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How to Get Superhero Six-Pack Abs

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How to Get Superhero Six-Pack Abs

superhero-absSuperhero movies have been all the rage lately. In addition to the action-packed scenes, it’s hard not to notice the leading guys supporting these films. Whether it’s the bulky definition of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor or the lean muscular definition of Captan America, one thing can be said: abs are making the leading man. But the average guy can’t dedicate the time, money, and energy it takes for Ben Affleck to become Batman. If you have worked hard through diet and exercise but stubborn fat still prevents you from getting those superhero abs, then it might be time to consider liposuction.

Liposuction Isn’t Only for Women

Many men shy away from the idea of liposuction because there is the misconception that plastic surgery is only designed for women. The truth is that liposuction and many other plastic surgery procedures can be tailored to men to enhance their appearance while maintaining the masculine contours they desire. The stigma around male plastic surgery is a thing of the past, and many more men are choosing to become the best version of themselves through procedures like liposuction.

Getting a Superhero Six Pack

Liposuction helps men achieve the abdominal contour they desire by targeting specific areas of fat accumulation. A special contouring technique, known as 4D abdominal etching, carefully removes fat from around each abdominal muscle. This process removes certain areas fat while leaving others in place to create definition and a more muscular appearance. Newer liposuction techniques provide the greatest precision, allowing for custom-tailored results.

Preparing for Your Liposuction  

Liposuction isn’t a weight-loss procedure. Men considering liposuction should have already lost weight naturally through diet and exercise. When you are within your goal weight, liposuction is used to remove stubborn fat and reveal your toned abdominal contour. For the best results, patients should attempt to tone their abdominal contour as much as possible prior to their treatment.

You don’t have to be an action star to have leading man abs. Everyone desires to be the best, most toned version of themselves. Schedule your consultation to see if liposuction can help you achieve the physique you desire. Contact our office at (915) 590-7900 or fill out our online contact form for additional information.

2016 Plastic Surgery Trends

shutterstock_207094993Cosmetic Culture

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that plastic surgery, from the minor to the major procedures, is becoming more of a social norm. The use of elective cosmetic procedures rose 20% last year. What’s surprising is the type of work people are getting done.

Natural Nip-tuck

As of last year, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s (ASAPS) annual report concluded there was a 7% growth in surgical procedures and a huge 22% growth in non-surgical procedures. This has a lot to do with trends. In the past, plastic surgery was more recognizable and obvious. Silicone implants were big and round, and facial work could leave you looking like a Cheshire cat. Today, the big trend is to get work done that doesn’t make you actually look like you’ve had work done.

Subtle adjustments are the trend right now. I often see patients in my office who want more natural-looking transformations; less is more.

Changing Demographics

The evolution of plastic surgery has brought us from the stereotypical young ladies wanting their nose done or older women yearning to rewind the clock. Now both women and men of all ages and backgrounds are searching for a way to work with what they’ve already got.

The Trend List

The number one most requested procedure for women is fat-transfer, where fat from an area of your body (your belly, for instance,) is moved to another (like your rear or your breasts). Reflecting this craving for more natural appearances, these types of procedures are rapidly growing as a trend.

Injectables, such as Botox for wrinkle prevention and Juvederm to plump around the face, were in second place. Butt lifts and implants were third, skin tightening methods fourth, tattoo removal fifth. Liposuction was in sixth place.

Expansion of Possibilities

The newest types of technology link makeup with surgery, giving women permanent, beautiful eyeliner, lip liner, and more. They are one of the biggest reasons there has been a big leap in cosmetic procedures. Many of these procedures have decreased in average cost over the years, which is yet another reason for their boost in popularity.

Motivation Makes a Difference

Like so many other things, just because you can have cosmetic procedures done, doesn’t mean you need to. There are times where I may not want to perform a plastic surgery procedure because I feel the patient will regret their decision.

I want to know what your motivation is, and if you feel you are being honest with yourself about what the procedure will address. Your procedure should be something to help, not mask, the situation. Some of the reasons when I might ask a patient to reconsider a procedure is if they are having it done due to pressure from friends or a significant other.

Cosmetic surgery isn’t a “quick fix.” Your life is the same as it was before the surgery. Someone who is depressed because of their appearance, may still find a reason to be troubled afterward, despite excellent surgical outcomes. But at the same time, plastic surgery can help you overcome barriers that get in the way of your self-confidence.

