Pharmaceutical or Surgical Men’s Hair Loss Procedures for Hair Recovery?

Nearly a third of all males in the U.S. are dealing with the embarrassment of hair loss in some way. Thankfully, surgeons like Dr. Frank Agullo from the El Paso area have achieved a solution to help men with this common hair loss dilemma.

Portrait of an attractive man with his hand on his head and a worried expressionIf you are wondering how the phenomenon of hair loss (known as alopecia in technical terms) occurs, the causes can be attributed mostly to DNA. Yes, your genetic makeup certainly plays a majority, but other factors can be linked to stress, improper diet, your environment or even wearing a hat or helmet a lot over a period of time. It has been noted that hair loss also affects many women.

Nevertheless, most men’s hair loss begins at a hormonal level. The hormone DHT (dihydrotesterone) causes sensitivity in follicles that have a tendency to make your hair shrink or shrivel. So, what can be done if the reason is hereditary?

At Southwest Plastic Surgery, Dr. Agullo and his team offer a number of solutions for hair loss. Scalp reductions, hair bearing flaps and other methods. Most pharmaceutical hair loss remedies have unknown ways of halting or repairing hair loss, which yields only moderate and rather slow results. Over-the-counter treatments – such as the topical cream Rogaine or oral finasterides like Propecia – involve a long term commitment. This method is fine if you have the patience, but if you desire faster results, then this is not ideal. Topical medicines can take a while before they take effect; in some cases years and then with still sparse hair growth.

In a recent article he wrote for El Paso Physician, Dr. Frank Agullo addresses current treatment options for male pattern hair loss, also called “baldness” in layman’s terms. His conclusion, along with four of his industry colleagues, was that; “Pharmacological treatments are effective in halting hair loss and producing a mild amount of hair growth. Hair transplantation remains the gold standard for replacing lost hair. A combination of both modalities translates to better results.”

Cosmetic Surgery Is a Great Solution for Hair Loss in Texas!

At Southwest Plastic Surgery, you will find advanced surgical techniques that can enhance or reshape your hairline, so that the baldness will disappear. This method is very effective in eliminating hair loss. Another method we use are infused hair implants, which are also known as hair-beaing flaps. They can be extremely effective to stimulate hair growth, in conjunction with topical creams. These procedures vary, depending on how well the patient does during the healing process, but patients can expect to retain anywhere from 93% to 97% of the implanted hair. The result? Simply outstanding.

While both pharmaceutical and surgical methods have been proven to work in most cases, it’s the act of both techniques working together that has given the best results. If you are considering taking action against hair loss, then contact Dr. Agullo at Southwest Plastic Surgery in El Paso Texas for a consultation on the options that may be most suitable for your personal needs.

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