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What’s Behind the New Plastic Surgery Craze?

January 20, 2016 | Labiaplasty

shutterstock_124004644Although everyone has a different view of the level of “attractiveness” that a vagina should have, vaginal plastic surgery (labiaplasties) are seeing a huge surge here in the US and Europe.

Labiaplasties involve shortening the length of extended labia minora of the female vagina. Some women have naturally long inner labia, while others see the tissues become longer with age or after childbirth.

But why have it done at all?

Athletic Lifestyles

Surveys show that approximately 50% of women getting vaginal plastic surgery are doing it because of athletic reasons. Women are biking and running more, but extended tissues can cause chafing, uncomfortable soreness, or not even fit into clothes the right way.

It’s not always just about looking good in your clothes, it’s about feeling comfortable in them while you’re busy with your day to day physical activities.


Many women find that the extended vaginal tissues never bounce back after childbirth. This can lead to discomfort during intercourse, wearing your favorite workout shorts, or cause embarrassment in social settings (like yoga class or in the locker room.)


Some women are simply too embarrassed about the way their personal areas appear to have an intimate relationship. They learn early on that their bodies are different than what their partner might expect, and try to do their best to keep it hidden. While perceptions or body-image can impact our confidence, some women really do need to make a few minor corrections to achieve the balance and symmetry that they’re looking for.

We’ve seen a huge increase in labiaplasties both here in the US and in other countries. What used to be a few procedures per year has turned into dozens each month. Why the big surge? Possibly because women have been living with the discomfort or embarrassment and are just now realizing that something can be done about it.

What to Expect

Each time I perform a labiaplasty, I tell my patients that it takes about an hour to complete. All we need is local anesthesia with mild sedation, so there’s no need to have to go to an off site surgical facility – everything is done right here in my office while you’re awake. I simply numb the area and then trim away the excessive tissues until the inner labia are tucked nicely behind the outer labia.

Most women experience little discomfort following the procedure, and can go about their normal schedule the next day. I do, however, recommend avoiding extensive exercise for two weeks and intercourse until healing is complete, which is about 6 months.

One thing I want women to understand is that they do not need to feel embarrassed about coming in for a labiaplasty consultation. As with any plastic surgery, labiaplasties are a private procedure and we carefully consider the patient’s primary concerns in regard to the outcome of the treatment. Our job is to simply help you feel more comfortable and confident in the body that nature gave you!

What If I Need More Than a Labiaplasty

During your consultation, I will examine you and recommend a full treatment plan. During this discussion, I will highlight some of the procedures that can be performed at the same time as a labiaplasty to give you an optimal result. Although most of my patients come in for a simple labiaplasty procedure, they could benefit from clitoral hood reduction, vaginal tightening, liposuction of the mons, and/or fat injections to the labia mayora.

Whether you want to be a better athlete or simply boost your confidence, having a labiaplasty may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Call my office in El Paso today to schedule a consultation!

To learn more about labiaplasty and your options, contact the office of Dr. Frank Agullo by calling (915) 590-7900 or filling out an online contact form.