Before and After Breast ReductionI recommend plastic surgery for those who have significant personal reasons or barriers that they want to overcome. Those with an obvious physical issue that can be surgically repaired are usually the most pleased. A pattern can be seen with breast reductions, for example. So many women will say it is something they’ve wanted for years! It can make them feel so much more comfortable and confident.

It’s not magic, but it is a science that can improve your life!

If you are interested in cosmetic surgery and would like to learn more about your options, make an appointment with Dr. Agullo today! You can contact our office by calling (915) 590 – 7900 or by filling out our online contact form

Love and Hate: Muffin Tops on Men

shutterstock_318097295Ask anyone and they will tell you how much they hate their love handles, aka “muffin tops.” In a survey of 500 individuals, love handles were the one thing that was most frequently identified as to what people wanted to change about their bodies if they ever got plastic surgery.

And we’re not just talking women; this is a trend growing with men as well. Men that desire a more streamlined silhouette can easily do so with elective body contouring surgeries. Body contouring refers to reshaping different areas, such as, the gut and waistline, and is ranked right behind injectable treatments (like Botox) in terms of demand for male treatments

It Began with Boardshorts

Men looking into body contouring procedures are typically interested in wearing form-fitting clothes while avoiding the belly bulge. This which be more difficult for men past the age of 30.
That’s why a fellow plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills developed the extremely successful procedure known as “the boardshort tuck.”

Like a tummy tuck, a boardshort tuck removes excess tissue, like skin and fat. But unlike common tummy tucks, this procedure is less intensive and takes less time to recover. It’s a process that takes about an hour and a half at our El Paso office, with general anesthesia.

Total cost of a boardshort tuck runs about $7500 for most patients. An incision is made above the pubic area, and while the extra tissue is removed, this procedure tightens stomach muscles. The final outcome is a firmer and flatter stomach which can draw more attention to other areas, which now seem larger because they is no longer vying for any distraction of the previous belly bulge.

Choosing the Right Option

Men everywhere across the U.S. are looking for a trimmed shape, and while “boardshort tuck” is a West Coast original term, these requests are found throughout the entire US – including here in El Paso!

Once men turn 30, it becomes more challenging for them to maintain physique. For our male patients who want to wear form fitting shirts without pushing out the bottom buttons or having their gut hang over their pants’ top seam, Southwest Plastic Surgery can easily help.

The methods we offer to fight against the bulge aren’t limited to the board short tuck. In reality, high definition liposuction for men is one of the most popular requests from males in our plastic surgery  office.

Another example of a popular trend for men is the Vanquish fat removal system. This is a fat burning process that takes about 4 sessions to complete, with no incisions or medication necessary. Designed specifically for the back, love handles/sides, and belly areas, Vanquish is an excellent solution for men who already eat healthy and exercise regularly, but can’t seem to get rid of their “spare tire”. There is an obvious reduction of fat, with typical loss of several inches after all sessions are completed.

Current Perception of Men’s Cosmetic Surgeries

Any of these treatments will ultimately reach the same target area by shaping the body away from a bugle. While men would have been more wary to ask for any of these procedures less than a decade ago, it’s becoming increasingly common here in El Paso, as well as throughout the rest of our society. At Southwest Plastic Surgery, Dr. Agullo is there to honor any man’s cosmetic strategy request. The desire to be accepted and feel good is universal; it’s not limited just to women!

To contact the office of Dr. Agullo, you schedule a consultation by calling (915) 590-7900 or by filling out our online contact form


There’s a Smaller Gap Between Male and Female Cosmetic Surgery Than You Thought!

Surveys have shown that just over 1 out of 3 women would like to have some type of cosmetic surgery. That is, if cost wasn’t an issue. Surprisingly, 1 in 5 men said the exact same thing! Yet, the small gap between men and women who say they want plastic surgery and actually have it done is far wider. It seems that maybe men are a bit more hesitant to follow through with what they want when it comes to elective procedures. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to say yes!

Who is Actually Getting Treatment?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says that 9 out of 10 cosmetic procedures are completed on females. While women are following through with their cosmetic desires, then men aren’t (as they make up only 1 out of 10 patients.)

