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Lower Body Lift

Individuals who have achieved significant weight loss, experienced dramatic weight fluctuations, or noticed the natural effects of aging often struggle with excess sagging skin from the waist down. A circumferential body lift procedure is the fastest and most efficient way for patients to obtain the body they want in just a few short weeks. Depending on each patient’s unique needs and anatomy, this comprehensive body contouring procedure may include several different surgical techniques. Dr. Frank Agullo has the extensive knowledge and experience required to provide both men and women with stunning lower body lift results.

Do you...

  • Feel disheartened by having excess folds of skin?
  • Desire a firmer, smoother figure?
  • Experience uncomfortable skin irritation due to overhanging skin?
  • Want a body that complements your massive weight loss achievement?
  • Want improvement in your abdomen, thighs, and buttocks?


Slimmer Silhouette

You can enjoy a svelte and beautiful silhouette after undergoing body lift surgery. A lower body lift involves removing excess skin and fat circumferentially around the waistline to enhance the natural contours of the body. This procedure addresses skin laxity and unwanted fat deposits in the abdomen, waist, hips, lateral thighs, and buttocks.

Shapely Buttocks

Dr. Agullo and his surgical team are highly skilled at performing fat transfer with or without autologous buttock augmentation during lower body lift surgery. These techniques utilize your own tissue to enhance the buttocks for a smooth transition from the surgical site to the rest of the body.

Improved Comfort

Folds of excess tissue can cause painful skin irritation and infections, limit your mobility, and make it difficult to find flattering clothing. Choosing to undergo lower body lift surgery eliminates the discomfort associated with overhanging skin and can dramatically improve your quality of life.


Lower body lift surgery is designed to sculpt and contour the entire physique rather than target isolated areas. The specific techniques involved are tailored to each patient's individual anatomy for customized results. There are several components of a lower body lift procedure. Depending on your aesthetic goals, these techniques may be performed during one surgical session or in multiple stages. Dr. Agullo uses modern plastic and reconstructive surgery techniques to smooth and contour the areas of the body that carry excess skin or stubborn fat deposits.

Circumferential Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery enhances the abdominal area by removing sagging skin and tightening the underlying rectus muscles. In a lower body lift, the tummy tuck incision is created circumferentially around the waistline. There are several different approaches to this procedure depending on the extent of correction required. The result is a smoother surface and a narrower waistline.



Liposuction targets isolated pockets of fat throughout the body. This technique provides precise definition enhancement by removing stubborn fat and revealing the contours underneath. A narrow tube called a cannula is used to suction fat cells through tiny incisions near the target area. While it is not meant for weight loss, it does produce a more toned and fit appearance.

Buttock Lift

In a lower body lift, an apron of excess tissue is removed from around the midsection, enabling the buttocks to be lifted. Dr. Agullo often combines this procedure with autologous buttock augmentation and/or fat injections to improve buttock projection and contour simultaneously.

Thigh Lift

A circumferential body lift also targets the thighs. Loose skin is lifted in the anterior and lateral thighs. The procedure can be combined with a medial thigh lift to transform it into a spiral lift in order to lift the thighs circumferentially.

Preparing for Your Surgery


Planning for your surgery ahead of time will help make your lower body lift recovery process faster and more comfortable. During your consultation, you will be given detailed preparation instructions that may advise you to do the following:

  • Ask a relative or friend to drive you to and from your surgery.
  • Fill all of your prescriptions before surgery, as you will be unable to drive for some time.
  • Have your required paperwork and ID ready the day before your scheduled procedure.
  • Refrain from using tobacco products for six weeks before surgery to minimize the risk of complications.
  • Do not eat or drink after midnight on the day of your surgery.

Lower Body Lift FAQ

What can I expect during recovery from my lower body lift surgery?

You will need to stay home from work for least two weeks, but you should notice some improvement immediately. It will be easier to move around, and your figure will be more defined. You are encouraged to walk around as soon as possible to reduce the risk of blood clots and promote healthy blood flow. Depending on the techniques used for your lower body lift procedure, you may need to stay at the hospital overnight for observation. Discomfort is expected for a couple of weeks, but this can be minimized with prescription pain medication.

When will I see the final result of my lower body lift procedure?

Most patients notice a dramatic difference in their physique right after their lower body lift procedure, but the final results may be obscured by swelling and bruising. While your body adjusts to its new shape and side effects dissipate, you will see continuous improvement over several months.

How long will my lower body lift surgery results last?

The outcome of lower body lift surgery is considered permanent as long as you maintain a stable weight and have no pregnancies following the procedure. Drastic weight fluctuations and pregnancy can compromise your results and may necessitate revision surgery. This procedure does not prevent the natural aging process, so some subsequent skin laxity may develop over time.

How much does a lower body lift cost?

The cost of every lower body lift procedure varies depending on the extent of correction required and which techniques are performed. We provide approximate prices for each procedure on our fee schedule, which include anesthesia fees, facility fees, medical tests, compression garments, and some recovery products. Prescription medication is not included in the fee estimate. Your initial consultation with Dr. Agullo is $100, which is applied towards your treatment cost. Most cosmetic surgeries are not covered by medical insurance, as they are considered to be elective procedures; however, lower body lift surgery may be covered by some insurance plans, and this will be determined during your consultation. All costs should be completely paid for before your scheduled surgery.

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