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Why You Should Consider a Brow Lift

April 17, 2018 | Brow Lift

Pretty girl with black hair big eyes thick eyebrows and naked shouldersWhen you look at yourself in the mirror, do you notice that your brow line has become creased? Is your forehead covered in wrinkles? Do your droopy eyelids make you seem tired or sad? Sun exposure, smoking, genetics, and aging can change the appearance of your brow line, which ultimately affects your overall facial balance. Looking old and tired is no one’s goal, but luckily, there are solutions available to help restore your naturally youthful appearance. Dr. Agullo can perform a brow lift to lift your brows, smooth out your skin, and leave you looking rejuvenated and refreshed!

What Can a Brow Lift Address?

A brow lift is focused on the upper half of the face. The procedure will widen your upper eyelids, smooth out forehead creases, and reposition your eyebrows higher on the face to avoid drooping. All of these changes will refresh the tired and worn appearance on your face, which will leave you feeling younger and more vibrant than ever.

What to Expect

There are numerous techniques that Dr. Agullo uses during a brow lift procedure. When you meet with him for a pre-surgery consultation, he will examine your facial structure and discuss your treatment goals. He will determine which technique will benefit you the most and go over what you can expect during your procedure.

Temporal Brow Lift

This technique focuses more on your brow line and its contour and is often done as part of a facelift procedure. It’s also known as brow reshaping or browplasty. The resulting pull is up and out, which most patients feel is more natural and youthful than other techniques. This is Dr. Agullo’s preferred technique.

Endoscopic Brow Lift/Forehead Lift

This is a minimally invasive procedure. Dr. Agullo uses a camera inserted under your skin. It means smaller incisions, less scarring, and a quicker recovery.

Periorbital Rejuvenation

Dr. Agullo will raise the eyebrows making your brow line look less furrowed and more relaxed.

Coronal Brow Lift

With this technique, Dr. Agullo focuses on elevating your drooping eyebrow. Your incision will be made behind your hairline, from ear to ear.

Direct Brow Lift

This procedure will adjust your eyebrows when misalignment has developed due to aging. Dr. Agullo will move the position of the eyelids higher.

Regardless of the technique used, Dr. Agullo’s patients report feeling happier and more confident in their appearance following their surgeries.

A Combination of Procedures

Brow lift surgery does not have to be done in isolation. If you’re looking to truly freshen up your appearance, Dr. Agullo is skilled at combining procedures to give you the best possible results. Done in tandem with procedures such as neck lift, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, or others, a brow lift can dramatically improve your facial appearance.

For more information about which brow lift procedure may be most appropriate for you, schedule your consultation with Dr. Agullo by calling our office at 915-590-7900.You can watch Dr. WorldWide perform the brow lift procedure and more! Follow Dr. Frank Agullo, aka “Dr. WorldWide,” on Snapchat under the username RealDrWorldWide.