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How an Areola Reduction Can Improve Your Confidence

August 01, 2018 | Areola Reduction

Women take pride in their breasts, and when your breasts look different than you are used to or would like them to look, your confidence in yourself can be negatively affected. Your breasts can go through many changes throughout your life, whether from the effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding or genetics or even simply aging. One change that may occur is an increase in the size of the areola. This change can make your breasts look disproportionate to each other as well as to your whole body. Are you feeling self-conscious about how your breasts look? Are you concerned that your areolas take up more of the breast than you’d like? Dr. Agullo can address various imperfections and restore your breast proportions.

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What Can an Areola Reduction Correct?

Are They Too Large?

Areolas that are bigger than 4.7 cm can look large on an average-sized woman. Though it’s common for postpartum women to have larger areolas, after your hormones and weight have returned to normal, the sizes of your areolas should return to how they were before pregnancy. However, this is not always the case. If you relate to this, an areola reduction surgery can restore their proportion to the rest of your bust.

Are They Curving?

Sometimes, additional breast tissue can begin to push forward, which causes the areola to look like a small dome. Dr. Agullo can address this by removing some of the underlying breast tissue to restore the areola’s natural shape.

Are They Uneven?

It is not uncommon for one areola to be larger or higher than the other. The cause could be genetic or from uneven engorgement during pregnancy or breastfeeding. The areolas can be made more symmetrical with the same areola reduction technique.

Have They Changed Shape?

Areolas that become misshapen can be adjusted through an areola reduction. Dr. Agullo can reshape an areola so that its shape is more circular and symmetrical to the other breast.

Are They Slightly Low?

There areola reduction technique can help lift the breast and nipple-areola complex at the same time. A lift between 1 and 4 cm can be achieved. This centers the nipple-areola complex on the breast mound.

Are They Abnormal?

The areola can sometimes develop color changes and texture changes. If the areola has begun to look different, a surgical procedure can help to restore their natural appearance.

Improve Your Confidence

During a sexual experience, the last thing you want to be thinking about is the way your areolas look. By improving the shape, size, and feeling of the areola, you can be confident in the way your body looks. Not only will you be more satisfied with intimate encounters, but you will feel confident in your everyday life.

What to Expect

Dr. Agullo will remove the outer edges of the areola so that they are reduced to your desired size. He then will pull the skin to the new edge and stitch it closed. He may also place stitches deeper in the tissue to prevent the areola from widening during the healing process. Once your stitches dissolve, your areolas will be in better proportion to your breasts, and you will find confidence in your body once again!

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