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What You Need to Know About Getting a Bigger Butt

February 27, 2016 | Brazilian Butt Lift, Buttock Augmentation

shutterstock_233906878If you’ve seen the news, it won’t come as a surprise that women all over the world are investing thousands of dollars to get a tush just like Kim Kardashian’s. In Miami, one woman spent over $10,000 to have a rear that resembled that of the socialite star. Before that, she was doing 300 squats a day! Ultimately, a Brazilian Butt Lift was her only option to get the round rear she wanted – so she went the surgical route.

During the procedure, doctors took four pounds of fat from other parts of her body, and injected them into her butt to add the fullness that she couldn’t get through daily workouts.

The Surge in Butt Lifts

This woman isn’t alone. The look for perfect curves and an enlarged backside isn’t going away anytime soon. Larger butts are on the rise – the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery said that there was an 86% increase from 2013 to 2014 in women getting butt augmentation treatments. 2016 doesn’t appear to be any different.

Leaving it All Up to Exercise

If the 30-day squat challenge isn’t making a difference in the contour of your backside, you might be wondering why the hard work is even worth it. It’s perfectly safe to squat your way to the right shape, but some people’s natural anatomy just doesn’t get them where they want to.

To get your butt to really “pop,” you also need to have the right balance of food that you consume. While exercise can make your butt healthy and muscular, it won’t add volume unless you’re combining the right types of exercise and nutrient intake.

Squats, donkey kicks, and lunges are all great glute exercises that can tone and lift. But genetics can’t be left out. If you were born with a great shaped butt, you probably won’t have to work very hard to get it to where you want it to be. Everyone else can work hard to tone and lift, but the shape might not pop out the way they wish it would.

Finally Taking Action

For women that decide to get “something done about it,” a butt augmentation along with an implant is an excellent choice. We can transfer fat from other parts of the body and enhance the area with an implant to add the right shape and size to your rear right where you want it.

It’s not just about volume – it’s about the shape. Going bigger isn’t always better, that’s why I stress to my patients to bring in photos of what they want their final results to look like. This is probably one of the very best ways I can ensure that we have the same image in mind. Then, we shape and contour the buttocks for the polished, round, lifted look that they’re set on having.

Getting the Right Help

The relationship of shape to size is vital, so it’s important to find a plastic surgeon with extensive experience in butt augmentation. As with breasts, the shape and curvature are extremely important. Otherwise you can end up with results that are worse than you even started with. Only a board-certified plastic surgeon is up to the task.

Maintaining Results

Before and After Brazilian Butt LiftOnce you’ve got the butt of your dreams, the story isn’t over. It’s still important for you to maintain a healthy body with diet and exercise. If you get a Brazilian Butt Lift, about 30% of the fat we transfer will be absorbed by the body. The fat that’s left will begin functioning as if it were naturally from that area – so if you gain weight because of a sedentary lifestyle or poor diet choices, those fat cells will grow.

A healthy lifestyle, along with the right plastic surgeon can get you the exact Hollywood butt you’ve been working so hard toward. Call my El Paso office to find out how we can make it a reality!

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