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Brow Lift vs. Eyelid Lift

Brow Lift vs. Eyelid Lift

Brow Lift vs. Eyelid LiftIt is a common misconception that a facelift is all you need to restore a youthful appearance. A facelift only corrects the lower portion of your face around the cheeks, jaws, and neck, but many signs of aging develop around the eyes and on the upper half of the face. To get a fully rejuvenated facial appearance, you should also consider a brow lift and/or an eyelid lift.

The procedure that will benefit you most ultimately depends on what you desire to correct on your face. Do drooping eyelids make you look constantly fatigued? Does a sagging brow make you appear worn out? Both are caused by the weakening of the underlying musculature that gravity pulls downwards, and each requires a different technique to correct.

Brow Lift   

Forehead wrinkles and a drooping brow can make you appear constantly angry, tired, or sad. These conditions develop over the years and can be exacerbated by sun exposure, smoking, and your natural facial movements. Brow lift surgery is performed to lift the muscle structures and restore a smooth and youthful brow and forehead. One of many techniques may be utilized depending on your aesthetic goals.

  • Temporal Brow Lift: focuses on creating a pleasing contour along the brow line.
  • Forehead Lift: uses an endoscopic approach, which allows the muscles to be tightened through small incisions. This technique results in less swelling, bruising, and bleeding.
  • Periorbital Rejuvenation: corrects brows that sag laterally rather than centrally or vertically.
  • Coronal Brow Lift: utilizes incisions from one ear to the other within the hairline, which helps hide any resulting scarring.
  • Direct Brow Lift: uses an incision near the brow and lifts the muscles.

Eyelid Lift

Flabby, hooded eyelids can severely age the face. Eyelid lift surgery corrects sagging eyelids as well as crow’s feet, upper and lower lid creases, puffiness, and dark undereye circles. Correcting the eyelids can brighten your whole facial appearance and can even correct impaired vision.

  • Transconjunctival approach goes through the tear trough the reach the underlying muscles of the lower lid.
  • Transcutaneous approach accesses the muscle structure through an incision in the skin.
  • Fat lipolysis removes excess fat from the lower eyelid.
  • Erbium YAG lasers offer non-invasive treatment to correct crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eyes.


For many patients, it isn’t just one area of the face that has signs of aging. When multiple areas need to be corrected, you can combine procedures to save time and money. Brow and eyelid lifts can be combined to rejuvenate the entire upper portion of the face. If you desire a full facial rejuvenation, consider combining both techniques with a facelift, which targets the lower half of your face.

If you are tired of having a sagging, aged facial appearance, schedule your consultation with Dr. Agullo today in El Paso or Las Cruces. Contact our office by calling (915) 590-7900, or fill out our online contact form here for more information.


THREE BUTTS IN THONGSThe American Society of Plastic Surgeons has released new data today, the 2014 statistics report.  The data showed that two of the fastest growing procedures in the United States are buttock augmentations with implants and buttock lifts.  In 2014, 5,863 buttock implants were performed, and 3,505 butt lift procedures were done during the same time.   This represents a 98% and 44% increase respectively.  At the same time buttock augmentation with fat grafting, also known as Brazilian butt lift or buttock fat injections, increased 15%.  This complete  combination of procedures is only offered by a few plastic surgeons within the United States.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and fat grafting have increased throughout the years mainly due to an increased interest by women for the buttock contours made popular by celebrities such as Kim Kardasian, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicki Minaj.  The popularity has also increased with the recent explosion of #belfies, or “butt selfies.”  Many women are trying to achieve and improve buttock contour, but not all are good candidates for only a Brazilian Butt Lift or fat grafting.   A Brazilian Butt Lift incorporates liposuctioning fat from areas of undesired deposits and transferring them to the buttocks.  This results in a smaller waist size, thinner thighs, and even flatter abdomen when transferring this fat to the buttocks, creating more voluptuous curves.

