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Follow Dr. Agullo on Snapchat!

snapcodenewThanks to social media, Dr. Frank Agullo has taken Southwest Plastic Surgery to an entirely new level. Now, you can follow us on the popular app, Snapchat. Under the screen name “DrWorldWide,” our followers can see exclusive clips and behind-the-scenes shots of some of his most popular plastic surgery procedures.

A First Hand View

If you’ve ever wanted to see what happens during a real surgery, now’s your chance. Plus, you can even ask questions to Dr. Agullo, directly. There’s a good chance he’ll answer you during an actual procedure, showing you first-hand the techniques and methodologies that he uses in our El Paso office.

Dr. Agullo’s Snapchat channel is perfect for people who are interested in what plastic surgery has to offer and for those who are genuinely curious about witnessing real life transformations.

See Makeovers in a New Light

Snapchat takes our patient-doctor connection to an entirely new level. It’s almost like being a bystander in our office without having to leave your seat (or be a member of the staff!) Plus, our patients are thrilled to share their experiences with the thousands of people that follow Dr. Agullo.

You can also meet our team members, learn more about the technology that we use to treat our patients, and see what we do for fun! It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with Dr. Agullo and the services that he has to offer – whether or not you’re ever planning to have a procedure done in the future.

Find Out What Everyone’s Talking About

If you’re already following us on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram – be sure to add “DrAgullo” on Snapchat today for even more behind the scenes shots of your favorite patient transformations and surgeries.

Happy snapping!

Cellfina: The Long Lasting Cellulite Treatment

Harper's Bazaar

Getting rid of cellulite has been a task full of empty promises or only temporary results. Now there’s an easy and proven way to get rid of your cellulite, and it’s called Cellfina.

Cellfina is an FDA cleared cellulite treatment that is minimally invasive. There’s no need for extensive surgery or general anesthesia during the process. In fact, all we do is numb the area and treat it, and you can go about your business as usual!

With no downtime and no invasive surgery, Cellfina is a great way to boost your self-esteem and improve your appearance in that new bathing suit.

Cellulite Treatment Before and After Photos

Is Cellfina Right for Me?

If you’re looking for an alternative to other types of cellulite treatments, then it’s worth asking us if Cellfina is right for you. We recommend Cellfina for people who want to smooth and define areas of dimpled tissues when diet and exercise haven’t quite done the trick. Cellfina is perfect for areas like the tummy, thighs, and buttocks.

Cellfina is a great option for people who:

  • Have Busy Lifestyles
  • Want a Minimally Invasive Cellulite Alternative
  • Choose to Avoid Conventional Surgery
  • Are Nervous About Cellulite Treatment

We’re sure that you’ll love the short procedure and fast recovery time! Most of our patients complete their Cellfina procedure in about an hour, right here at The Med Spa at Southwest Plastic Surgery.

How it Works

First, we pinpoint the areas of cellulite that we want to address. Then a smooth suction device raises the dimpled area for treatment. A mild numbing agent is applied to prevent any discomfort during the process. Once the Cellfina treatment is complete, you can go right back to whatever else is on your schedule for the day. Whether it’s heading back to the office, a PTO meeting, or running errands.

The Cellfina process erases the appearance of dimpling by targeting the rigid fibers that extend through the fatty cellulite tissues. As these tight fibers are released, the tissues become less stippled and smoother over the surface, erasing the appearance of cellulite.

Cellfina is unique, in that the results from the procedure are typically seen within the first three days. Gradually, you’ll see the areas of dimpling begin to appear smoother and more even with your surrounding skin. In fact, most of our patients continue to see continued improvement over the course of about three months.

Results That Last

As a minimally invasive procedure, you might not expect results to last very long – but you would be wrong. In over 100% of clinical trials, Cellfina results lasted for over one year, but most treatments have lasted for as long as two years!

Why Choose Cellfina?

Cellfina is the only procedure to effectively treat cellulite for long-term results. Other more invasive treatments such as Cellulaze have provided inconsistent results. Less invasive treatments have only been able to provide temporary results.

After Cellfina treatment, you’ll have the confidence to wear those shorter jogging shorts, a swimsuit at the pool, or just feel better in your favorite clothes. Plus, you’ll be able to avoid invasive, lengthier surgeries that offer similar results.

If you’re a busy professional, mother, or have an out of town trip planned – then Cellfina is a perfect way to boost your confidence without more invasive traditional treatment. Our patients love how Cellfina can help them get the boost of self-confidence that they really deserve.

Dr. Frank Agullo at Southwest Plastic Surgery.

It’s important that you choose only a Cellfina certified doctor to complete your procedure. Dr. Agullo at Southwest Surgery Center in El Paso provides the cellulite treatment alternative right here in our office. Whether you’re in West Texas, Northern Mexico or New Mexico, our convenient location makes it easy to work the fast cellulite treatment into your week!

