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Liposuction Lite Helps Patients Get Rid of Unwanted Cellulite

April 17, 2014 | Fat Reduction, Liposuction

Want to get rid of those pesky fat deposits but don’t have the time for a hospital stay?  Now you can!

Portrait of a young slender brunette wearing white lingerie measuring her waist Southwest Plastic Surgery offers in-office liposuction with mild sedation. This liposuction alternative is a great solution for those who have nagging little deposits of fat that don’t seem to go away no matter how much they diet and exercise, in places such as the area under the neck, the underside of arms – even those dreaded love handles.

How Liposuction Lite Is Performed

A tiny incision is made and a small cannula is inserted under the skin.  A laser within the cannula literally melts the adipose fat, which is then sucked out.  Since the patient is awake, he and or she can reposition themselves and give immediate feedback.  For example:  a woman comes in with fat around the knees.  Once the excess fat is melted and sucked out, the woman is able to stand up so the doctor is able to double check and make sure the knees are reshaped equally.  The patient also has the opportunity at this time to view the results and make any additional requests before the procedure is completed.

The device also coagulates blood vessels, reducing the amount of bruising and swelling that can accompany more traditional liposuction procedures.

Additional Benefits of Liposuction Lite

Because the procedure is performed under mild sedation, the patient is spared the risks associated with undergoing general anesthesia.  Overall costs are reduced as there are no charges for overnight hospital stays, anesthesia or operating room charges.  Best of all, there is very little downtime with mild sedation liposuction.  Depending on the procedure performed, the patient can return to work or normal activities almost immediately or, in some cases, the very next day.

Contact Dr. Agullo at 915.590.7900 for a consultation and prepare to say “Adios!” to your unwanted fat.