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Breast Implant Removal

In El Paso, TX

While breast augmentation remains an extremely popular cosmetic surgery procedure, some women want to remove their breast implants. Breast implant removal—or breast explant—is a procedure done to remove saline or silicone implants. Whether because of changes in your personal preferences, health concerns, or complications related to your breast implants, breast implant removal can be beneficial for many women.

Reasons Women May Choose Breast Implant Removal

Breast implant removal surgery is performed for various reasons, from aesthetic preferences to medical concerns. Some of the reasons a woman might choose to undergo breast explant surgery are:

Implant Complications

While most women with breast implants do not experience noticeable side effects or complications, the possibility still exists. Capsular contracture is the most common complication after breast augmentation and occurs when excess scar tissue develops around the implant. The scar tissue constricts the implant, typically resulting in discomfort or distortion. In rare cases, your breast implant may be placed improperly or migrate, requiring removal and revision to correct the issue.

Lifestyle Changes

Evolving personal preferences and shifting societal ideals can lead some women to reconsider the choice of breast augmentation and decide to embrace their natural bodies. Lifestyle changes, such as pursuing a more active or athletic lifestyle, may also influence the decision to remove implants. If you decide that your breast augmentation no longer suits you or your lifestyle, you can opt for removal and even combine a breast lift with your procedure for optimal results.

Easier Mammograms

While breast implants don’t pose a significant problem when it comes to mammograms, you may choose to remove them to ensure a more accurate picture. In some cases, a traditional mammogram may not be effective due to your breast implants and require you to undergo an ultrasound or MRI to screen for breast cancer. If you have silicone implants, it is recommended that you get an MRI every five years to ensure that your implants aren’t leaking or ruptured. Removing your implants makes it unnecessary for you to take that extra step in breast care.

Breast Implant Illness (BII)

Breast implant illness (BII) is a condition that includes a wide range of symptoms that develop in some patients with breast implants. BII is not yet recognized as an official medical diagnosis because not enough is known about it, and many of the symptoms can be attributed to other autoimmune, inflammatory, or connective tissue diseases.

Some patients with BII may begin to show symptoms immediately after receiving breast implants, and others may develop symptoms over time. BII can occur regardless of the type of implants you have—silicone or saline—and the symptoms can appear even if your breast implants are fully intact. Some symptoms associated with BII include the following:

  • Physical issues: headaches, gastrointestinal problems, and joint and muscle pain or weakness
  • Systemic issues: chronic fatigue, insomnia, skin problems, hair loss, dry mouth, dry eyes, and other symptoms associated with autoimmune conditions
  • Cognitive issues: brain fog, trouble concentrating, and memory loss
  • Mental health issues: anxiety and depression

Although no tests are currently available to diagnose BII specifically, your doctor may order tests to rule out other diseases or conditions that share your symptoms.

Treatment for BII can involve removing your breast implants, which may lessen your BII symptoms or eliminate them. However, there is no guarantee removing your breast implants will improve your symptoms.

Am I a Candidate for Breast Implant Removal?

Ideal candidates for breast implant removal surgery are nonsmokers, in good overall health, and at a stable weight. Good implant removal candidates may also:

  • Be bothered by the appearance of your breast implants
  • Be experiencing pain or discomfort
  • Be experiencing symptoms of capsular contracture or other complications
  • Feel that your breasts are too heavy or get in the way of activities
  • Have experienced implant leaking or rupture
  • Have gotten imaging results showing an implant leak or rupture

When deciding to undergo breast implant removal surgery, you should also have realistic expectations for your results.

What Happens During My Breast Implant Removal Consultation?

When you come in for your breast implant removal consultation with Dr. Agullo, he will examine your breasts and talk with you about your surgical goals. He may utilize the Vectra 3D Imaging System, allowing you to visualize the simulated surgical outcome of your breast explant surgery. Dr. Agullo will then recommend options that will offer the best results, such as adding a breast lift to your explant procedure. He will discuss your medical history and general health to ensure you are a good candidate for the procedure and answer all your questions about the surgery and recovery.

How Should I Prepare for My Breast Implant Removal?

Planning and preparation are essential to help ensure a smooth and complication-free recovery.

Before your breast implant removal surgery:

Before your breast implant removal surgery:

  • Stop all tobacco use, including smoking and vaping, to help avoid complications and speed up healing.
  • Avoid blood-thinning medications and supplements.
  • Establish a comfortable recovery space and arrange for help for the first few days after your surgery.
On the day of your surgery:

On the day of your surgery:

  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the evening before your breast implant removal surgery.
  • Wear a loose-fitting top that ideally doesn’t need to be lifted over your head.
  • Do not apply deodorants, lotions, or other skin products on your chest, breast, stomach, arms, and other areas near the surgical site.
  • Make sure you bring the necessary paperwork and identification.
  • Have a trusted adult bring you to and from your surgery, as you will not be able to drive yourself home.
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What Does Breast Implant Removal Involve?

Breast implant removal surgery is an outpatient procedure performed using general anesthesia. Once you are under anesthesia, Dr. Agullo will place the incisions. Ideally, he will make the incisions in the same location used when your implants were initially placed. He will then remove the implants and clean out excess scar tissue or any silicone that may have leaked (if your implant ruptured). Once everything is completed to his satisfaction, he will close the incisions.