One of the reasons why we see this problem is because men frequently do not understand the benefits or accessibility to male-centered treatments. Some may not even realize what procedures are available. Yet if they knew the outstanding results that could be achieved, I think we would see more men than ever coming in for elective cosmetic procedures.

Highlighted Desires

When men are coming in, what are they having done? Some of the most common procedures we discuss or complete include:


Before and After BlepharoplastyIt might be hard to say, but it’s actually a fairly common procedure – erasing the signs of sagging skin around the eyes. Just a little lift of the lower or upper eyelids can improve vision and add a youthful appearance.

Beard Transplants

If you’ve always had a baby-face or are unable to grow a beard, then a beard transplant is an excellent way to add a full face of hair! We individually transfer each hair follicle from the back of your scalp (where hair grows the thickest) to the face to add fullness to your thin (or nonexistent) beard.


Getting a “nose job” isn’t just for women. Many men feel uncomfortable with their note’s size and shape. It may even interfere with the way they breath. Don’t try to man-up and “own” your nose if you aren’t happy with the way it looks. Do something about it! You might just be surprised to learn how many men actually have a rhinoplasty done. I can even show you some before and after shots here in my office.


If you’ve worked hard to lose weight, leftover areas of body fat may not go away on their own, even if you’re eating right and working out regularly. With liposuction we can permanently erase fatty tissues and make it easier to maintain a smoother, thinner body contour. It’s great for both male and female patients!

I always invite men (and women!) to come by my El Paso office for a complimentary consultation. I feel that it’s truly important to discuss the specific needs and expectations with each person, so that we can find the one best suited for their preferences. If you’re ready to get past the point of “just thinking about” cosmetic surgery, then call my office today!

You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Frank Agullo by calling (915) 590-7900 or by filling out our online contact form


Improve Your Appearance Following Weight Loss

Improve Your Appearance Following Weight LossMajor weight loss can simultaneously be the most triumphant and frustrating experience in your life. It is no small task to stick to your diet and exercise plan. Shedding those unwanted pounds and reaching your goal feels amazing. What doesn’t feel as great? Not having the body you envisioned at the start of your weight-loss journey. What keeps many men and women motivated through their weight loss is the idea of the new, fit body they will have achieved at the end of it all. However, this healthier, leaner you is often obstructed by excess, sagging skin. If you are frustrated with your appearance, body contouring to improve your appearance following major weight loss may be just what you need.



What Is Body Contouring?

Body contouring includes a set of select procedures that are designed to eliminate excess skin and fat to enhance your body’s physique. Each body contouring procedure is customized to the patient in order to target your trouble spots and highlight your body’s natural curvature. Possible treatments included as a part of body contouring are:

  • Tummy TuckAchieves a flatter, smoother abdomen by eliminating excess skin and tightening the abdominal muscles
  • LiposuctionRemoves excess fat to enhance slender curves in women and create better body definition in men and women
  • Lower Body LiftTargets sagging tissues around the hips, thighs, and buttocks for a slimmer, more toned lower body
  • Thigh LiftRemoves sagging thigh tissue for more toned legs and to eliminate painful chafing
  • Breast EnhancementsMay include a breast lift and/or breast augmentation to restore firmness, shape, and volume to drooping, deflated breasts
  • Arm LiftRemoves sagging arm tissue for firmer, slimmer arms

Why Choose Body Contouring?

Body Contouring Before and After PhotosMany people struggle to avoid surgery during their weight loss, while others undergo surgery and don’t desire to do it again. It can be disappointing for some that surgery is their only option. However, body contouring surgeries offer numerous benefits that often outweigh the drawbacks of surgery, including:

  • Permanent and precise removal of skin and fat
  • Elimination of painful skin irritations and chafing caused by excess folds of skin
  • Removal of stubborn fat deposits that resist diet and exercise
  • A stronger abdominal core
  • Enhancement of new, lean muscles
  • Customized procedures tailored to the patient’s needs

When Should I Consider Body Contouring?

Body contouring is often right for both men and women following major weight loss or for patients with large amounts of excess skin. Patients should be within their goal weight and should have maintained a stable weight for at least six months. Future weight loss or gain can affect the quality of body contouring surgery results. Some health conditions may prevent you from qualifying for body contouring, which will be discussed during your consultation.

If you are ready to reveal the new, fitter, and healthier you following weight loss, schedule your body contouring consultation with Dr. Agullo today. Contact our office at (915) 590-7900 or fill out our online contact form for additional information.

