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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Recovering From Breast Augmentation?

December 05, 2022 | Breast Augmentation

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Many women incorrectly believe they can return to their normal activities and immediately show off their new breasts after breast augmentation. While recovery after breast enlargement surgery is still easier than many other plastic surgeries, the procedure still requires a recovery period, and some activities can harm this process, prolong recovery, create complications, and result in lackluster aesthetics. 

Woman lifting a free weight at the gym.

So, what should you do to ensure that your breast augmentation recovery is as smooth and complication-free as possible?

Mistakes to Avoid After Breast Augmentation

You should avoid the following until you are cleared to resume them by your plastic surgeon.

Exercising (Vigorously) Too Soon

Exercising and staying active are essential to a healthy lifestyle, and getting your blood circulating is beneficial to speeding your surgery recovery; however, too much too soon can be detrimental. 

Intense exercise (i.e., any activity that would break a sweat) should be avoided for approximately six weeks after your augmentation. This includes cardio, weight lifting (especially over the head), and advanced yoga positions that require stretching or placing weight on the upper body. 

Participating in these activities before you are ready can result in the incision separating (which worsens the scar and increases your risk of infection), as well as increased physical pain and prolonged recovery.

Instead, focus on easy movements that get the blood moving without overexerting yourself. This includes leisurely walks.  

You should even be wary about reaching for items (either on a top shelf or down on the ground) and pushing or pulling anything with force.

Lifting Anything Heavy

Much like exercising, heavy lifting can strain the incisions and chest muscles. This is especially important if you have your implants placed under the muscle. Lifting anything over a few pounds can be detrimental during the first few weeks of your recovery.

This includes lifting children, shopping bags, suitcases, and anything over five to 10 pounds.  

Wearing an Underwire Bra Before the Incisions Have Healed

It’s expected that you will want to rush out and purchase a new bra wardrobe after your surgery. Maybe you’re already eyeing a specific lace, underwire, push-up bra. While it is fun to finally go out and get the types of bras you’ve always wanted, you don’t want to rush into it too fast — and you definitely don’t want to jump into an underwire bra. 

Many women get implants through the inframammary incision (along the breast crease). This is the exact area where the underwire would hit and rub. This wire can disrupt the healing incisions, increasing the chances of infection and prolonging recovery. 

It is often recommended to wait a few months after your augmentation to wear underwire bras. Fortunately, this is also about the time it takes for your implants to settle or “drop and fluff,” so you should have a pretty good idea of what your final results will look and feel like.

Not Wearing Your Compression Garment as Needed

You are required to wear a compression garment after nearly every plastic surgery procedure, breast augmentation included. This garment is worn for a reason. Not only does it protect the incisions and help reduce swelling, but it also keeps the implants where they should be while healing. 

Smoking Right After Your Surgery

Smoking is dangerous in the weeks before and after your surgery. Smoking limits blood flow, which is essential to a safe and successful recovery. In fact, even one cigarette right after your surgery can have negative consequences. 

Avoid all smoking, nicotine, and marijuana use for several weeks following your surgery.

Not Listening to Your Surgeon’s Post-Op Instructions

Your plastic surgeon has your best interests at heart. They are not going to advise you to avoid certain activities unless there is a medical reason to do so. 

Many post-surgical complications arise because the patient didn’t listen to recovery instructions. 

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