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Miami Thong Lift

The appearance of two distinct creases under the buttocks characterizes double butt deformity. This condition can occur naturally and develop over time due to aging and lifestyle habits.

There are many slang terms to describe this double butt appearance, including elephant butt, frog butt, chicken butt, chicken cutlets, chicken tenders, nalguitas, or toad butt, to name a few.

A double butt deformity can develop due to differences in the underlying anatomy, including variations in muscle attachment points and fatty tissue distribution, leading to double buttock folds. Some individuals may inherit a genetic predisposition for this, making it more likely to manifest as they age or undergo changes in body composition.

Natural changes in body composition, particularly with aging or weight fluctuations, can exacerbate the appearance of this extra fold of fat under the buttocks. Sedentary lifestyles or occupations that require prolonged sitting can also contribute to the development of this deformity over time.

The most common liposuction and fat transfer approach often fails to completely correct a double butt crease deformity. Surgical correction with the Miami Thong Lift technique offers a solution for those seeking a sleeker, more harmonious, symmetrical buttock appearance.

Our well-respected, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Frank Agullo, offers an innovative technique called the Miami Thong Lift to treat patients with double butt creases in El Paso, Texas.

Double Butt Deformity 1 & 2Double Butt Deformity 1 & 2

What Are the Benefits of the Miami Thong Lift for Double Butt Crease Correction?

There are several advantages to choosing the Miami Thong Lift for double butt deformity, some of which include:

  • Excellent, natural-looking results: You can expect comprehensive and stunning results when combined with other fat transfer or liposuction procedures.
  • Predictable results: While liposuction and fat grafting can be used to improve the appearance of the double butt deformity, it often fails. The Miami Thong Lift predictably corrects it.
  • Virtually invisible scarring: The Miami Thong Lift places the incision within the intergluteal crease, meaning there will be no visible scars.
  • Increased confidence: While double butt crease deformity doesn’t typically cause physical pain, emotional discomfort stemming from low body confidence is common.

Knowing that your butt will look great in tight clothing, swimwear, shorts, or even when completely nude can significantly reduce insecurity.

Am I a Candidate for The Miami Thong Lift Double Butt Crease Correction?

If you struggle with the appearance of a double butt crease, surgical correction with the Miami Thong Lift might be the solution you’re looking for. However, you must meet the following criteria to qualify for this procedure.

  • Be in generally good overall health.
  • Not have any previous serious medical conditions that may impact your healing ability.
  • Be a non-smoker.
  • Have realistic expectations of your surgical results.

Are you a candidate for the Miami Thong Lift? Call Dr. Agullo at (915) 590-7900 to schedule your in-depth consultation.

What Is Discussed During My Miami Thong Lift Consultation?

During your consultation with Dr. Agullo, he will ask about your desired results, medical history, and current medications. He will also perform a physical examination to assess your buttocks, the presence of creases, and the distribution of fatty tissue.

Finally, he will explain the surgery, recommend any additional procedures that may help to ensure your best results, and provide an inclusive cost quote.

In some cases, Dr. Agullo may order diagnostic imaging, such as an MRI, to better assess the underlying gluteal muscular and fatty tissue composition.

How Is the Miami Thong Lift for Double Butt Correction Performed?

Correction for double butt deformity often involves surgical intervention. The chosen technique will depend on the patient’s unique anatomy and goals. Dr. Agullo may combine his Miami Thong Lift butt augmentation technique with the following procedures:

  • Liposuction: Liposuction can reduce excess fatty tissue in specific buttocks areas, helping to create a smoother and more even contour.
  • Fat Grafting (Brazilian Butt Lift): In cases where volume enhancement is desired, fat grafting involves removing excess fat from one body area (e.g., abdomen or thighs) and injecting it strategically into the buttocks to create a more balanced appearance.
  • Gluteal Implants: For individuals seeking a more significant augmentation, gluteal implants, which are surgically placed beneath the gluteal muscles, can be used to enhance buttock projection and shape.

The Double Butt Deformity Correction Procedure

The procedure for correcting double butt deformity involves several key steps, from preoperative preparation to postoperative recovery:

General anesthesia is administered to ensure comfort and safety during the procedure. Dr. Agullo then performs the Miami Thong Lift by making a discreet incision within the natural or more aesthetic butt fold and manipulating the underlying tissue and fat, often with liposuction, fat grafting, or implants when needed to achieve the desired results.

The incisions are carefully closed using sutures, and dressings or compression garments may be applied to minimize swelling.

