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Male: Buttock Implants

Buttock Implants

Contrary to what people may think, buttock implants are not just for women. There are a lot of men out there who have flat, underdeveloped or unshapely buttocks that make their pants look saggy and not fit quite right. More importantly, this affects their self-confidence and how they feel when they look in the mirror.

The good news is that El Paso Buttock Implants are available for both men and women. Men can use buttock implants to increase the size of their butt, as well as lifting and reshaping. If you are a man who…

      • Wishes your butt had more volume and shape
      • Dislike the way your butt looks in slacks and jeans
      • Feel as though your butt is too flat, small or disproportionate to the rest of your body
      • Want to have a more “manly” physique

Then read on to see if buttock implants might be the best solution for you!

El Paso Buttock Implant Techniques

Fat transfers are one way to improve the shape and appearance of the male buttocks. The procedure is done by removing fat through liposuction from one area of the body and repositioning it to the rear end to enhance volume and give it a lift. By using the patient’s own fat, this can transform the look of a “flat” butt into one that is shapelier and that looks better in jeans or slacks. Fat can be taken from the back, abs, thighs, and arms or anywhere there are excessive fatty deposits.

Men can greatly improve their self-confidence by achieving the shapely derriere that is attractive and that simply looks better in clothing and swimming trunks.

The female version of the buttock augmentation procedure is often referred to as the “Brazilian Butt Lift”. It can also be termed gluteal implant, butt implant, buttock enlargement or just a ‘butt lift’. Men may not have fat to spare to do the liposuction; therefore an implant using silicone may be needed. These are very similar to the silicone implants used in the pec implants for men. The silicone implants are made of a soft, yet solid material that is much like those used in athletic mouth guards or cardiac pacemakers. They won’t break or leak and feel comfortable enough while sitting, although you won’t be able to sit for two weeks after the surgery.

Getting Butt Implant Surgery

A buttocks augmentation is performed at Dr. Agullo’s state-of-the art facility in El Paso, Texas. It is most often done as an outpatient procedure, dependent upon whether the butt implants are combined with any other cosmetic procedures. You can plan on the entire surgery taking about 3 hours.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Agullo will discuss whether general anesthesia or IV sedation is better for you. The “twilight” sedation indicates some level of consciousness, vs. general anesthesia being completely “under”. If you want faster recovery and less chance of nausea following the surgery, then twilight sedation might be better. However, most patients opt for the general anesthesia and prefer to be completely unconscious. This is completely a personal decision. We have one of the area’s leading anesthesiologists on our staff to administer general anesthesia, if that is what you wish to do. Dr. Agullo can talk to you about the pros and cons and discuss any of your concerns.

Here are some preparation strategies for your male buttock implant procedure:

      • Quit smoking for at least two weeks prior to butt implant surgery and two weeks afterwards to avoid risks from clotting.
      • Ask someone to bring you to and from the procedure. You won’t be able to drive (or sit) for at least a few days.
      • Avoid eating or drinking the day of your buttock implant procedure anytime past midnight.
      • Don’t use any creams or lotions on your rear area since it blocks pores.
      • Wear sweatpants or shorts.

Are there risks with a butt lift?

There are not many risks in getting male buttock implants or fat injections. Some men wonder if the silicone implants will leak, but the answer is no. The material is very durable, yet flexible. Your rear may feel tight in the area of the implants and at first it will be sore and feel a bit foreign. Once your body heals and adjusts, you will likely be very pleased by the results.

Some risks of buttock implant surgery could be:

      • Infection
      • Painful sitting
      • Anesthesia or hemorrhaging
      • Vein or pulmonary complications
      • Needing buttock cosmetic revisions

Recovery from Buttock Implant Surgery

Once the buttock implants have been performed, you will need to wear a special compression garment on your butt. It is meant to keep everything “tight” and help with the healing. If your augmentation has been a fat transfer, it may take approximately three weeks for it to settle. Try not to sit very much or for any prolonged spells to avoid absorption of fat and/or increased soreness.

Other points about your recovery process:

      • You may have to lie down a lot for at least a couple of weeks after surgery.
      • Your butt will feel sore and tender.
      • You should take time to walk around even if it feels sore to keep your blood circulation flowing properly.
      • It will take about two weeks to resume work and normal activities.
      • Avoid any major exercise for at least one month.
      • If you experience any chest pain, abnormal heartbeat or shortness of breath, call your doctor.
      • Don’t take aspirin or anything that causes blood thinning.

Before long you’ll be ready to show off a much fuller, broader and shapelier physique like that of male bodybuilders. Your denim jeans, slacks and swimming trunks will look as good as the new “trunk” you are sporting, too. Overall this will equate to a more masculine feeling of confidence and self-assurance.

Cost of El Paso Male Butt Implants

Depending on whether the male buttock augmentation is done using your own fat through the liposuction procedure or with the silicone implants, the cost will vary. Another cost factor will be whether the choice of IV conscious sedation or general anesthesia is made. In skinny patients, the butt implants are most always necessary.

Pricing varies depending on the extent of the treatment or surgery. You can see a list of the approximate prices of each procedure on our current fee schedule. Dr. Agullo charges a consultation fee of $100, which is applied to the cost of your treatment. Generally speaking, cosmetic plastic surgery is considered “elective” and is not covered by most insurance plans. The prices listed on our fee schedule represent the minimum cost of the procedures, including anesthesia and surgical facility fees, medical tests, garments, and recovery products. The cost of prescription medications, however, is not included. The exact price of each procedure can only be determined after a thorough consultation. All fees must be paid in full prior to the scheduled treatment.

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