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Complex Hernia Repairs in Southwest Texas

August 13, 2014 | Components Separation Technique, Hernia Repairs

Although hernia operations may be fairly common and available within most states across the U.S., the “component separation” technique for complex hernia repairs requires the skills of a highly trained specialist. Also called CST – a components separation technique is used to rebuild a damaged abdominal wall, particularly for patients with the most serious hernias or who have undergone multiple hernia operations.

What is CST – Components Separation Technique?

This treatment of a hernia provides comfort to those with a distressed abdominal wall, either by defects or trauma. The technique offers tensionless closure of a full or large tissue, and recent modifications of the CST have adopted prosthetic materials to assist with repair. Complex ab defects are indeed challenging for any surgeon, and therefore only a few select surgeons in the country have the training to do them properly.

Where Can I Get CST – Components Separation Technique Performed?

Dr. Agullo of Southwest Plastic Surgery in El Paso, TX and Las Crus, NM is one of only a handful of skilled plastic surgeons in the U.S. who is capable of performing CST surgery. Because of this blue and purple xray of stomachspecialized skill, many people who suffer from complicated hernias drive from faraway Southwestern regions in the U.S. to request Dr. Agullo’s minimally invasive CST services.

In most patients, Component Separation can prevent hernias from recurring. Although the technique itself was developed in the early 90’s for abdominal wall repair, through the marvel of new technology, this procedure is now offered with a minimally invasive approach that was first introduced by a University of Texas surgeon to help reduce complications in cancer patients and improve the potential for future function.

Before the introduction of this minimally invasive technique, component separation allowed a surgeon to seal the tissue defects without extreme tension, however the amount of extra fat and skin overlapping resulted in seromas, infections or other healing complications among some of the patients.

Top Reasons to Consider Dual Surgery:

  • performing two procedures at once can save the down-time and pain of a second surgery
  • operating room, anesthesia and other hospital or surgical-center fees may be reduced
  • fewer operations usually mean fewer scar tissue build up

Other Things to Consider:

  • check with your insurance company – most will cover the hernia repair only
  • your specific circumstances may require you to have these two procedures performed separately
  • your plastic surgeon may need to call in a general surgeon on more complicated cases

With double board certification in plastic surgery and general surgery, Dr. Frank Agullo can successfully perform both these procedures at the same time – saving you money and time not having to visit multiple doctors and coordinate physician schedules.  Dr. Agullo uses the latest techniques in minimally invasive correcting of complex hernias, which is more reliable and ultimately successful in improving the abdominal wall defects. If you have a complicated hernia or have had recent hernia surgery, contact Southwest Plastic Surgery for answers to your questions. Dr. Agullo will sit down with you, listen to your needs and concerns, examine your abdomen, order any necessary tests and determine the best way to meet your goals.  Contact Southwest Plastic Surgery at (915) 590-7900 today to schedule your consultation.