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Transgender Procedures

If you have always felt in your heart that you were meant to be born with the body of the opposite gender, you may be ready to consider sexual reassignment surgery. Male to female (MTF) and female to male (FTM) surgeries can provide you with characteristics that affirm your true gender identity and dramatically improve your self-confidence. Using state-of-the-art equipment, including the VECTRA® XT 3D Imaging System, patients can visualize the simulated results of their upcoming procedure. Dr. Agullo performs a range of transgender procedures that can modify your facial features and body contours to achieve the appearance you desire.

Some patients may want to take the next step in their transformation with genital reconstruction surgery. While Dr. Agullo does not perform this procedure, he can refer you to an experienced surgeon who specializes in genital reconstruction.

Do You...

  • Desire a more feminine or masculine facial appearance and physique?
  • Feel that your outer appearance does not match your gender identity?
  • Have clearance from your primary care doctor, psychologist, or therapist to undergo transgender procedures?

Transgender Procedures Procedure Options

Whether you are a trans woman who was born with a masculine body or a trans man who was born with a feminine figure, Dr. Agullo can help you actualize the physique that will make you feel more comfortable in your skin. His extensive experience combined with today’s technological advancements yield superior results that can make your dreams a reality.

Transgender Procedures Techniques

Male to Female (MTF)


Female to Male (FTM)

  • Top surgery helps produce a more masculine chest with mastectomy, which can be combined with pectoral implants or fat injections.
  • Facial masculinization can give the face a more angular and rugged appearance.
  • Hair transplantation allows patients to grow the facial or body hair they desire.
  • Liposuction is ideal for creating a more masculine form.

Preparing for Your Surgery

Preparing for your procedure in advance will help ensure that your recovery goes as smoothly as possible. During your private consultation, you will be given detailed preparation and aftercare instructions tailored to your unique procedure. Generally, patients are advised to:
  • Ask someone to take them to and from surgery
  • Fill out all the necessary prescriptions before their scheduled procedure
  • Have all the required paperwork and identification ready the day before surgery
  • Cease all tobacco use at least two weeks before and after surgery
  • Refrain from consuming any foods or liquids after midnight on the day of their surgery appointment

Transgender Procedures Procedures FAQs

What should I expect during my recovery after transgender surgery?

You can expect the surgical sites to be sore, swollen, and bruised, regardless of which options you choose. Because transgender surgery is entirely customized to your unique anatomical needs and aesthetic desires, your recovery will depend on the desired extent of correction.

What are the risks of transgender surgery?

Most patients undergo transgender procedures without encountering any complications. However, as with any surgery, some potential risks may include:

  • Scarring
  • Bleeding or hematoma
  • Infection
  • Changes in sensation
  • Complications from anesthesia
  • Blood clots
How long will my transgender procedure take?

The length of a transgender surgery varies depending on which characteristics you want to transform and the techniques used to achieve your goals. Sometimes the procedures need to be performed in a series of appointments to obtain the best results.

How much does transgender surgery cost?

Because every patient has different needs and cosmetic goals, every transgender procedure is completely personalized. We have a list of basic surgical fees on our fee schedule, but the price can vary depending on the complexity of each surgery. The consultation fee is $100, which is applied to the cost of your procedure. Dr. Agullo will calculate the cost of your specific surgery during your consultation. All fees must be paid in full before your appointment.

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