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Restoring Sagging Breasts

March 15, 2016 | Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift

shutterstock_139607747Have you ever experienced that drooping feeling when you change your clothes? You look down and it although you hate to admit it, almost feel like as if you have a pair of saggy water balloons attached to your chest. A great bra may provide a temporary lift for a quick fix, but often the battle is truly apparent when you’d like to wear a little less. This descent of breast tissue is an unfortunate side effect of the natural aging process, but can also be caused by genetics, weight change, and having children.

But, you can take steps that will help your chest defy gravity. Having a Mastoplexy, or surgical breast lift, is an artful procedure to bring life back to breasts that are experiencing a number of problems created over time. Restoring the breasts can involve attention to sagging, unevenness, lowered volume, stretched areolas, and wilting of the nipples. Addressing these issues will bring back shape, size, and prominence to your breast tissue for a more youthful appearance.

Techniques Used for Breast Lifts

The three most commonly used methods of breast lift surgery are classified according to the way Dr. Agullo arranges the removal of excess skin and the incision methods associated with that technique. With each of these methods, it’s important to educate yourself about the specific plan for any breast rearrangement, and how it will impact your breast tissues.

Depending on your specific anatomical needs and preferences, you can choose between:

  • Traditional breast lift incisions
  • Vertical breast lift incisions
  • Circumareolar breast lift incisions

With the first method, traditional incisions border the outer edge of the nipple. Dr. Agullo begins with an incision near the bottom of the nipple line which extends to the lower fold of breast tissue, and an incision along the same fold. This method makes a kind of anchor shape, and may be also go by the name of “anchor lift” because of pattern that is left behind. This technique most benefits those individuals with extremely limp breasts.

For women with a moderate amount of sag, the vertical breast incision style is most appropriate. This process, like the last, brings the incision around the outside of the nipple area, then from there it extends to the fold of the lower breast tissue. It is often nicknamed the “lollipop technique” due to the pattern and shape of the incisions that are used.

And finally, breast lift incisions for the third type are often referred to as “donut” incisions. Circumareolar breast lifts are limited to the nipples, only affecting the tissues around the nipple’s outer edge. This operation is usually recommended for women with mild to moderate sagging. This process doesn’t rearrange a large amount of tissues within the breast, providing results that are a bit less intense.

Personalized Planning

Before and After Breast LiftBased on the extent of your excess tissue, sagging, and size of breasts, Dr. Agullo will decide which incision pattern will best provide you with the results you’re looking for. Combining a breast lift with another surgery, such as breast augmentation, may be recommended to reach the best possible outcome.

Before your procedure, we recommend that our patients look into before and after photos of breast lifts to get a better idea of the outcomes. This can help you achieve a better grasp on what type of results we can help you achieve. Remember to consider any scarring patterns, and preferably compare post-op pictures 2 years out from the initial surgery. Southwest Plastic Surgery has many before and after photos that you can compare during your consultation with Dr. Agullo. For mothers, we recommend waiting on your breast lift until after you are finished childbearing or breastfeeding, as pregnancy usually stretches breast tissue, and this could interfere with the finished appearance.

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