Plans for Plastic Surgery After Baby

shutterstock_317534825Real women aren’t the only ones who get plastic surgery. It turns out that Kim Kardashian has treated herself to a full mommy makeover after the birth of her 2nd child. The curvy 35 year old didn’t want to waste any time getting her body back in shape after the birth of her son – and that meant getting some of the best plastic surgeons to help her.

No detail was left out, and it seems as if she had no hesitations or anxiety about going under the knife whatsoever!

So what is she likely to have had done for her mommy makeover?

Tummy Tuck

Having your tummy stretched out by a baby more than a time or two can wreak havoc on the abdominal wall muscles and the skin around your waist. Saggy skin may not be able to bounce back on its own, leaving “flab” or a “muffin top” behind, even after weight loss. Tummy tucks also help tighten up the muscle underneath, so it’s not just about handling excess skin.


Baby fat leftover in the hips, legs, and tummy are hard to erase with exercise alone. Contouring the area with liposuction or some other type of laser therapy can give you a toned, flatter abdomen. Most opt for traditional liposuction, as it permanently destroys fat cells and makes it easier to prevent fatty buildup from coming back.

Breast Augmentation or Lift

Before and After Breast LiftKim has always been obsessed with her body, and it’s no secret why. Her vivacious curves are the talk of the town and something that many women compare themselves to when they’re consider having surgery done on themselves.

Even with those great curves, she likely experienced some breast growth, stretching, and sagging during pregnancy. Women often do, whether or not they nurse may not even make a difference. Kim will probably had a bit of a lift done to add more fullness to her chest and avoid drooping or sagging when she hops back into a bathing suit this summer!

Cosmetic Surgery “Down There”

Do we know if Kim had a vaginal makeover? No. But plenty of women do after they give birth to a baby. Why? Because it tightens up the skin, makes things look more tidy down there, and reshapes the inner labia so that the stretched skin doesn’t rub inside of your clothes. A lot of women do it to feel more comfortable in bed, and some even report that it increases their stimulation.

After having a baby, every woman experiences changes that can impact them physically, athletically, socially, and emotionally. There’s no shame in doing something about it, either.

Women like Kim who gain 40 or 50 pounds during their pregnancy (she admitted just 6 weeks before her birth that she had already gained 52 pounds) truly have their work cut out for them. Even if they’re able to drop the weight through diet and exercise, it’s normal to consult a plastic surgeon to polish off the finishing touches.

To make an appointment, you can contact the office of Dr. Frank Agullo by calling (915) 590-7900 or by filling out our online contact form.

Is it Normal for Men to Get Plastic Surgery?

The playing field in cosmetic surgery patients is changing. As more men are realizing that cosmetic procedures are minimally to non-invasive, they are increasingly coming in for plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments. It may just be that in the future, just as many men are getting treatment as women. Last year, over 1 million men in the US saw a plastic surgeon for cosmetic treatment.

The fact that technology has made treatments more comfortable and affordable is a huge factor. But men are also realizing that it isn’t narcissistic or painful for them to ‘get work done.’ They’re just now figuring out what women have already known!

So, what are the top procedures I’m seeing men for at my El Paso cosmetic surgery center?

Beard Transplants

If you weren’t naturally well endowed with a full facial beard, that’s ok. It’s now possible to do single follicular hair transplants from the back of the head onto the face – leaving you with a fully functional beard! For men with baby faces or patchy facial hair, beard transplants are the perfect touch for getting that  “lumberjack” or “metrosexual” look you’ve been working so hard toward. Plus, nobody has to know that you even had it done!

Laser Hair Removal

We’ve seen about a 40% increase in laser hair removal treatments in men. The results are permanent, and great for men who have excessive hair in less-than desirable areas, such as the back or even their chest.

Non-Invasive Facelifts

Light, laser, and radio therapy can tighten the skin throughout the face, neck, stomach and legs for a smoother, more youthful skin tone. It’s perfect for erasing loose skin around the eyes and mouth – areas that show our age. Plus, it triggers collagen production which makes the skin look fuller and smoother.

Fat Reduction

Did you know that it was possible for us to use non-surgical techniques to reduce the appearance of body fat? Liposuction is also useful for men with excessive fatty tissue buildup (even in the breasts) for a more toned body contour that diet and exercise can’t always achieve on their own.

