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Using Internal Silk Bras to Enhance Mastopexies

January 05, 2015 | Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, Uncategorized

A beautiful woman from the waist up with her arms in the air in a red swimsuit top on a sky backgroundAlthough still a fairly new method used to improve the results of breast lifts and reductions, the SERI silk scaffold can give patients an extra level of perkiness that they would otherwise struggle to achieve. Some patients ask if adding the SERI sling will increase the life span of the breast lift.

That’s a great question! From what we have seen at Southwest Plastic Surgery in El Paso, there are very promising results. The mesh silk is an FDA-approved soft tissue support that is inserted internally. It then slowly absorbs into your body over the course of a year to eighteen to twenty-four months. After that time, a new layer of collagen will remain, which offers continued support.

Although SERI silk bras are not designed to prolong the life of the implants, it does assist in the healing process by strengthening the tissue. So in a way, it does have the ability to lengthen the life span of a breast lift. It also helps the breasts to facilitate a more appealing shape and implant position. It lowers the likeliness of needing a revision due to the breasts not having enough tissue to sustain the implants. This is especially true in middle aged women, who have less skin elasticity and tone.

Some things that tend to make breasts less apt to heal to the fully desired effect include: post-pregnancy, larger volume implants, dramatic weight loss or weight gain, and the type of implants used (silicone or saline). In essence the silk scaffold enhances the support, especially under these circumstances. Not every patient needs the SERI internal bra, but this is just another great tool that Dr. Agullo of Southwest Plastic Surgery can use for those patients who do need extra support and comfort.