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BodyTite® in El Paso, TX

In the past, the only option for lax skin was surgery with scars. However, if you only need mild to moderate correction, the idea of a lengthy surgery and recovery or large scars may have prevented you from achieving the body contour you desired. To meet the needs of patients who want to transform their physique without surgery with scars, Dr. Frank Agullo offers BodyTite®. BodyTite® offers incision-less skin tightening that will allow you to look better, faster.

What Are the Benefits of BodyTite®?

Both powerful and precise, BodyTite® can target areas of localized body fat or loose skin. BodyTite® is also an essential alternative for patients who wish to experience shorter downtimes and less invasive measures than body contouring surgery, while still gaining beautiful results.

Am I a Candidate for BodyTite®?

BodyTite® is an essential choice for anyone desiring incision-less body contouring. BodyTite® is also a viable option for patients who would like to get surgical treatment in the future but are not quite ready due to their financial situation, medical requirements, or personal body-image journey. Like all body contouring treatments, BodyTite® is most effective for patients in good overall health, who have mild to moderate loose skin, or wish to eliminate small or moderate amounts of fat. Additionally, BodyTite® is ideal for patients who wish to maintain and support previous surgery results, such as tummy tuck surgery, surgical breast lifts, or butt augmentation (Brazilian Butt Lift).

What Is Discussed During My BodyTite™® Consultation?

A consultation with Dr. Agullo is necessary to determine if you are a good candidate for the BodyTite® procedure. Dr. Agullo’s consultation process is designed to offer a transparent and clear dialogue centering on your goals, expectations, and needs. After you are medically evaluated, you will be advised on whether or not BodyTite® can meet your goals. Since BodyTite® is not used for weight loss, it cannot provide significant results for people who are obese or those with severe skin laxity. If you are not a candidate for BodyTite®, Dr. Agullo will discuss your other body contouring options.

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What Does My BodyTite® Include?

BodyTite® uses versatile, FDA-approved radiofrequency technology known as radiofrequency-assisted liposuction (RFAL). Both precise and efficient, BodyTite® can target areas of localized body fat or loose skin in addition to requiring minimal downtime. BodyTite® has many benefits as a non-surgical body contouring method.

Treatment Areas

  • BodyTite® can be used in any area where you have lax skin.
  • This procedure can enhance many treatment areas, including the abdomen, back, hips, inner thighs, outer thighs, knees, buttocks, breasts, and upper arms without the need for incisions.

Tailored Treatments

  • The unique BodyTite® device head delivers controlled radiofrequency energy directly into the tissues that require treatment.
  • The controlled energy distribution ensures maximum utilization of energy in targeted areas.

Decreased Downtime

  • BodyTite® doesn’t require large incisions, so there is no need for a lengthy recovery period.
  • The heating process with BodyTite® also minimizes bruising and swelling.
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How Should I Prepare for My BodyTite®?

Patients can enjoy smoother recoveries and more successful results with informed preparation. A patient should:

  • Avoid smoking for a minimum of six weeks, and avoid drinking alcohol for a minimum of two weeks. Consuming both items may elevate your risk of complications during or after treatment, as these substances are known to limit blood circulation and cause blood clotting.
  • Avoid medications and herbal supplements that have not been recommended by your surgeon or that would likely interact with your blood negatively. Any substances or supplements that thin your blood should be avoided for at least two weeks before and after your procedure.
  • Bring the proper paperwork and identification during each step of the treatment process.
  • Have a proper post-treatment diet and exercise routine planned prior to treatment to best highlight your contours once your results have fully developed.

At Agullo Plastic Surgery, tailored care begins with a full consultation to discuss the goals and options available.

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What Are Your Concerns?

What Can I Expect for My BodyTite® Recovery?

Patients who undergo BodyTite® can return to their daily routine within a couple of days. Minor bruising, swelling, and irritation may occur but should not hinder normal activity.

Is My BodyTite® Painful?

During your treatment, a local anesthetic can be applied to maximize your comfort. It is common for patients to experience some discomfort, although this is easily managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

Will My BodyTite® Leave Scars?

The incisions required for the BodyTite® device are extremely small and do not cause noticeable scarring in the target area. The incisions made during the procedure are less than 2 mm and are hidden in natural creases. Any scarring is expected to be minor, leaving elegant and blemishless results.

When Will I See My BodyTite® Results?

Your BodyTite® results will develop over several weeks as your body eliminates the destroyed fat cells. However, patients may notice an immediate improvement in their skin tone. The best BodyTite® results are achieved when combined with diet and exercise.

What Does BodyTite® Surgery Cost?

The average cost for a BodyTite® treatment will vary based on the amount of areas targeted and the combination of other procedures. Additional cost factors include anesthesia fees, facility fees, surgeon’s fees, geographical location, and the cost of a consultation.

Because BodyTite® is a highly customizable treatment that can be used in multiple regions of the body, Dr. Agullo will provide you with an accurate cost estimate during your consultation. Once you are properly evaluated, you will be given a list of approximate prices.

Generally speaking, cosmetic plastic surgery is considered “elective” and is not covered by most insurance plans. The prices listed on our fee schedule represent the minimum cost of the procedures, including anesthesia and surgical facility fees, medical tests, garments, and recovery products. The cost of prescription medications, however, is not included. All fees must be paid in full prior to the scheduled treatment.

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What Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About BodyTite®?

How is BodyTite® performed?

BodyTite® contours the body by delivering radiofrequency-produced energy into the targeted tissues. This is done with an external electrode that runs across the skin while an internal cannula is inserted through small incisions. The internal electrode delivers focused energy to heat and destroy fat cells without causing damage to the inner and outer portions of the skin. This allows for the liquefaction of the undesired fat. Meanwhile, the skin immediately contracts and tightens.

Can BodyTite® help produce collagen?

Once the target area is properly treated with BodyTite®, the radiofrequency energy catalyzes new collagen synthesis. As time progresses, patients will be able to enjoy a thicker layer of collagen as it restructures and reinforces its formation under the skin. Collagen can be easily understood as a kind of biological “glue” that is more present in our youth. Collagen helps to tighten your skin and smooth its appearance.

Can BodyTite® be combined with other treatments?

BodyTite® is often combined with liposuction to decrease fatty deposits and yield even more prominent body contours.

What are the risks associated with BodyTite®?

BodyTite® treatments pose little safety risks, but you may experience one or more of the following:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Tingling sensation
Are the results of BodyTite® permanent?

The skin tightening and fat removal effects of BodyTite® may be permanent as long as you maintain them. The quality and length of your results depend on the quality of care that you put into them. A healthy diet and exercise routine is needed to prevent new deposits of fat from forming.

What type of anesthesia will I need for BodyTite®?

Small areas can be treated under local anesthesia or IV “twilight” conscious sedation. Larger or multiple areas may be done under general anesthesia.

What is AccuTite™?

Using BodyTite™ technology, Dr. Agullo can use AccuTite™ to treat regions of the face that are showing signs of aging, achieving an incision-less facelift.

Interested in the BodyTite®?

If you want to learn more about BodyTite® and other advanced non-surgical techniques offered by Dr. Agullo, contact his office by calling (915) 590-7900. Dr. Agullo offers BodyTite® in El Paso, Texas, and the greater El Paso area.

BodyTite is growing in popularity and is sure to be broadcast live from Dr. Agullo’s Snapchat or Instagram. Feel free to tune in @RealDrWorldWide.

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