Neck Treatments

Before and After Male Neck LiposuctionWhether it’s using lasers to firm and tighten the neck tissues or a surgical neck lift, tightening the skin in this area can add youth to your appearance. We also reduce fat through the area under the chin, which can make you look like you’ve lost weight. Sometimes I even add injectables to remove the fatty tissues underneath the skin.

Are you new to the dating crowd again? Just looking for a way to feel your best? Now you know the truth – I see men on a regular basis and the treatments available are usually far simpler than they realized!

If you’re considering doing something for yourself, whether it’s a beard transplant, liposuction, or laser therapy – I invite you to call my El Paso office to schedule a consultation. We’ll have a chance to sit and discuss what type of goals and expectations you have, and then go over your options available.

To make an appointment, you can contact the office of Dr. Frank Agullo by calling (915) 590-7900 or by filling out our online contact form

Get Ready for A Total Mommy Transformation

shutterstock_77729719Since having a baby, how many times have you looked at yourself in the mirror and just wished you could change things back to the way they used to be? Or to just improve one or two physical features so that you felt “good enough” to get back into that favorite pair or jeans or swimsuit?

Whether it’s getting a flatter stomach (and erasing some of that “baby belly”) or lifting your sagging breasts after nursing for months on end, you’re not alone. A lot of women come to my El Paso office just wanting to feel more confident in their bodies again after having children.

Not a One-Size-Fits-Most Treatment

Mommy Makeovers aren’t a one-size-fits-all procedure. Each one is a custom “package” that I put together to help women like you get what they need out of a customized cosmetic procedure. Whether it’s getting their hourglass figure back or erasing loose skin, we address it all.

Ultimately, we’re trying to help women feel better with their bodies after having children. That means addressing the way fat is distributed through their bodies, the contours that change in their abdomen and breasts, and stretching skin.

Everything’s Included

Liposuction Before and AfterWe’ll usually start at the top and work our way down, recreating that hourglass figure. With the breasts, some lifting or augmentation may be needed. Around the abdomen, I might recommend liposuction or a tummy tuck. Once we get to the hips and buttocks, many women enjoy a Brazilian Butt Lift – which can give you great curves and the round bottom that women spend months in a gym working toward.

During a Brazilian Butt Lift, I’m actually transferring fat from one portion of the body to another. We can do the same thing to increase a woman’s bust size if they do not want to undergo breast implant surgery! It’s an increasingly common procedure and there are no unwanted side effects.

The important part is that your Mommy Makeover addresses your primary concerns and is tailored to meet your expectations. I won’t recommend the same procedure on each woman, because everyone’s bodies are designed differently. That’s why it’s so important to find a skilled plastic surgeon who has experience with a wide variety of techniques, whether surgically or non-invasive.

Choosing the Right Doctor is Vital

Choosing the right plastic surgeon not only increases the success of your treatment, but also impacts your recovery time. In most cases, my patients need about 2 or 3 weeks to get back to normal after a full Mommy Makeover. In the meantime, it’s important to have help around the house when it comes to lifting or doing extensive housework. After that, it’s back to business as usual!

If you’re considering getting a Mommy Makeover, I highly advise you to set up a private consultation with me here at my El Paso facility. Be sure to bring photos of your ideal “look,” even if they’re from a magazine or pictures of you before you had children. Visuals are ideal when I’m working with women on designing the finished product. I’ll be happy to discuss what options are available to help you feel and look your best!

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Frank Agullo, you can contact his office by calling (915) 590-7900 or by filling out our online contact form

Liposuction and Male Breast Growth

shutterstock_268562606Gynecomastia is a condition that causes an unnatural enlargement of breast tissues in men. Obviously, this condition can result in embarrassment, emotional trauma, and even psychological harm to my patients – regardless of their age. Some forms of the condition can be seen in infants, adolescents, as well as the elderly.

Unfortunately, physiological male breast growth that is not caused by being overweight is usually seen in the early teen years, with about 50% of cases developing by age 14. The 1990s saw a 500% increase in specialist visits for this condition alone.

The Struggle is Real

The embarrassing nature of the condition can make it even more difficult for patients to reach out to their parents or doctor for help. If you’ve suffered from the condition for all of your adult life, you know how wearisome it can be.

