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Plastic Surgery Financing Options in El Paso, TX

Plastic surgery helps patients of all ages and genders achieve the aesthetic results they desire and helps them gain confidence and comfort in their own skin. Among these range of demographics comes a range of financial situations. The team at Southwest Plastic Surgery understands this and wants to ensure that plastic surgery procedures are available and accessible to all their patients.

To make paying for cosmetic procedures manageable, Dr. Frank Agullo accepts all major credit cards and offers three financing options for his El Paso plastic surgery and non-surgical patients. These include:

  • PatientFi
  • CareCredit®
  • Cherry Financing

These medical use credit cards offer a variety of flexible repayment terms, as explained in detail below.

CareCredit® & Other Medical Credit Cards for Cosmetic Procedures

Medical credit cards work the same as any other credit card but are designed specifically to help with medical and cosmetic procedures. These often offer different repayment options.


PatientFi prides itself on being the most user-friendly medical financing option and is known for its high approval rating.

“We see patients as people, not their credit scores.”

PatientFi takes a unique approach to patient financing and considers more than just patients’ FICO score.

Along with promotional zero-interest APR, they offer convenient traditional plans with reasonable, transparent rates and no hidden fees or compounding interest.

Click below to learn more about your options and purchase minimums to qualify, then calculate your monthly payments based on the cost of your treatment.

Plans, Minimums, and Payment Calculator

PatientFi considers applicants with a credit score of 620 and over.

Our El Paso, Texas, board-certified plastic surgeon accepts CareCredit®, ALPHAEON®, and PatientFi, along with all cash, checks, and other credit cards.


CareCredit® is the most popular of these credit cards and offers the following benefits:

  • Zero interest – CareCredit® provides a promotional short-term, zero-interest plan for purchases of $200 or more. You can take up to 24 months (two years) to pay your bill without being charged interest, as long as you make the minimum payments on time and don’t carry a balance past the payment in full due date.

You can also choose shorter terms of 6, 12, or 18 months.

  • Low interest – Reduced APR options are available for longer-term financing payments that extend for 24, 36, 48, or 60 months. Depending on the term length, these rates range from 14.90% to 17.90%.

Facts to consider about zero-interest and low-interest options:

If regular payments are not made, or payment in full is not received within the agreed-upon time limit, your terms will revert to straight interest rates as high as 26.99% or more and are typically retroactive to the original date of purchase.

If you are sure you can repay the cost of your procedure within two years, it’s best to choose the zero-interest rate, but if there is a chance that you will carry a balance past that time, select a longer-term, lower-interest rate option.

CareCredit® considers applicants with a credit score of 620 and over.


Like CareCredit®, ALPHAEON® offers promotional zero-interest financing and low-interest options:

  • Zero interest: A subtle difference between ALPHAEON® and CareCredit® is their 0% APR promotional offer and minimum purchase requirements of $250 for six months and $500 for 12, 18, and 24 months.
  • Low interest: ALPHAEON® offers a 14.99% APR for 24, 36, or 48 months on purchases of $1,000 or more and up to 60 months on purchases over $2,500.

Minimum payments must be paid on time each month for both financing options, and promotional rates are only valid for single transactions.

Penalties for carrying a balance past the promotional term include an APR of 28.99% being charged from the original purchase date.ALPHAEON® considers applicants with a credit score of 640 and over.


Cherry Financing

Cherry Financing offers benefits tailored to a broad range of services, including elective and cosmetic procedures.

Cherry Financing may provide a promotional short-term financing rate as well as longer terms financing rates.

Payment options through Cherry Technologies, Inc. are issued by the following lending partners:

In-Office “Pay As You Go”

Dr. Agullo offers a “pay as you go” option that allows you to lock in the price of your procedure and start making agreed-upon payments directly to Dr. Agullo’s office before the procedure is done.

If you are interested in this payment option, you can discuss the specifics with our patient care coordinators during your consultation.

Using a Standard Credit Card for Plastic Surgery

Depending on your interest rate, or if you qualify for a zero-interest introductory rate, using a traditional credit card is another option to pay for cosmetic surgery or a non-surgical treatment.

Just be sure the credit limit is sufficient, and you understand the repayment terms.

Which Procedures Can Be Covered With Medical Credit Cards?

Medical use credit cards can pay for the following surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures:

Cosmetic Facial Procedures

Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Body Procedures

And more

Find Financing in El Paso, TX, for Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Treatments

If you want to learn more about Dr. Agullo’s cosmetic procedure financing options in El Paso, Texas, call (915) 590-7900 today.


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