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What Age Should You Get a Facelift?

January 21, 2015 | Anti-Aging, Facelift

A lot of patients who come in to Southwest Plastic Surgery ask how young (or old) you need to be to get a facelift. These days, “40 is the new 30” and more people want to look younger, and with less effort. Dr. Frank Agullo is our board-certified plastic surgeon and does amazing transformations, yet with so many non-invasive cosmetic procedures on the market today, his answer may surprise you.smiling_woman

Very often, Dr. Frank Agullo may recommend waiting to undergo facelift plastic surgery until a patient creeps over the middle age mark, rather than doing it at a younger age of 40 or less.
Facelifts used to be one of the Top 5 cosmetic procedures in the United States, but they are no longer on the Top 5 list.

Now there are new opportunities for people in the 40-ish crowd. Nonsurgical options such as injectables, Dermaglow LED therapy, chemical peels, Ultherapy and microdermabrasion make it possible to achieve a youthful appearance without the need for surgery. Many of these newer methods represent the most cutting-edge of cosmetic enhancements, with a remarkable ability to remove fine lines, sun spots, acne scars and to fill in the facial imperfections. Although not always a permanent solution, the effects do last a long time, meaning a patient can now wait longer to undergo facelift surgery.

However, if a patient does experience sagging skin, double chin or baggy eyelids that are often part of the aging process, they may find that getting a facelift is the best solution. There is no right or wrong age to get a facelift, but it really depends on a patient’s overall health, desired results, and how extensive they want the transformation to be.

If you want to find out whether you are a good candidate for a facelift, or possibly for one of the numerous non-invasive procedures now available, it is best to seek a consultation with Dr. Agullo. He will give you his most honest, forthright perspective and show you the outcome on a revolutionary 3D Vectra Imaging System, which will give you confidence that you are making the right decision. Schedule a free consultation today.