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Non-surgical Butt Enhancement

A full, shapely, and perky butt is commonly desired by patients to achieve voluptuous curves. Many methods to achieve the buttock profile of your dreams traditionally include implants or a Brazilian Butt Lift (fat transfer). These procedures, however, can sometimes be more invasive than people are willing to undergo for an enhanced butt. Luckily, Dr. Agullo offers non-surgical buttocks enhancement with excellent results using the injectable filler Sculptra® Aesthetic.

Do You Desire...

  • A more defined booty?
  • More gluteal volume?
  • A modest increase that complements your curves?
  • Natural-looking results?

Benefits of Non-surgical Butt Enhancement

No Incisions

Unlike implants that require long incisions in the crease of the buttocks and liposuction (for fat transfer) that requires small incisions in the donor area, Sculptra® Aesthetic is injected using a fine needle that does not leave any scars.

Minimal Recovery

Both implants and Brazilian Butt Lift procedures require lengthy recovery periods. However, injections of Sculptra® Aesthetic allow you to resume all regular activities immediately following your procedure.

Long-Lasting Results

Sculptra® Aesthetic stays in the tissues for two years, promoting the production of new collagen. This process allows you to maintain the buttocks contour you want with long-lasting results.

The Butt Enhancement Process


It is necessary to determine you are a qualified candidate for the best results possible with Sculptra® Aesthetic. You should be in good health and desire mild to moderate improvements in the shape of your booty. During your consultation, Dr. Agullo will review your medical history and aesthetic goals to ensure Sculptra® Aesthetic is your best option.



Sculptra® Aesthetic is injected with a sterile needle into your posterior. Dr. Agullo will carefully deposit the injectable in specific locations to not only increase the size of your booty but to also improve its shape. The procedure lasts about 60 minutes, and two to three sessions are needed. Once injected, Sculptra® Aesthetic immediately enhances volume, but it will also stimulate collagen production over the next six weeks.



You should notice the immediate enhancement of your buttocks. Your results will develop over the next few weeks as your tissues naturally produce new collagen. Sculptra® Aesthetic stays in the tissues for up to two years. While the collagen your body produced will still improve its shape, you may receive touch-up treatments to maintain your results after two years.



Why choose Sculptra® Aesthetic over the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Non-surgical butt augmentation with Sculptra® Aesthetic is ideal for those who do not have the necessary fat deposits for an effective BBL or for those who do not want an extensive recovery period.

When can I return to work and exercise after my non-surgical butt enhancement procedure?

Most people can resume work and their usual activities directly following their procedure, but it is recommended to wait 24 to 48 hours before going to the gym and exercising.

Is non-surgical butt augmentation with Sculptra® Aesthetic painful?

Local anesthetic is administered before treatment. You may feel some initial soreness for the first few hours, during which time you should limit your strenuous physical activities.

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