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Hair Transplant for Scars

Scarring Reasons

Cosmetic procedures such as face-lifts, forehead reduction, and brow lifts can leave surgical scars. While in a hair transplant the scars made are invariably unnoticeable, the scars from cosmetic surgeries can be quite noticeable and create a cosmetic problem.

Dr. Agullo can successfully treat previous trauma scars, scars left behind by other types of surgeries (neurosurgery), even burns. The scalp is not the only place that can be affected by scarring. Scars in the brows or beard from trauma can also warrant a reparative surgery.

Scarring can sometimes also be the result of a less-than-perfect hair transplant procedure. Scarring also occurs when older hair transplant methods are used. Whatever the reason, excessive scarring creates a cosmetic problem and can be improved.

Reducing Scarring

In the event where noticeable scarring does occur, there are ways to reduce it. The two most effective methods are:

  • Scar Revision. When there is a wide scar, it almost always better to excise it and close it with a trichophytic technique. Dr. Agullo uses a trichophytic technique for all scar closures in the scalp, beard, and brow area. The technique relies on closing the skin in a way that hair will grow through the scar afterwards.
  • Scar Camouflage. When a scar revision is not possible, hair is transplanted into the scar thereby concealing it.

Cortisone injections can be used to reduce thickened scars, dermal fillers for depressed scars, and laser treatments or dermabrasion for fixing an irregular scalp surface.

Customized Repair

It is important that the method used for repairing/reducing scars is personalized for the patient. Using a generic repair method without knowing or understanding the nature and details of the scarring is not advisable as different scarring patients have different problems that require different solutions.

When performing a hair transplantation procedure to cover scars, Dr. Agullo will employ the FUE or follicular unit extraction technique. This technique will not leave any scars behind after transplantation.

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