Frustrated by the trends, many women that are in shape and do not have a large amount of excess fatty deposits, have turned to buttock augmentation with implants.   Although buttock augmentation with implants has had a bad rap on the Internet mostly due to substandard procedures and inexperienced physicians, many have found benefits and good results from the procedure.   The main emphasis is placing the implants within the muscle thus avoiding common complications such as implant palpability, ability to move the implant and rotate it, buttock ptosis, double bubble deformity and seromas.  The implants used in buttock augmentation are solid silicone implants; therefore they never break and should last a lifetime.  Furthermore, by placing the implant within the muscle, the implant will never droop or sag.  Seromas and implant palpability with implants within the muscle are almost unheard of.  Buttock augmentation with implants is truly the only option for a thin woman in shape who desires improved buttock projection and contour.

Some women experience buttock droopiness or sagginess.  In order to address this issue a buttock lift is often the only solution.   A buttock lift is performed by making a G-string type incision above the buttocks where the skin can be tightened and lifted.   The same tissue that is usually excised for a buttock lift can be used for augmentation.   In some patients a buttock implant or even buttock fat injections can be combined for buttock lift to provide the ultimate result.    Although many women are concerned with the scarring left behind after a buttock lift, you can rest assured that the incision will lay so that it can be covered by a G-string, bikini, or underwear.

Dr. Agullo at Southwest Plastic Surgery is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.  He is Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery.  Dr. Agullo is one of the few surgeons in the Southwest who offers the full array of buttock contour solutions including buttock implants, Brazilian butt lift, and buttock lift techniques.

If you are thinking of improving your buttock contour like many other women in the United States, don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule an appointment today.

Male Pectoral Implants: Highest Growing Cosmetic Procedure for 2014

attractive male shirtlessThe American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has released their 2014 plastic surgery statistics report.  Although there has been much media attention related to increased cosmetic procedures in male patients within the last few years, it was surprising to see that pectoral implants have made it into the highest growing plastic surgery procedure last year increasing by 208% compared to 2013.

Male pectoral implants is a procedure performed in males who desire fuller upper torso with improved pectoral contour.   Oftentimes, patients seeking this procedure are already in good shape, lean, and fit, but are unable to attain a decided pectoral contour. Male pectoral implants are the solution in these cases.

The surgery is performed through a transaxillary incision (small 5 cm incision in the axilla) and the implants placed are solid silicone implants.  These implants do not have the risk of rupture and should last a lifetime.    The scarring is minimal and oftentimes unnoticeable.   The procedure usually takes about one hour under general anesthesia or IV sedation, and patients usually return to normal activity within five days.   Exercise can be resumed three weeks later.

Patients see a marked difference after undergoing pectoral implant surgery and the satisfaction rate is very high.    Many patients opt to combine these procedures with liposuction for further body contour.

If you have any questions regarding pectoral implants or are ready to schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Frank Agullo, board certified plastic surgeon.   Dr. Agullo is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. ASPS member surgeons are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and trained specifically on plastic surgery.  They have at least six years surgical training, operate only in accredited medical facilities, adhere to strict codes of ethics, fulfill continuing education requirements including patient safety techniques, and are partners with patients in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Increase in Plastic Surgery Countouring Procedures after massive Weight Loss

body contouring conceptA marked increase in the number of bariatric procedures in the United States has started affecting plastic surgery volumes according to the press release by the American Society of Plastic surgeons (ASPS). Body contouring procedures including abdominoplasty, thigh lifts, breast lifts and arm lifts grew at the fastest rate in 2014. The trend in growth is expected to continue.  In 2013 almost 500 bariatric procedures were performed every day in the United States.

Of the body contouring procedures, thigh lifts and arm lifts had the highest increase in five years, both up by 90%.  Nevertheless, abdominoplasties and mastopexy procedures continue to increase in volume as well. Having said this, Dr. Agullo believes that the main surgery performed in his practice after massive weight loss is the circumferential body lift or lower body lift.

