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The “Skinny” on Thigh Gaps Performed With Liposuction

September 12, 2014 | Fat Reduction, Liposuction, Uncategorized

There is a new trend in plastic surgery, and whether it was started by a Hollywood celebrity – or simply because of magazine techniques that make models appear more perfect than they really are – well this is still a mystery. Regardless of whether it was a good graphic designer or a famous actress who wanted bodacious legs, the fact is, now thigh gap surgery has become a hot trend in cosmetic surgery.

What Is Thigh Gap Surgery?An attractive blonde woman in jeans and a sweater

There is a space between a woman’s inner thighs that highlights her slender form, making her legs appear slender and lean. This perfection is very difficult to achieve through diet and exercise, mainly because women often carry a lot of their extra fat stores on their buttocks, hips and thighs. Both inner and outer thighs have cellulite, unless a woman can maintain a relatively low body fat percentage.

It is rumored that thigh gap surgery first hit the industry as a buzzword back in 2012, when those gorgeous Victoria’s Secret Angels first sauntered down the runway of their annual fashion show. They are all-too-glamorous and many women strive to achieve the same perfection with an evenly spaced two inch gap between the thighs. Even with frequent workouts, this is very difficult to do.

If your thighs do not rub together when you walk, then truly you have a blessed physique! Many women have opted for thigh gap surgery in the Southwest, which Southwest Plastic Surgery does with liposuction.

Body Contouring and Thigh Lifts

Aside from the technique used to achieve the two inch desired “gap” in between a woman’s inner thighs, Dr. Agullo can enhance contours of both the inner and outer thigh with a special tool. Using a detailed 3D Vectra System, patients can see what their legs will look like after the procedure is done, even before going through with it.

Some of the benefits of leg contouring techniques include:

•    Better self-esteem and self-body image
•    Smoothens cellulite dimples for a firmer appearance
•    Improves skin elasticity by decreasing excess skin
•    Reduction of excess tissue and fat stores along the inner and outer thighs
•    Improves the leg contours along the outer & inner thighs
•    Gives a woman more pleasing, “leggy” shape to wear short skirts or bathing suits

Contact Southwest Plastic Surgery if you have questions about anybody contouring services, or specifically thigh gap surgery. Dr. Agullo will personally meet with you to discuss whether this is right for you.  (915) 590-7900