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Arm Lift in El Paso, TX

Just like the rest of your body, your arms change shape and composition over time. When the skin under the arms begins to sag and accumulate pockets of excess fat, it tends to be quite noticeable. While upper arm laxity occurs in most people at some point in their lifetime, it is most common in those who have experienced significant weight fluctuations or loss of collagen due to aging. Loose and sagging arm skin can cause a decrease in self-confidence, feelings of self-consciousness about one’s appearance, and difficulty finding clothing that flatters the arms.

Dr. Frank Agullo offers arm lift surgery, known as brachioplasty, to restore his patients’ confidence and create sculpted, slender arm contours. In many cases, firm, toned arms cannot be achieved solely through exercise, so arm lift surgery is an effective way to regain a smoother, more youthful look.

Do You:

  • Need help with unsightly arm skin laxity or stubborn pockets of fat?
  • Feel unhappy with the appearance of your arms?
  • Desire firmer, slimmer arms?
  • Want to feel comfortable again in sleeveless or short-sleeved tops?
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What Are the Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery?

Arm lift surgery is ideal for men and women who:

  • Have considerable skin laxity due to weight loss or age
  • Want to improve the contour of their arms
  • Want their upper arm to be more proportional to their lower arm
  • Wish to see their workout results more clearly
  • Want to restore their confidence in the appearance of their arms

Am I a Candidate for Arm Lift Surgery?

Ideal candidates for arm lift surgery have significant sagging in their upper arms and are at a healthy, stable weight. Men and women interested in arm lifts should have realistic expectations about their results, including the awareness that their arm lift scar, though it will fade over time, may be significant, depending on the amount of skin removal. As with any surgery, candidates should be in good overall health, without medical conditions that increase their risk for surgical complications.

Are you a candidate for arm lift surgery? Call Dr. Agullo at (915) 590-7900 to schedule a consultation.

What Is Discussed During My Arm Lift Consultation?

During your arm lift consultation, Dr. Agullo will:

  • Discuss your wishes and expectations for your results
  • Examine and assess your arms to determine the appropriate arm lift procedure for you
  • Take photos and measurements
  • Explain the preparation and recovery process for your arm lift
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What Are My Arm Lift Options?

Dr. Agullo offers several different arm lift options, all performed as an outpatient procedure. During your consultation, he will determine the ideal arm lift approach to achieve your cosmetic objectives.


  • Patients with mild skin laxity and excess fat can benefit from arm liposuction alone.
  • Scars are limited to two minor incision marks less than a quarter inch in length at the level of the elbows.
  • Liposuction is also a component of all arm lift procedures.

Mini Arm Lift

  • A small incision is placed along the axillary fold.
  • This technique is limited to patients with minimal excess arm skin, good skin elasticity, limited excess fatty tissue, and no stretch marks.

Body Tite™ Scarless Arm Lift

  • Dr. Agullo is proud to offer his patients the revolutionary BodyTite™ procedure.
  • Combined with traditional liposuction and using radiofrequency energy, Dr. Agullo can remove the fullness caused by the excess fat while the loose skin contracts from the radiofrequency energy.
  • This next-generation treatment can help you avoid an unsightly scar or minimize it as much as possible.

Short Arm Lift

  • A short, T-shaped incision follows the axillary fold and extends down to the mid-arm.
  • This technique is ideal for patients with small amounts of excess arm skin and fat deposits.

Standard Arm Lift

  • This is the most common type of arm lift.
  • An incision is created from the axilla to the elbow, either on the inside or back of the arm.
  • This technique can correct moderate to severe degrees of arm skin laxity and eliminate excess fat.

Extended Arm Lift

  • The incisions created for this procedure extend past the elbow and to the lateral chest.
  • This type of arm lift is reserved for severe cases of excess arm skin.
  • It is often combined with breast lift surgery.
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How Should I Prepare for My Arm Lift?