After massive weight loss procedures patients experience an improvement in health, often curing related health problems such as diabetes and hypertension.    A large amount of weight loss does result in excess skin and other problems such as skin rashes and difficulties in mobility.  Oftentimes body contouring procedures after massive weight loss are key in the improvement of quality of life and part of the transformation of these patients.

At Southwest Plastic Surgery, Dr. Agullo specializes in multiple body contouring procedures,  or “total body lifts”, which can be combined in a single procedure.   Using the latest techniques and strict safety guidelines, Dr. Agullo is able to offer combinations of upper arm lifts, breast lifts, excision of back folds, circumferential abdominoplasties, thigh lifts, and face lifts in one setting. This can only be achieved by an experienced team.

Some of the procedures are covered by insurance due to the morbidity caused by the occurrence of skin infections in the infra-abdominal folds.   The most often covered procedure is panniculectomy, which removes the excess skin and tissue below the lower abdominal fold.

In 2014 approximately 45,000 patients underwent body-contouring procedures after massive weight loss in the United States. Dr. Agullo has noticed an increasing number of patients seeking body contouring procedures after massive weight loss at Southwest Plastic Surgery as well.    By offering both CareCredit and Alphaeon Credit, many patients are able to finance their procedures, thus making it more feasible.

If you or a loved have experienced massive weight loss and wish to improve your body contour give us a call today.

What Breast Procedure Do I Need?

Having small or misshapen breasts may leave you feeling less than confident in your body. Breast enhancement procedures can increase the size and correct the shape and position of your breasts. In today’s market, there are more ways than ever to gain the bigger, shapely bust you desire. Having options available to you helps ensure that you reach the aesthetic look you want and need.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation uses implants to achieve the size increase you desire. Saline or silicone implants are inserted through incisions into the breast pockets. You can choose subglandular (over the muscle) or subpectoral (under the muscle) placement depending on the look you wish to create with your augmentation.What Breast Procedure Do I Need?


  • Can produce a dramatic increase in breast size
  • Reliable results
  • Long-term enhancement
  • Achieves results with a single procedure (unless complications occur)


  • Uses synthetic material
  • May leave scarring

Natural Enhancement

Breast Fat transfer is a technique that has been perfected only fairly recently. Unwanted fat is harvested from trouble areas of the body such as the abdomen, hips, or thighs. The fat is purified and injected in layers into the breasts. Fat transfer is primarily for women seeking subtle enhancement. It can be used to reshape the breasts, and you can achieve a full cup size increase through one procedure.


  • Uses 100 percent biological material
  • Results look and feel natural
  • Fat reduction from other locations
  • Minimal scarring


  • Results vary from patient to patient
  • Multiple treatments may be necessary
  • Does not provide a dramatic size change

Breast Lift

Breast lifts are performed on women with mild to severe breast ptosis (sagging). Breast sagging can occur due to gravity, aging, pregnancy, or weight loss. Through incisions created around the nipples, excess tissue is removed, and what remains is sutured into place. This helps the breasts sit in a higher, more perky position on the chest.


  • Corrects sagging
  • Provides natural results
  • When combined with augmentation, helps prevent double-bubble deformity


  • Does not increase size
  • May result in visible scarring
  • Breast tissue is still subject to causes of sagging like future weight gain and pregnancy

Combining Procedures

You can choose to combine different breast procedures to gain the results you desire. Fat transfer can be utilized by women with thin breast tissue who desire implants. If the tissue is too thin, the outline of the implant may be visible through the skin. Transferring fat around the edges of the implant can help camouflage its outline.


Women who desire a size increase but also have tissue sagging should consider combining a lift with their augmentation. Lifting and securing the breast tissue around the implants helps prevent complications such as double-bubble deformity and bottoming out.

If you want to benefit from the confidence boost of breast enhancement, schedule your consultation with Dr. Agullo today. Together you and he can decide which breast procedure will help you achieve the look you desire. Call our office today at (915) 590-7900, or fill out our online contact form here for more information.

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