If you are removing your breast implants due to issues from capsular contracture, you have three options. Dr. Agullo will use the appropriate technique according to your specific needs.

Partial or Subtotal Capsulectomy

A partial capsulectomy—or subtotal capsulectomy—involves removing the thickened or calcified part of the capsule around the breast implant to lessen the pressure on your implant caused by the contraction of the scar tissue. The remaining capsule tissue is typically partially or completely reabsorbed into the body over time.

Total Capsulectomy

A total capsulectomy removes the entire capsule around the implant, but not in one piece. In a total capsulectomy, the capsule is removed in sections.

En Bloc Capsulectomy

An en bloc capsulectomy involves completely removing the capsule and breast implant in one piece. An en bloc capsulectomy is typically performed when your surgeon suspects an implant leak or rupture and wants to prevent the implant material or other contaminants in the breast capsule from leaking into your body. En bloc capsulectomy is also very common among patients with breast implant illness. Keep in mind that the incision necessary for this procedure is considerably larger.

At Agullo Plastic Surgery, tailored care begins with a full consultation to discuss the goals and options available.

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What Are Your Concerns?

What can I expect during my breast implant removal recovery?

You should take it easy and rest for the first week after your breast implant removal surgery, though gentle movement (like short, slow walks) is recommended to promote better circulation and prevent blood clots.

During your recovery, you will wear a soft compression bra to help support your chest and minimize swelling.

Recovery typically lasts about six weeks, although you can likely return to work and most of your regular activities after a week or two. Dr. Agullo will give you specific instructions on caring for your incisions and let you know when you can resume more strenuous exercise and activities.

What does breast implant removal cost in El Paso, TX?

Dr. Agullo will provide you with an accurate cost estimate during your consultation. Our current fee schedule lists the approximate cost of each procedure we offer.

Dr. Agullo charges a consultation fee of $100, which is applied to the cost of your treatment. Generally speaking, cosmetic plastic surgery is considered “elective” and is not covered by most insurance plans. The prices listed on our fee schedule represent the minimum cost of the procedures, including anesthesia and surgical facility fees, medical tests, garments, and recovery products. The cost of prescription medications, however, is not included. All fees must be paid in full before the scheduled treatment.

Is breast implant removal painful?

Breast implant removal is performed using general anesthesia to ensure your comfort during the procedure. During your recovery, you will feel some temporary soreness or discomfort, but this will be easily managed with prescription or over-the-counter pain medication.

Will breast implant removal leave scars?

Similar to breast revision surgery, the incisions made to remove your implants are usually made in the same location as the incisions made during your breast augmentation. Once the incisions are healed, scar gels or silicone strips can help minimize their appearance. The scars will be in a location easily hidden under swimsuits or undergarments, and they will fade over time with proper care.

When will I see my breast implant removal results?

You will see an immediate change in your breast size following your surgery, but you will also see some swelling. Your final results will be visible once the swelling has receded, which may take up to six months. If you had a breast lift in combination with your implant removal, it may take a bit longer to see your final results.

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Breast Implant Removal FAQ

Will I need additional surgeries after my breast implant removal?

While some patients may choose to undergo additional aesthetic treatments after their breast implant removal, it depends on several factors. Some patients decide to replace their implants, while others do not. In either case, a breast lift might be needed to ensure you retain the youthful contour you desire. A breast lift can be performed at the same time as implant removal or may also be done at a later time.

Some patients who choose not to replace their implants may still want more breast volume. In these cases, breast augmentation using fat grafting can add shape and size to the breasts using fat from the patient’s own body. Fat grafting can also help smooth skin irregularities from implant removal and associated capsulectomy procedures.

What are the risks of breast implant removal?

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with breast implant removal. These risks include:

  • Negative reactions to anesthesia
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Seroma (fluid buildup) in the space where the implant was placed
  • Loose skin
  • Changes in nipple sensation
  • Unfavorable scarring at the incision sites

You can reduce your chance of experiencing complications by following all of Dr. Agullo’s pre- and post-surgical advice.

Will my breasts sag after breast implant removal?

The condition of your breasts after your breast implant removal depends on several factors, including the size of your implants and the elasticity of your skin. Fortunately, you can add a breast lift to your surgery or undergo breast augmentation with fat transfer to ensure you have the beautiful breasts you desire.

Is breast implant removal permanent?

Your breast implant removal lasts as long as you wish it to. Just like deciding to remove your implants is a personal decision, choosing to replace them is also up to you.

What procedures can be combined with my breast implant removal?

You can combine nearly any procedure with your breast implant removal surgery, depending on your desired results and the recommendations of Dr. Agullo. Besides other breast enhancement procedures like a breast lift or breast augmentation with fat transfer, you may also choose body contouring procedures. A tummy tuck or liposuction is a great way to put the finishing touches on your physique.

Learn More About Breast Implant Removal in El Paso, TX

If you’ve decided you want to remove your breast implants, make sure you choose a highly skilled and board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Frank Agullo. Dr. Agullo’s training and experience in breast procedures are unparalleled, and he is committed to providing the results you want in a safe and comfortable environment. To schedule your consultation, call (915) 590-7900 or fill out our online contact form.

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