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Reasons to Revise Your Breast Augmentation

March 07, 2016 | Breast Augmentation, Breast Augmentation Revision

Breast Augmentation RevisionBreast augmentation surgery is one of the most common and routine plastic surgery procedures performed in the U.S. With newer implant technologies and better techniques, more and more women are able to receive the breast enhancement they desire. However, your breast augmentation may not have yielded the results you envisioned. A breast augmentation revision is performed to provide women with the breasts they wished for from their first breast augmentation. There is a wide range of reasons why women may choose to have their breast augmentation revised.

Breasts That Are Too Large or Too Small

Breast Augmentation Before and After PhotosOne of the most common reasons women choose to revise their breast augmentation is because it didn’t result in the breast size they wanted. For some women, the implants they chose resulted in breasts that were too large. Either they were disproportionately sized for her body, or they were too heavy and cumbersome. More often, women feel that their breast augmentation didn’t achieve as much volume as they were expecting. They may have felt that their breasts were still too small and didn’t provide the curves and enhancement they envisioned.

Implants that are too large or too small can be removed, and more appropriately sized implants can be inserted in their place. Women who decrease the size of their implants may require a minor removal of excess breast tissue to help achieve better results.

Implant Rupture or Leak

While implants are made to be very durable, trauma to the implant or a natural defect can occasionally cause ruptures or leaks. Rupture of a saline implant is more immediately noticeable; the breast will appear deflated due to the harmless saline solution leaking out of the implant. Contrarily, silicone implants require an MRI to detect implant leaks.

Implant Displacement

Over time, breast implants can rotate within their created pockets. In some cases, the breast tissue becomes too weak to support the implants, and they begin to move out of the breast pocket. In these cases, revision surgery will reposition the implant. Occasionally, heavy implants can be replaced with smaller, lighter ones, and a minor breast lift can be performed.

Symmastia, or the inward lateral movement of the breast implants, contributes to the appearance of a singular breast. Correcting symmastia creates better breast definition and enhances cleavage.

Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture occurs when the natural shell formation around the breast implant begins to contract and squeeze the implant. This can be painful and can cause the breasts to look and feel hard. A surgical procedure is used to release the hardened capsule, and in some cases, all the scar tissue will be removed.

Other Reasons

Other health risks and complications can lead to the need for a breast augmentation revision. These reasons may pose health risks that need to be addressed. However, many reasons involve improving the aesthetic appearance of the breast. No matter your personal reasons for choosing a breast augmentation revision, the procedure can dramatically improve your breast appearance.

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