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When to Get Ear Surgery

June 28, 2017 | Ear Surgery

Ear Surgery Dr. Frank Agullo Before and After photosEar surgery is unique among plastic surgery procedures because it is performed as often for children as it is for adults. However, individuals should take caution to undergo ear surgery only when the timing is right. Depending on your case, the right timing could be as an infant, as a child, or as an adult.

Ear Surgery for Babies

Infants with abnormal-looking ears may be able to receive ear shaping correction. Typically, this is not surgery, but a molding device that is worn around the clock to reshape the ear. However, this is not a common procedure. The timing must be exact, and in most cases, it must be initiated within the baby’s first month of life while the ear cartilage is quite soft and moldable. Choosing to pursue cosmetic ear correction for babies may not be recommended unless there is a severe physical deformity of the ears. As parents must make this decision for their children, parents should consider the future with the present, and whether they are concerned about the possibility of their child enduring teasing from their peers.

Ear Surgery for Children

Ear surgery is commonly performed on children. Children that are under the age of five are still too young, as their ear cartilage is not yet developed enough for the surgery. Children who are five or older may be able to undergo this procedure if they are healthy, not prone to ear infections, communicative, and agreeable to the procedure. Surgery can technically be performed any time after age five, but delaying surgery into the pre-teen or teenage years can put the child at risk of ridicule, teasing, and bullying from their peers. Some children may have already endured teasing and do not know there is a procedure that can improve the appearance of their ears. However, parents should never force their children into undergoing surgery if the child is not amenable. A child that is intellectually and emotionally mature enough to understand the surgery and all that will be required during recovery can make his or her own decision on whether to get ear surgery as a child. A personal and open discussion should be had between the parents and the child to see whether surgery would be a good idea.

Ear Surgery for Adults

Adults who are healthy and free of life-threatening medical conditions can consider ear surgery at any point. Adults with ear deformities may have endured bullying in their youth but were unable to undergo surgery for various reasons. As a child or as an adult, ear surgery should be motivated by a personal desire for improvement, not to please outside influences. Adults can undergo this procedure when they feel prepared and when they are ready to see improvements in the appearance of their ears.

If you are not sure whether you, your child, or your infant should undergo ear surgery, request your consultation with Dr. Frank Agullo. As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Agullo can help you determine whether and when it is best to undergo this procedure. To schedule your appointment, call (915) 590-7900 or contact Dr. Agullo online today.

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