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Types of Breast Implants

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Types of Breast Implants

Types of Breast ImplantsPrior to your breast augmentation, the type and size of breast implants that you choose is a careful decision that you and your surgeon will make. Dr. Agullo will guide you through this process, taking into account your current and desired breast size. During a consultation, you will try on different “sizer”’ to help you visualize the augmentation. He will also use the Vectra 3D system, so that so that you can see your results with different sizes of implants prior to undergoing the procedure.

Dr. Agullo will help you choose the type of breast implant during your consultation. Some patients would have made their decision prior to consultation based on their research, friends’ recommendations, or preconceived ideas. Dr. Agullo will listen to your needs, requests, and concerns and will address each of these things to help you determine the size and type of breast implants that will be the best fit for you.

The two main types of implants are silicone and saline.

  • Silicone Implants: Silicone implants feel and move just like natural breasts because of the elastic gel of the silicone. They are lighter than the same sized saline implants, often resulting in a more natural silhouette. Silicone implants have a lesser risk of rupture and rippling. They are the only type of implants that can be placed over the muscle. Dr. Agullo offers implants from all three of the main manufacturers: Mentor Memory Gel, Allergan Natrelle, and Sientra.
  • Saline Implants: Saline implants are filled with a sterile saltwater solution. The volume can be adjusted to the desired size during surgery; this is an advantage in case of breast asymmetry. One of the benefits of saline is that in case they leak, the water will be naturally absorbed by the body. Another obvious benefit is that they are much less costly, and the incisions are slightly smaller. Saline implants must be placed under the muscle. Breast augmentation with saline implants often results in a markedly round and firm appearance. A substantial disadvantage is that they often result in palpable or visual rippling and require replacement about every ten years due to leakage.

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See Your Breast Augmentation Results BEFORE Surgery!

Vectra 3D ImagingTechnology has become more advanced with breast augmentation equipment that now gives patients a glimpse of what their breasts will look like after surgery. The Vectra 3D imaging system allows patients to visualize the results of using different implants. In other words, now you can see what you will look like beforehand to further solidify your decision

Southwest Plastic Surgery offers the Vectra 3D Imaging system, which will allow you to see your breast augmentation results before surgery.

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Vectra 3D Imaging


The Next Generation of Breast Implants Will Blow Your Mind

newWell, now that we have your attention…

A lot of women who have considered getting breast implants and breast augmentations worry about how they will look. Some breast implants look obviously “fake” after the surgery, but to any women who has small breasts or who has suffered from a mastectomy, this has been the only alternative.

Science continues to impress us with new innovations, and the latest one to hit the plastic surgery industry is a new breast implant called Inspira® by Natrelle. Although still crafted with silicone, the Inspira® breast implants offer a totally customized shaping that gracefully enhances a woman’s bust area, making it hard to tell if they are real. Their slogan is, “Shape that Holds. Satisfaction that Lasts.” This is telling about what a woman can expect with this fifth-generation, silicone breast implant. Already a hit in countries like Australia, the Inspira® silicone gel implants will make their way to many of the best plastic surgery centers across the U.S., including Agullo Plastic Surgery of El Paso, TX.

What Makes Natrelle Inspira® Different?

There are multiple choices with Inspira, which maintains its shape better over time giving women less likeliness of wrinkling, dimpling or ripples.

Inspira® also features five different projection volumes, which Dr. Agullo can help you to determine the best choice, based on your current breast size and base width. Your breasts will look larger with a higher projection. You’ll have Extra Full, Full, Moderate, Low Plus or Low to choose from, which gives you the most natural result!

Dr. Agullo can use the Vectra 3D system during your consultation so that you can visualize your breast augmentation results with different implant types, sizes, and profiles.

One in three women are unsatisfied with their breasts, so if you’re in that category and want to consider breast augmentation, come to see Dr. Frank Agullo at Southwest Plastic Surgery in El Paso or Las Cruces and try Inspira® when it officially hits the U.S. market – May 30th!

