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Non-surgical Breast Enhancement in El Paso

For many women, attractive, feminine curves are created by having a fuller bustline. Small breasts can sometimes prevent you from achieving the body shape you want. Traditionally, breast augmentation using implants is the best method for increasing the breasts’ size, but these techniques require invasive surgery and a lengthy recovery period. If you only desire a moderate improvement in your breasts’ appearance, why undergo an unnecessary surgery? Non-surgical breast enhancement improves the aesthetic of your bustline without anesthesia, downtime, or scarring.

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What Are the Benefits of a Non-surgical Breast Enhancement?

Non-surgical breast enhancement is ideal for those who wish to avoid the negative side effects associated with implant surgery. It doesn’t require incisions and, therefore, will not leave any visible scars.

The procedure is beneficial to women hoping to:

  • Add volume and fullness to the breasts
  • Attain a more youthful appearance/chest
  • Enhance breast shape
  • Save time and money from an incision-free treatment
  • Experience minimal to zero downtime

Am I a Candidate for a Non-surgical Breast Enhancement?

Non-surgical breast enhancement significantly improves the size and shape of the breasts without the commitment and invasive techniques required of traditional breast augmentation surgery. Ideal candidates for non-surgical breast enhancement:

  • Are in good overall health
  • Do not have any previous medical conditions that may impact healing
  • Refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol for at least two weeks prior to treatment
  • Have realistic expectations for their results
  • Desire a subtle to moderate increase in breast volume
  • Struggle with complications after an initial breast procedure
  • Have asymmetrical or otherwise unsatisfactory results after breast augmentation surgery

What Is Discussed During My Non-surgical Breast Enhancement Consultation?

Sculptra® Aesthetic and PRP injections are designed to provide a mild to moderate increase in breast size. During your consultation, Dr. Agullo will determine if these techniques can help you achieve your desired results. If not, implants may be recommended. We will also review your medical history to determine if you are a healthy candidate for treatment.

What Does My Non-surgical Breast Enhancement Include?

A combination of Sculptra® Aesthetic and PRP injections can be used to create your ideal bust. They can work together to enhance your cleavage, achieve fullness, and leave you with a natural appearance.

Sculptra® Aesthetic is injected into the breasts where, over several weeks, it stimulates your body to produce new collagen and elastin, which helps to maintain your results. Sculptra® Aesthetic is an injectable filler that can be used on the breasts to enhance their volume and be tailored to uniquely shape the breasts.

PRP injections use platelets from your blood. We harvest the growth factors through a centrifuge process, and then inject them into key areas of the breasts. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is used to restore a smooth and youthful chest appearance. By delivering growth factors to the cleavage, you can create fullness and increase sensitivity to your chest.

At Agullo Plastic Surgery, tailored care begins with a full consultation to discuss the goals and options available.

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How Should I Prepare for My Non-surgical Breast Enhancement?

For a simple and smooth non-surgical breast enhancement recovery, you should:

  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol for at least two weeks before and after your surgery to lower your risk of blood clots and other complications.
  • Refrain from taking medication that will thin your blood for two weeks before your procedure.
  • Refrain from eating or drinking after midnight the day of your scheduled procedure.
  • Schedule a family member or friend to drive you home after your procedure.
  • Bring your paperwork and identification for the proper verification.
  • Arrange a follow-up appointment after your surgery is complete.

What Are Your Concerns?

What Can I Expect for My Non-surgical Breast Enhancement Recovery?

Most people can resume all regular activities immediately following a non-surgical breast enhancement. Since you may experience some initial soreness, we recommend avoiding strenuous physical exercise for 24 to 48 hours.

Is My Non-surgical Breast Enhancement Painful?

Before treatment, a local anesthetic is administered. You may feel soreness for the first few hours, during which time you may want to limit your strenuous physical activities.

Will My Non-surgical Breast Enhancement Leave Scars?

Sculptra® Aesthetic and PRP are injected through a thin needle. Therefore, there will be no visible scars on the breasts.

When Will I See My Non-surgical Breast Enhancement Results?

Your breasts should look immediately fuller following your treatment, and their size will continue to increase over the next several months. Depending on the look you wish to achieve, multiple treatment sessions may be needed. Sculptra® Aesthetic is designed to provide long-lasting results. The product itself lasts two years, but it is replaced by your body’s collagen for near-permanent volume. For some patients, a follow-up treatment may be needed to restore or augment your results as you age.

What Does Non-surgical Breast Enhancement Surgery Cost?

Because surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments are customized for each patient, the cost of non-surgical breast enhancement varies from one case to another. Our current fee schedule includes basic prices for our procedures but does not illustrate all factors that contribute to the total cost of a unique non-surgical treatment. An estimate for your personalized treatment plan will be calculated during your consultation. All payments must be paid before your scheduled procedure.

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What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About Non-surgical Breast Enhancement?

What other benefits does Sculptra® Aesthetic provide for the chest?

Sculptra® Aesthetic can also eliminate wrinkles and fine lines in the chest area. The collagen produced by Sculptra® Aesthetic can also combat these signs of aging and repair existing skin tissue damage.

What other benefits do PRP injections provide for the chest?

PRP is also beneficial for the youthful appearance of the chest area. Stem cells are present in the plasma component of blood. These growth-rich platelets can accelerate the body’s natural collagen and elastin production—the building blocks of youthful and firm skin.

Should I combine non-surgical breast enhancement with any other surgical?

Combining your non-surgical breast enhancement with BodyTite™  can provide a comprehensive approach to excess skin and fat that needs correction. Additionally, patients may want to try other non-surgical enhancements to contour the silhouette of their body’s curves.

Does insurance cover non-surgical breast enhancement surgery?

Most insurance companies do not cover cosmetic procedures; however, if you seek non-surgical breast enhancement for reconstructive reasons after a mastectomy, some or all of the cost may be covered. Contact your insurance company to learn more about their policy on breast reconstruction.

What are the potential complications associated with non-surgical breast enhancement?

Non-surgical breast enhancement is a minimally invasive treatment that is safe when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Agullo. Additionally. Side effects are dramatically reduced when surgery, anesthesia, or incisions are not required for cosmetic corrections. However, some level of risks come with any treatment. Any side effects that arise from treatment are likely to resolve on their own. For example, minor soreness can be easily managed with over-the-counter pain medication. Other side effects and risks near the injection site include:

  • Inflammation and irritation near the skin of the
  • Infection
  • Minor bleeding
  • Temporary changes in breast sensation
  • Temporary inability to breastfeed
When should I get surgical breast enhancement instead of non-surgical breast enhancement?

Non-surgical breast enhancement is a minimally invasive, cost-effective, and less time-consuming option in comparison to breast augmentation with implants. Additionally, the physical dedication and emotional commitment required of surgical breast augmentations may only be suitable for some.

For patients looking for more dramatic results that are sure to last for decades, a surgical breast enhancement is often more ideal. During your consultation, Dr. Agullo will help you determine which treatment is best for your needs and cosmetic goals. Other options for breast augmentation using fat injections are also available.

Interested in Non-surgical Breast Enhancement in El Paso?

If you want to learn more about Dr. Agullo’s non-surgical breast enhancement, contact his office by calling (915) 590-7900. Dr. Agullo offers non-surgical breast enhancement for patients in El Paso, Texas, and the greater El Paso area.

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