Men suffering from abnormal breast growth may experience embarrassment during the simplest of activities – such as taking their shirt off for a dip at the pool, or wearing certain types of clothing in public. When you should be busy enjoying time spent with your friends and family, you may see your social life impaired or your personal network dwindling.

Treating Male Breast Enlargement

Liposuction is a straightforward and effective management tool for male breast growth. It is usually preferred in the mild to moderate phases of gynecomastia. Earlier intervention is key, as more progressive forms of breast growth may require complete resection and surgery of the breast.

Not only does liposuction reduce the size of the breast, but it also makes it possible for me to enhance the contour of the chest along the front and lateral surfaces. Choosing liposuction earlier can reduce the extensiveness of your procedure – giving you benefits much more quickly and reducing your recovery time.

With Liposuction, we are able to quickly and easily eliminate excessive fatty deposits throughout the body – including the breast tissues. This makes it an excellent option for my male patients suffering with gynecomastia. Plus, the results of the treatment are permanent.

If the breast gland is also enlarged, this can be removed through a small ¾ inch incision right at the margin of the areola.

Confidential Consultations

If you or your son is experiencing male breast growth, you deserve a board-certified plastic surgeon who can relate to the situation in a professional manner without causing additional embarrassment. My El Paso office provides confidential and friendly services to patients of all backgrounds and needs. Please call today to schedule an evaluation!

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Agullo, you may call (915) 590-7900 or fill out our online contact form.

The Benefits of Looking Your Best

Looking Your BestA familiar misconception is the idea that cosmetic surgery isn’t beneficial past the surface of the skin. But that’s not true! Investing in aesthetic treatments by a board-certified plastic surgeon can help you boost your confidence, improve your appearance, and change your lifestyle.

Not only that, but cosmetic treatments can also be beneficial to your health and well-being. Here are just a few examples:

Breast Reduction

It’s not uncommon for women with larger breasts to experience pain or discomfort in their back, shoulders, or neck. Reducing the size of the breasts to one that is lighter can improve posture, reduce spinal problems, and even make it easier to workout at the gym. Some women also experience frequent skin irritation or infection under their breast tissue, so a reduction makes it much easier to reduce the likelihood of these conditions.

Breast Augmentation

For women who experienced tuberous growths, or asymmetry to the point that it interferes with their posture, breast augmentation can create a healthy fit for your profile and reduce your risk of back pain.


Getting a “nose job” could actually help you breathe easier, due to correcting a deviated septum or other anatomical irregularities that reduce oxygen flow. Rhinoplasties offer straightforward results to my patients with obstructed nasal passages.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

If droopy eyelids (ptosis) interfere with your line of vision, a simple lift can improve your eyesight.
Suddenly you’ll see better again, without having to wear glasses!


A tummy tuck reduces the excess fat and skin along the waistline – decreasing your risk of diabetes, reduce certain types of incontinence, and relieve back pain as the muscular positions are corrected. Enjoy a flatter, more toned stomach that diet and exercise alone haven’t achieved.

Body Lift

After significant weight loss, reducing excess skin in the arms, lower body, thighs, or breasts can improve posture, reduce your risk of diabetes, and even reduce incontinence caused by stress. Say goodbye to the “waving” skin when you walk or raise your arm, and hello to tighter fitting clothes.


Liposuction can be used to reduce the amount a person sweats under their armpits – something that can interfere with everyday social relationships. The procedure can also bone completed using a laser. Liposuction is often used for men who need breast reduction due to excessive fatty tissues in their chest.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

After childbirth, many women experience scar tissues caused by tearing, looseness of the vaginal walls, or chafing because of naturally large labia. Plastic surgery can reshape and recontour the vaginal tissues for greater comfort in your favorite clothes (or with the person you love.) Through vaginal rejuvenation you can achieve your desired look.

Of course, the psychological benefits of plastic surgery are significant. Being able to overcome the embarrassment of specific anatomical irregularities can give my patients a new-found freedom that literally changes their life for the better. If you’ve been thinking about having some type of cosmetic procedure performed, and you just can’t justify it for looks alone – it’s time to look even deeper, and see how treatments can improve things other than just your appearance.

To learn more about your options in plastic surgery, you can make an appointment at the office of Dr. Agullo by calling (915) 590-7900 or filling out our online contact form.

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