How Should I Prepare for a Miami Thong Lift?

You can start preparing two weeks before surgery by taking the following measures:

  • If you smoke and haven’t yet quit, do so now, as nicotine use increases the risk of clots, poor healing, or unsatisfactory results.
  • Don’t take aspirin, NSAIDs like Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil, and prescription medications containing blood thinners. You must also avoid natural products, including green tea, St. John’s Wort, or anything that can increase bleeding.

What Are Your Concerns?

What Can I Expect for My Miami Thong Lift Recovery?

The recovery experience following buttocks contouring surgery will depend on the extent of your correction. You may have to avoid sitting flat to prevent compromising your results. Dr. Agullo will provide instructions on how to sit without causing potential problems.

Initially, you will experience some discomfort that can be controlled with prescribed pain medication and swelling and bruising, which will subside over the following few weeks.

Most patients can resume light activities within a week or two but should avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for several weeks.

Regular follow-up appointments with the surgeon are essential to monitor healing progress and address concerns.

Is Double Butt Crease Deformity Correction Painful?

Because general anesthesia is used, you should not feel pain during or immediately after the procedure. However, when the anesthetic wears off, you can expect some tenderness. This can be decreased by using Exparel long-duration local anesthetic, which Dr. Agullo often recommends for a more painless healing process.

Does the Miami Thong Lift Technique Leave Scars?

This method involves an incision made in the lower portion of the natural crease to ensure minimal scarring that is virtually impossible to detect, even while nude.

When Will I See My Double Butt Crease Deformity Correction Results?

You will notice an immediate difference soon after this procedure. However, the swelling and bruising will obscure the true results for several weeks.

The final outcome of double butt crease deformity correction becomes more apparent as swelling resolves, usually within a few months.

Miami Thong Lift Results
Miami Thong Lift Results

How Much Is the Miami Thong Lift Double Butt Crease Deformity Correction in El Paso, TX?

The cost of this procedure varies depending on the extent of correction. A consultation with Dr. Agullo is the best way to determine how much your double butt crease deformity correction will cost.

Butt Contouring FAQ

Is the Miami Thong Lift double butt crease correction surgery results permanent?

While the results can be long-lasting, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight is essential to preserve the outcome. Aging and lifestyle factors can affect the longevity of results.

Are there non-surgical alternatives to correct double butt creases?

Non-surgical options like certain dermal fillers or injectables may provide temporary improvements, but their effectiveness is often limited compared to surgery. Procedures like Avelí can help release the band creating the double butt deformity, but will not address the excess skin or fat.

How can I ensure a successful outcome from the Miami Thong Lift double butt crease correction surgery in El Paso?

Many surgeons are not familiar with or experienced in this technique. Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Agullo is crucial to ensure a successful outcome. Follow his postoperative care instructions diligently, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and attend all follow-up appointments.

What causes double butt crease deformity?

The following three factors are the leading causes of this condition:

  1. Genetic predisposition: Some individuals may inherit a genetic predisposition for this, making it more likely to manifest as they age or undergo changes in body composition.
  2. Aging and weight fluctuations: Natural changes in body composition, particularly with aging or weight fluctuations, can exacerbate the appearance of a double butt.
  3. Lifestyle habits: Sedentary lifestyles or occupations requiring prolonged sitting can contribute to developing a double butt crease over time.

What are the risks of Double Butt Crease Deformity Correction?

Dr. Agullo uses the Miami Thong Lift technique because it produces excellent results and has fewer adverse side effects. However, rare complications may include:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Asymmetry
  • Numbness or Altered Sensation
  • Poor Wound Healing
  • Seroma or Hematoma (an accumulation of fluid)
  • Skin Irregularities, such as dimpling or puckering

Anesthesia carries its own risks, including allergic reactions and adverse reactions to medications. Dr. Agullo employs a licensed, highly skilled, and experienced anesthesiologist to reduce your risks further.

Buttocks Contouring Correction in El Paso, Texas

Double butt deformity correction is a specialized surgical procedure aimed at enhancing the natural contours of the buttocks and addressing the challenges posed by this condition.

With the expertise of Dr. Agullo, individuals can regain their confidence and enjoy the aesthetic enhancements they desire. If you want to learn more about The Miami Thong Lift buttocks contouring surgery in El Paso, contact our office by calling (915) 590-7900.

Dr. Agullo offers buttocks contouring surgery in El Paso, Texas, and the greater El Paso area.

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