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Do Lower Body Lift Results Look Natural?

August 28, 2017 | Body Lift

Body Lift Procedure by Dr. Agullo People who have lost a significant amount of weight due to weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and/or aging may have sagging skin and stubborn fat around the abdomen, hips, and flanks. Body lift surgery aims to correct this issue by removing the excess skin and fat and improving body contour. Affected individuals may wonder whether a body lift is worth it and would produce natural-looking results as claimed by its proponents. The incredible promise of a body lift is that with a skilled and experienced surgeon, this procedure CAN provide natural-looking body contours that will help you achieve a sculpted silhouette.

How a Body Lift Improves Body Contour

Dr. Agullo Body Lift Patient A body lift can give you the body contours you desire without having to struggle fruitlessly to achieve them on your own through dieting and exercise. The challenge with major weight loss is that despite losing fat, the skin remains stretched out. Depending on the amount of weight lost, excess skin may hang in folds about the body. No matter how much the person exercises, this skin cannot contract to its former state. A body lift is the only way to help, and it does so by trimming away the excess skin and pulling the skin tight against the new body shape, wrapping the body in slimmer contours. The procedure also removes persistent fat from the treated areas. After a body lift removes the hanging skin and excess fat, the abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks, and lateral thighs will have a more natural shape.

The Promise of Natural-Looking Results

A lower body lift performed by Dr. Frank Agullo can give you natural-looking results. Dr. Agullo is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, a member of several prestigious surgical societies, and an experienced and dedicated plastic surgeon.

With the body lift procedure, Dr. Agullo focuses on achieving a balanced body shape by sculpting the entire physique. Each procedure is individualized for the patient’s unique frame, build, size, shape, height, and weight. Based on your needs, you may undergo a combination of techniques including liposuction, thigh lift, butt lift, abdominoplasty, circumferential abdominoplasty, and/or fat injections. While there will be some scarring, Dr. Agullo strategically places the incisions in strategically discreet areas so that they can be comfortably hidden by most clothing.

Transform Your Body Shape

Dr. Agullo can dramatically enhance your body contour by performing a body lift to remove excess skin and stubborn fat and pull the remaining tissues taut. The transformation provided by a body lift erases the unnatural appearance of hanging skin folds and reveals an attractively toned body shape and silhouette. Afterward, patients can wear clothing that was previously too small, tight, fitted, or revealing. The body lift procedure can take your body from unbalanced to smooth and give you the natural-looking contours you seek.

Dr. Agullo would be happy to help you complete your weight loss journey by improving your body shape with a personally tailored body lift procedure. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Agullo, please call (915) 590-7900 or complete our online contact form today.

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