Keeping Abreast of Current Breast Augmentation Trends: Subtle Enhancement

While breast augmentation is still the most popular plastic surgery procedure performed annually, more and more women are opting for a more subtle approach to increase their breast size or minimize the effects of aging and gravity.

An article in Marie Claire magazine’s January issue highlights some of the new thinking when it comes to breast augmentation, specifically fat transfer or injection rather than full-blown implants.

Whether they are still not quite comfortable with the stigma attached to breast augmentation or squeamish about the surgical aspects of implants, more and more women are choosing another 100% natural product signoption to enhance themselves pectorally: It’s called liposuction and then fat injection, a type of biological recycling, if you will.

“Medical procedures, science and technology have all improved and advanced at such a dizzying pace, especially over the last five years, that many women, and even some professionals in the field
of plastic surgery aren’t fully aware of all the various options and choices available when it comes to breast augmentation,” said Dr. Frank Agullo, board-certified plastic surgeon at El Paso Cosmetic Surgery.

For women who have some extra baggage in their love handles or saddle bags, it can be removed via liposuction and then either injected into their breasts or processed. There are many advantages to this process including no scarring, more natural-feeling breasts, and the only people who will ever know any work was done are the ones the women who undergo procedure choose to tell. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that in most cases, when women who had the procedure gain weight, the weight usually settles into the chest area.

That’s not to say there are no disadvantages to consider. The procedure requires just as much recovery time as typical breast implant surgery due to lingering soreness from the liposuction. Also, it costs about $1,000 more on average for less volume (in terms of breast size increase).

Dr. Agullo’s team can help any potential client or patient comprehensively evaluate and judge which procedure would best suit their specific desires and surgical or procedural needs.

According to an article posted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery last March (, only about 50 to 60 percent of the fat, which equals about a half to a full cup size, remains permanent after six months.  The rest of the fat is metabolized by the body and the procedure can take up to six times as long as the standard 30-minute implant surgery.

There are other new developments and innovations to consider as well.

Yes, there’s an App for that

Dr. Agullo’s team offers Vectra 3-D Imaging Devices, which can inflate a woman’s chest photographically, so she can see what she will look like after the procedure. Or, if you wonder what will be the most flattering proportion for you, there’s an app for that. A computerized program that uses chest dimensions and nipple spacing can calculate a woman’s perfect cup size and most perfect silhouette.

There is also a gummy-bear type of silicone filling and teardrop-shaped implants that helps prevent the look of bulging on top of breasts and ensures a graceful slope to the upper part of the breast that looks natural compared to a more fake-appearing upper bulge.

Using the VECTRA® 3D System for Breast Augmentation

If you have ever wondered about getting breast augmentation, implants or reduction, but are fearful of whether you would like the way it looks after surgery, then fear not! Through the marvel of new technology, Southwest Plastic Surgery of El Paso, TX uses an innovative Vectra 3D system to show patients exactly what their breasts will look like “after” their breasts fully heal!VECTRA 3D

See the “After” Pictures “Before” Breast Surgery

The Vectra 3D system is part of our consultation process and is used to help you determine whether breast augmentation is right for you. It can also be used to show you different sizes, so that you can decide whether you want a “Big C” or “Small D” cup, for example. Everyone’s body type and shape is unique, so a woman who is petite might look rather extreme if she goes through a breast augmentation that is too large to meet the size proportions of her build. However, a woman with a curvy, voluptuous physique might prefer getting breast implants that complement her proportions accordingly.

How Does the VECTRA® 3D Work?

The Vectra 3D image and simulation machine illustrates your prospective outcome on a computer monitor. The results can also be printed, so that you can take home the pictures to think about the decision of whether to go through breast augmentation or not. The Vectra 3D system has an amazing accuracy ratio of 100% and has helped hundreds of patients to decide the best cosmetic procedures even before going through them. They are very useful in the decision process because of their visual interpretation, even more so than wearing a bra with the desired implant sizes.

Come try the Vectra 3D technology for yourself and visualize a breast augmentation at Southwest Plastic Surgery today! You never know until you see it in person, so set up an appointment today with Dr. Frank Agullo.  

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