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Breast Augmentation for Asian Patients, Is There Any Difference?

May 02, 2015 | Breast Augmentation

shutterstock_173309375One of the most important skills a plastic surgeon has when working with a patient is the ability to tailor a surgical procedure to “fit” the patient appropriately. This customization is just as true for breast implants as it is for any other personal enhancement. With Asian patients, the size of their body and the responsiveness of their skin are big factors when deciding on breast implants.

Most Asian women tend to be shorter and more petite than Western women, with proportionately smaller breasts. For most Asian women, this means using a smaller implant than those that would be used for Western women.   For example, using implants to increase an Asian woman’s breasts to an A or B cup would allow her to feel more feminine, while still looking natural. An increase in size to a C or D cup could possibly make her breasts disproportionately bigger than her body and result in feelings of self-consciousness.

When it comes to skin, Asians can develop scars that are either pigmented or raised. Their skin is very fine and delicate, and that is why Asian women seem to age more gracefully. That certainly is a plus, but when it comes to breast augmentation, the plastic surgeon must use caution to avoid excessive scarring. Asian women also tend to be culturally very private regarding the admission of cosmetic procedures, therefore having any telltale scars could result in patient dissatisfaction.

This tendency to develop visible scars can affect the choice of where the incision is made and what type of breast implant is used. Options for incision placement are under the breast or at the inferior areolar edge. A third approach is the Peri-Areolar incision. This is made around the edge of areola, or colored circle surrounding the nipple. This can be an option for Asian women who want a small lift at the time of augmentation.

Finally, a patient can elect a Trans-Axillary approach, where an incision is made in the crease of the armpit. If the patient tends to scar it will generally be hidden in the armpit, hence it would only be visible whenever the patient raises her arm.

The choice of implant used for Asian breast augmentation follows the same principles as petite breast augmentation. Proper tissue planning and measurements will help determine the ideal implant. For a more natural appearance, Dr. Agullo often recommends a 410 or “gummy bear” implant that is teardrop shaped. For petite Asian women that want a fuller and rounder appearance, he recommends a high profile round silicone implant. As a general rule, Dr. Agullo avoids the use of saline implants in petite Asian women, since they have a higher risk for rippling and palpability.

If you are considering breast augmentation but have any concerns, you can trust Dr. Frank Agullo to speak candidly with you about your best options and solutions. Schedule an appointment to see if breast augmentation is right for your situation and to see what the results will look like through a remarkable 3D Vectra system. Call 915-590-7900 to book a private consultation today.