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Non-surgical Facelift With EmbraceRF

Most men and women will develop signs of aging, especially in the face. While there are surgical options to help rejuvenate the face, patients can achieve stunning results using radiofrequency (RF) technologies. RF treatments are minimally invasive and produce overall facial improvement without the need for surgery. Dr. Agullo offers patients the non-surgical facelift with EmbraceRF, targeting multiple facial concerns and creating a refreshed aesthetic.

Do you...

  • Desire facial rejuvenation without having to undergo surgery?
  • Feel unhappy with signs of facial aging, including wrinkles and sagging skin?
  • Want a more youthful appearance and natural-looking results?
  • Want to tighten the neck and face without scars?


Gentle Treatment

Because the non-surgical facelift with EmbraceRF is minimally invasive, patients experience a comfortable recovery. Treatment with EmbraceRF is painless and does not cause significant trauma to the treated areas.

Minimal Downtime

As opposed to individuals who undergo facelift surgery, patients who opt for RF treatment can resume their daily activities quickly. This treatment does not involve incisions or sutures, allowing for a short recovery.

Natural Results

The non-surgical facelift with EmbraceRF produces beautiful facial rejuvenation results without altering a person’s unique characteristics. Patients can enjoy a youthful and natural aesthetic after RF treatment.

EmbraceRF Technologies


  • This technology provides skin and tissue tightening in the lateral cheeks, jowls, and neck
  • FaceTite™ involves applying directional heat to aid in three-dimensional tissue remodeling and fat coagulation


  • Morpheus8 treats the brows, anterior midface, cheeks, lower face, and neck
  • It can also be used to improve results and tighten the skin as well as underlying tissues
  • RF energy is delivered using microneedles to penetrate deeper layers of the skin


  • Fractora™ provides additional skin tightening throughout the face and neck
  • This treatment also improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, and complexion concerns

Preparing for Your Treatment

It is crucial to follow all preparation directions as provided by Dr. Agullo to have a comfortable recovery. Generally, patients who undergo the non-surgical facelift with EmbraceRF are advised to:
  • Gather the necessary paperwork as well as proper identification
  • Avoid blood-thinning medications and supplements for two weeks
  • Consume a healthy diet and stay hydrated in the days leading up to and after treatment

Before and After

EmbraceRF Before and After
EmbraceRF Before and After

Non-surgical Facelift With EmbraceRF FAQs

What should I expect during recovery after my non-surgical facelift with EmbraceRF treatment?

The non-surgical facelift with EmbraceRF is a virtually painless treatment that does not necessitate a lengthy recovery. Minor bruising and swelling can occur, but these side effects are likely to subside within four to six weeks. Patients can return to work within five to seven days, and normal activity can be continued 48 hours after the procedure. Exercise can be resumed after four weeks to help prevent excessive swelling.

Which non-surgical facelift with EmbraceRF approach is right for me?

Most patients benefit from a combination of all three RF technologies. Performing FaceTite™, Fractora™, and Morpheus8 together produces comprehensive improvement and a revitalized appearance.

Does this treatment address facial fat displacement?

Yes, the non-surgical facelift with EmbraceRF can be used to selectively decrease accumulated fat deposits in the face, usually in the jowls and submental area (double chin).

What type of anesthesia will this procedure require?

The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia, but most patients choose mild sedation.

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