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Why Women are Coming in the Thousands to Get Plastic Surgery “Down There”

February 29, 2016 | Labiaplasty

shutterstock_186218576Does it sound like something too crazy to be true? It isn’t! One of 2016’s hottest trends in cosmetic surgery is the vaginal makeover (otherwise

known as a labiaplasty.) What’s involved in the process? In summary, reshaping the labia minora (inner lips) so that they don’t extend outward past the labia major (outer lips.) Sometimes, vaginal tightening and fat injections to the labia mayora are added at the same time.

Over the past few years, the plastic surgery procedure has spiked by nearly 50% – and the trend seems to keep going up. In fact, I have women in my office ask me about it just about every single day. A few years ago, I would maybe have one woman ask about it each month.

The Reason Behind the Increase in Vaginal Makeovers

Women with enlarged labia minor often feel uncomfortable in bed, swimsuits, and even yoga pants. Although it’s normal for the inner lip tissues to range between 2 to 10cm, most women wish they were much shorter. Being able to have it adjusted can make them feel more desirable, as well as comfortable in the clothes that they wear.

The Trend in Pubic Hair

With more and more women getting Brazillian waxes, the labia minor are much more noticeable. As women keep their hair shorter “down there,” they may start to feel uncomfortable with the exposed anatomy that isn’t covered up by the hair any longer. Thus, they have a minor little one-hour procedure done to make them look nice and tidy, and keep their labia minora tucked underneath the labia major.

Problems with Enlarged Labia

What is the purpose of having two folds of labia? The inner folds protect the vaginal opening. However, they are also very sensitive, because they are made of mucosal tissues. For some women, this means they may have painful intercourse, frequent yeast infections, or conditions linked to their vulva.

Some women also find that because of athletic activities, enlarged labia minora can become irritated, sore, and chafed – such as while running or riding a bike.

Is a Vaginal Plastic Surgery Safe?

Surveys have shown that over 90% of women that had a labiaplasty felt more comfortable with the way they looked than they did before. Plus, there was no research to show that any of those women experienced complications over the long-term after their procedure.

For women to feel insecure about physical features such as their labia minora is reason enough to seek out the care of a plastic surgeon. The procedure can easily be completed here in my El Paso office with little more than local anesthetic. But we need to make sure that it’s for you, not because of someone else that you’re having it done.

If you’ve never sat eyes on images of the Great Wall of Vagina, I highly recommend it. The cast images of over 400 vulvas can make women see just how unique each and every one of their bodies are, and get ideas as to what they want to change about themselves.

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