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In the past, the only option for lax skin was surgery. However, if you only require mild to moderate correction, the idea of a lengthy surgery and recovery or large scars can prevent you from having the body contour you desire. To meet the needs of patients who want to transform their physique without surgery, Dr. Frank Agullo offers BodyTite™ procedures. BodyTite™ offers incisionless skin tightening that will have you looking better, faster.

Do You Desire an...

  • Incisionless tummy tuck that contours the abdomen?
  • Incisionless thigh lift to slim the legs?
  • Incisionless breast lift to restore a perkier bustline?
  • Incisionless arm lift to create fitter arms?
  • Incisionless tightening of the skin around the knees?
  • Incisionless buttock lift?

Benefits of BodyTite™

Treatment Areas

  • BodyTite™ can be used in any area where you have lax skin.
  • This procedure can enhance various treatment areas, including the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, breasts, and arms without the use of incisions.

Tailored Treatments

  • The unique BodyTite™ device head delivers controlled radiofrequency energy directly into the tissues that require treatment.
  • The controlled energy distribution ensures maximum utilization of energy in targeted areas.

Decreased Downtime

  • BodyTite™ doesn’t require large incisions, so there is no need for a lengthy recovery period.
  • The heating process with BodyTite™ also minimizes bruising and swelling.



A consultation with Dr. Agullo is necessary to determine if you are a good candidate for the BodyTite™ procedure. Since BodyTite™ is not used for weight loss, it cannot provide significant results for people who are obese or those with severe skin laxity. If you are not a candidate for BodyTite™, Dr. Agullo will discuss your other body contouring options.



BodyTite™ contours the body by delivering radiofrequency-produced energy into the targeted tissues. This energy heats and destroys fat cells. The energy also heats the inner and outer portions of the skin, which immediately contracts and tightens and continues to do so for months. BodyTite™ is often combined with liposuction in order to decrease fatty deposits.



Your BodyTite™ results will develop over the next several weeks as your body eliminates the destroyed fat cells. However, patients can notice immediate improvement in the tone of their skin. The best BodyTite™ results are achieved when combined with diet and exercise.



Are the results of surgery permanent?

The skin tightening and fat removal effects of BodyTite™ are permanent. The quality and length of your results depend on the quality of care that you put into maintaining them. A healthy diet and exercise routine is needed to prevent new deposits of fat from forming.

What are the risks associated with the BodyTite™ procedure?

BodyTite™ treatments pose little safety risks, but you may experience one or more of the following:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Tingling sensation
Will I develop any visible scarring?

No. The incisions made during the procedure are less than 2 mm and are hidden in creases.

What type of anesthesia will I need?

Small areas can be treated under local anesthesia or IV “twilight” conscious sedation. Larger or multiple areas are done under general anesthesia.

What is BreastTite™?

Using the same BodyTite™ technology, Dr. Agullo can treat the upper half of your breast skin to cause it to contract and therefore achieve a scarless breast lift.

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