Planning and preparation are vital components of a faster, smoother recovery. Before your arm lift surgery, you should:

  • Arrange for a friend or family member to take you home after surgery.
  • Ensure you have completed all necessary paperwork and bring your ID to the procedure.
  • Make sure you do not eat or drink after 12 a.m. on the day of your procedure.
  • Do not apply lotions, creams, or deodorant on the day of your scheduled surgery.
  • Stop smoking for at least two weeks before and after your scheduled surgery, since smoking inhibits healing and may increase your risk of complications like blood clots.
  • Bring a loose, comfortable button-up shirt to wear before and after surgery.
  • Avoid blood-thinning medications and herbal supplements for at least two weeks before your procedure.

What Are Your Concerns?

What Can I Expect During Arm Lift Recovery?

After arm lift surgery, patients can expect soreness, bruising, and swelling. Most side effects will subside significantly after the first week, but some degree of swelling typically lingers for a few months.

A compression garment must be worn to minimize discomfort and prevent excessive swelling. Strenuous activity must be avoided for up to four weeks.

Is an Arm Lift Painful?

An arm lift is performed using general anesthesia to ensure that there is no pain during or immediately following the procedure. Any residual discomfort from the postoperative bruising and swelling can be mitigated with prescription or over-the-counter pain medication.

Will My Arm Lift Leave Scars?

While each patient’s body is unique and heals differently, some scarring will occur after your arm lift. Arm lift surgery scars are typically firm and pink for six to eight weeks. After several months, the marks tend to fade and flatten to blend into the surrounding skin. Following Dr. Agullo’s aftercare instructions for your scar can help fade and minimize its visibility.

When Will I See My Arm Lift Surgery Results?

You will be able to see your arm lift results immediately after your surgery. However, the appearance of your arms will continue to improve as residual swelling dissipates and the incisions heal completely. The final effects will be visible up to six months after surgery. The outcome of arm lift surgery is long-lasting as long as patients maintain a stable weight.

At Agullo Plastic Surgery, tailored care begins with a full consultation to discuss the goals and options available.

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What Does an Arm Lift Cost in El Paso, TX?

During your consultation, Dr. Agullo will provide an accurate cost estimate for your arm lift surgery. You can see a list of the approximate prices of each procedure on our current fee schedule.

The cost of your arm lift surgery depends on the extent of correction required, techniques used during the procedure, anesthesia fees, surgical fees, medical tests, and recovery products. Our up-to-date fee schedule gives an approximate minimum price guideline for each procedure and treatment (excluding prescription medication). During your consultation, you will receive a cost estimate tailored to your specific surgical plan. Dr. Agullo’s consultation fee of $100 is applied to the total cost of your procedure. The remaining balance must be paid in full before your surgery.

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What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About Arm Lifts?

What are the risks associated with an arm lift?

While complications after arm lift surgery are rare, all operations come with risks. Potential risks of arm lift surgery include but are not limited to:

  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Bleeding
  • Pronounced swelling
  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Numbness or changes in sensation
Can I combine my arm lift with other cosmetic procedures?

An arm lift is often combined with other procedures for comprehensive enhancement. Arm lift surgery can be performed in conjunction with or as a part of the following:

Does insurance cover my arm lift?

An arm lift is considered an elective surgery. Thus, most insurance plans won’t cover the procedure. Some exceptions may be made if the excess skin is causing functionality issues or chronic skin irritation and infections. Talk to your insurance provider to see if you are eligible.

When can I go back to work after my arm lift?

Arm lift recovery time varies by patient, and a timeline for returning to work must consider the type of job you have. If you have a desk job, you can often return after only a week or so of recovery. If you have a more physically demanding job, you may have to wait at least two weeks.

When can I begin exercising after my arm lift?

Again, every patient is different, and the type of arm lift also determines when you can resume your workouts. Most people must wait at least 4-6 weeks before returning to a strenuous exercise routine, but this is something to discuss with Dr. Agullo.

Interested in Arm Lifts in El Paso?

If you want to learn more about Dr. Agullo’s arm lift techniques, contact his office at (915) 590-7900. Dr. Agullo offers arm lifts for patients in El Paso, Texas, and the greater El Paso area.

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