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Are Silicone Implants Better Than Saline for MTF Top Surgery?

January 14, 2020 | Male to Female Transgender Top Surgery

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Top surgery is often the first aesthetic procedure that transgender women undergo during their sexual reassignment journey, and the benefits of it are extensive.

This procedure—just like facial feminization, liposuction, or the Brazilian Butt Lift—enhances feminine-looking curves allowing your external image to match how you feel internally.

What Are My Top Surgery Implant Options?

Some transgender women are surprised to hear that top surgery is not vastly different than breast augmentation.

Therefore, you have a choice between saline and silicone implants.

While many transgender women can achieve desirable breasts with saline implants, they are not the best option for every patient.

Both saline and silicone implants provide optimal volume for MTF top surgery.

Both saline and silicone implants provide optimal volume for MTF top surgery.

The ridges of saline implants tend to be more visible in women with a lesser degree of natural breast tissue, and most transgender women do not have much tissue—even if they have already undergone hormone therapy. Saline implants are also more prone to rippling.

Silicone implants come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes—including larger options—and their thicker consistency is similar to natural breast tissue.

Can I Enhance My Breasts Without Implants?

Developing female breasts is at the top of many transgender women’s wish lists.

Many women choose the reliability and safety of breast implants, but others choose alternative augmenting options.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone therapy increases your estrogen levels, which can cause the development of natural breast tissue.

While not unsafe, hormone therapy alone cannot achieve the same level of volume enhancement as breast implants.

Silicone Injections

Silicone injections are a dangerous and potentially fatal technique offered by untrained and unlicensed practitioners—commonly referred to as “pumpers.”

Pumping is the practice of injecting loose silicone into the breast area to create volume. Even though this is silicone, it is not the same silicone that is used in FDA-approved silicone implants.

Many pumpers do not have access to medical-grade silicone, and the silicone you are getting may not be different than the silicone used in caulking and other home improvements.

Loose silicone injections may give the illusion of breast volume initially; however, this volume is nothing more than swelling, and once the swelling dissipates, you may be left with hard and painful lumps or bumps.

Loose silicone injections can be dispersed throughout the body and can lead to complications like a heart attack or stroke.

Do I Qualify for MTF Top Surgery?

Male to female transgender top surgery affects your emotional wellbeing just as much as it alters your physique.

For many transgender patients, there will never be a better feeling than achieving the balance between your internal and external image. And while these procedures are beneficial, they are serious decisions.

An initial consultation will help determine if you are a good candidate. In young patients, we may require written clearance from a gender therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or family doctor that says you are emotionally prepared for this transformation.

Are You Interested in Learning More About MTF Top Surgery in El Paso, TX?

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