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The Next Generation of Breast Implants Will Blow Your Mind

May 22, 2015 | Breast Augmentation, New Technologies, Vectra 3D

newWell, now that we have your attention…

A lot of women who have considered getting breast implants and breast augmentations worry about how they will look. Some breast implants look obviously “fake” after the surgery, but to any women who has small breasts or who has suffered from a mastectomy, this has been the only alternative.

Science continues to impress us with new innovations, and the latest one to hit the plastic surgery industry is a new breast implant called Inspira® by Natrelle. Although still crafted with silicone, the Inspira® breast implants offer a totally customized shaping that gracefully enhances a woman’s bust area, making it hard to tell if they are real. Their slogan is, “Shape that Holds. Satisfaction that Lasts.” This is telling about what a woman can expect with this fifth-generation, silicone breast implant. Already a hit in countries like Australia, the Inspira® silicone gel implants will make their way to many of the best plastic surgery centers across the U.S., including Agullo Plastic Surgery of El Paso, TX.

What Makes Natrelle Inspira® Different?

There are multiple choices with Inspira, which maintains its shape better over time giving women less likeliness of wrinkling, dimpling or ripples.

Inspira® also features five different projection volumes, which Dr. Agullo can help you to determine the best choice, based on your current breast size and base width. Your breasts will look larger with a higher projection. You’ll have Extra Full, Full, Moderate, Low Plus or Low to choose from, which gives you the most natural result!

Dr. Agullo can use the Vectra 3D system during your consultation so that you can visualize your breast augmentation results with different implant types, sizes, and profiles.

One in three women are unsatisfied with their breasts, so if you’re in that category and want to consider breast augmentation, come to see Dr. Frank Agullo at Southwest Plastic Surgery in El Paso or Las Cruces and try Inspira® when it officially hits the U.S. market – May 30th!