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Achieving More Natural Breasts Using Gummy Bear Implants

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Achieving More Natural Breasts Using Gummy Bear Implants

Using Gummy Bear Implants to Give Breasts a Natural Appearance

gummy bear implantsAs if there weren’t enough strange terms for the plastic surgery industry, the term “gummy bear” implant has been introduced into the breast implant business. As enticing as they may sound, these are not breasts made of candy, but rather a term used for the shape of the new implants. They have an inner fill that withholds its shape, and feels firm to the touch, much like its namesake “Gummy Bear” the candy.

For breast augmentation, the gummy bear implants provide a natural feel and amazing shape, with fewer chances of rupture. Their textured surface areas are designed to decrease visible scars around the implants, which also makes them safer to use. The scarring is the reason for some women getting hard, deformed, or sore breasts due to breast capsule contracture. Some of the gummy bear implants are so much better and less likely for this to occur, that the manufacturers also offer a two-year warranty.

Imagine that! A warranty on breast implants.

Gummy bear implants offer a highly cohesive, solid makeup that, unlike liquidy silicone implants are designed to be more aesthetically pleasing. Their tear drop appearance is anatomically proportioned to look like a woman’s breast, offering a gentle slope that starts just above the upper part of the breast and gradually projects downward to the lower part, giving the breast a very “realistic” look. Most women who choose gummy bear implants like the way they look in clothes. Instead of looking fake, they look like real breasts.

Another benefit of the gummy bear implants is that they are easier to replace, when the time comes for them to be updated. No breast implants last forever, but the gummy bear implants are less likely to develop scar tissue. There are several different manufacturers of the gummy bear implant, including Sientra, Mentor MemoryShape or Allergan. Long term results for the gummy bear breast augmentations have been very favorable!

Surprisingly enough the gummy bear implants are not available at some plastic surgeons across the U.S. However, Agullo Plastic Surgery of El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM does offer gummy plant breast augmentations to its patients. We have had great success in installing these fine breast implants, so if you want a great choice in breast implants, come talk to Dr. Frank Agullo about getting gummy bears!

“Gummy Bear” Breast Implants: Are They Right for You?

a line of colorful gummy bearsForm stable cohesive gel breast implants – nicknamed and rapidly becoming known as “gummy bear” implants – are anatomically shaped implants designed to look and feel like the real thing.

Popular for years in Canada and Europe, these implants are made out of a special type of silicone gel that sticks together – similar to the consistency of a gummy bear.  This special material allows the implant to be molded to mirror a gently sloping breast shape, with more volume toward the bottom of the breast.  More importantly, this same gel also allows the implant to maintain its shape and stay in place once implanted, thereby reducing the wrinkling and rippling that can happen with traditional saline or silicone implants.

Best of all, the cohesiveness of this gel provides you with a safer alternative in breast implants.  Because the gel is form stable, it will not leak into surrounding cell tissues if the implant ruptures.  This stability also helps reduce the incidence of capsular contracture, a hardening of the breasts due to the buildup of scar tissue.  In an ongoing 10-year multi-center study with Natrelle (one of three companies who offer form stable cohesive gel implants), the 6-year risk rate of capsular contracture with Natrelle’s form stable cohesive gel implant was 4.6%, versus 14.8% with Natrelle’s traditional round silicone implants.

As with any surgery, success depends on many factors:  the physician’s level of experience, the quality of medical devices used and the patient’s medical condition and expectations, to name a few.  Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Agullo can work with you to help you attain the natural looking, fuller breasts that you desire.  You can schedule an appointment with him by calling Southwest Plastic Surgery at (915) 590-7900.  For more information on form stable cohesive gel breast implants, visit Natrelle’s website.

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