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2016 Plastic Surgery Trends

March 14, 2016 | Breast Reduction, Fat Transfer, Liposuction

shutterstock_207094993Cosmetic Culture

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that plastic surgery, from the minor to the major procedures, is becoming more of a social norm. The use of elective cosmetic procedures rose 20% last year. What’s surprising is the type of work people are getting done.

Natural Nip-tuck

As of last year, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s (ASAPS) annual report concluded there was a 7% growth in surgical procedures and a huge 22% growth in non-surgical procedures. This has a lot to do with trends. In the past, plastic surgery was more recognizable and obvious. Silicone implants were big and round, and facial work could leave you looking like a Cheshire cat. Today, the big trend is to get work done that doesn’t make you actually look like you’ve had work done.

Subtle adjustments are the trend right now. I often see patients in my office who want more natural-looking transformations; less is more.

Changing Demographics

The evolution of plastic surgery has brought us from the stereotypical young ladies wanting their nose done or older women yearning to rewind the clock. Now both women and men of all ages and backgrounds are searching for a way to work with what they’ve already got.

The Trend List

The number one most requested procedure for women is fat-transfer, where fat from an area of your body (your belly, for instance,) is moved to another (like your rear or your breasts). Reflecting this craving for more natural appearances, these types of procedures are rapidly growing as a trend.

Injectables, such as Botox for wrinkle prevention and Juvederm to plump around the face, were in second place. Butt lifts and implants were third, skin tightening methods fourth, tattoo removal fifth. Liposuction was in sixth place.

Expansion of Possibilities

The newest types of technology link makeup with surgery, giving women permanent, beautiful eyeliner, lip liner, and more. They are one of the biggest reasons there has been a big leap in cosmetic procedures. Many of these procedures have decreased in average cost over the years, which is yet another reason for their boost in popularity.

Motivation Makes a Difference

Like so many other things, just because you can have cosmetic procedures done, doesn’t mean you need to. There are times where I may not want to perform a plastic surgery procedure because I feel the patient will regret their decision.

I want to know what your motivation is, and if you feel you are being honest with yourself about what the procedure will address. Your procedure should be something to help, not mask, the situation. Some of the reasons when I might ask a patient to reconsider a procedure is if they are having it done due to pressure from friends or a significant other.

Cosmetic surgery isn’t a “quick fix.” Your life is the same as it was before the surgery. Someone who is depressed because of their appearance, may still find a reason to be troubled afterward, despite excellent surgical outcomes. But at the same time, plastic surgery can help you overcome barriers that get in the way of your self-confidence.

Before and After Breast ReductionI recommend plastic surgery for those who have significant personal reasons or barriers that they want to overcome. Those with an obvious physical issue that can be surgically repaired are usually the most pleased. A pattern can be seen with breast reductions, for example. So many women will say it is something they’ve wanted for years! It can make them feel so much more comfortable and confident.

It’s not magic, but it is a science that can improve your life!

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