Dr. Agullo has been voted one of the Best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons (Plastic Surgery Practice magazine,) as well as a Rising Star Superdoctor (Texas Monthly.) His eye for detail and attentive patient care make your trip to The Med Spa at Southwest Plastic Surgery one that is as relaxing as possible.

Stop trying to hide your cellulite when you could erase it by this weekend with Cellfina. Call Southwest Plastic Surgery today to schedule a no-pressure consultation with Dr. Frank Agullo right away!

To schedule your consultation with Dr. Frank Agullo, contact Southwest Plastic Surgery today. Call our El Paso, TX office at 915-590-7900 or our Las Cruces, NM office at 575-520-5041, or fill out our online contact form for more information.

The Next Generation of Breast Implants Will Blow Your Mind

newWell, now that we have your attention…

A lot of women who have considered getting breast implants and breast augmentations worry about how they will look. Some breast implants look obviously “fake” after the surgery, but to any women who has small breasts or who has suffered from a mastectomy, this has been the only alternative.

Science continues to impress us with new innovations, and the latest one to hit the plastic surgery industry is a new breast implant called Inspira® by Natrelle. Although still crafted with silicone, the Inspira® breast implants offer a totally customized shaping that gracefully enhances a woman’s bust area, making it hard to tell if they are real. Their slogan is, “Shape that Holds. Satisfaction that Lasts.” This is telling about what a woman can expect with this fifth-generation, silicone breast implant. Already a hit in countries like Australia, the Inspira® silicone gel implants will make their way to many of the best plastic surgery centers across the U.S., including Agullo Plastic Surgery of El Paso, TX.

What Makes Natrelle Inspira® Different?

There are multiple choices with Inspira, which maintains its shape better over time giving women less likeliness of wrinkling, dimpling or ripples.

Inspira® also features five different projection volumes, which Dr. Agullo can help you to determine the best choice, based on your current breast size and base width. Your breasts will look larger with a higher projection. You’ll have Extra Full, Full, Moderate, Low Plus or Low to choose from, which gives you the most natural result!

Dr. Agullo can use the Vectra 3D system during your consultation so that you can visualize your breast augmentation results with different implant types, sizes, and profiles.

One in three women are unsatisfied with their breasts, so if you’re in that category and want to consider breast augmentation, come to see Dr. Frank Agullo at Southwest Plastic Surgery in El Paso or Las Cruces and try Inspira® when it officially hits the U.S. market – May 30th!

The Fountain of Youth in a BroadBand Light

road sign- fountain of youth, next exitInterested in turning back the hands of time?  Now you can, thanks to Sciton’s Forever Young BroadBand (BBL) light therapy.

Forever Young BBL’s non-invasive, advanced light therapy technology allows precise application of various light wavelengths that penetrate the skin down to the molecular level, rejuvenating skin tissue and altering the gene expression.  The result?  With regular treatments, BBL light therapy can actually delay the aging process.

 How Does BroadBand Light Therapy Work?

BroadBand Light therapy uses a dual-lamp device that is lightly placed on the skin’s surface, delivering pulses of bright light that sinks into the skin’s tissue (goggles are provided to protect the eyes).  The heat from the light energy stimulates skin cells to create collagen and elastin, improving its tone and texture.  This device contains a cooling mechanism that will keep you comfortable during the treatment.

 What Conditions Can Be Treated With BroadBand Light Therapy?

BBL treatments can help with many skin conditions, including:

  • acne
  • rosacea
  • sagging skin
  • pigmented lesions (e.g. freckles, age spots, sun spots)
  • vascular lesions (e.g. cherry angiomas, telangiectasia’s, spider veins)
  • hair removal

 What You Can Expect:

  •  fast treatment with very little downtime – regain youthful skin during your lunch hour
  •  long-lasting results:  treatments can last up to several years
  • wide range of application:  treat your face, hands, neck, arms – wherever you want tighter, younger-looking skin
  • can be used with lighter or darker skin types


If you are ready to turn back the clock, please contact Southwest Plastic Surgery today for more information or to schedule a consultation by calling (915) 590-7900.

How SPY Imaging Technology is Helping Breast Cancer Patients

Illustration of a spy with accessories icons. Spy in the black coat and hat with a magnifying glass and briefcaseWhen you think of SPY Imaging technology, perhaps your mind fills with images of James Bond carrying a black briefcase full of clever and useful tools to accomplish secret missions. If so, the James Bonds of plastic surgery can be found in El Paso, TX, where two renowned plastic surgeons have been putting the use of modern technologies to good use.

SPY imaging is a fairly new, cutting edge system that enables the doctors to determine exact percentages of tissue perfusion during surgery. This offers tremendous hope to patients who have suffered the loss of one or both breasts as a result of cancer. An IV indocyanine green dye (known as ICG) uses infrared angiography to see the damaged or remaining healthy tissue, thereby enabling its removal. What makes this technology so great is that the SPY imaging decreases long term complications by removing the tissue most susceptible to be infected by the cancerous cells, and without having to return for another surgery.

In a recently published article in the El Paso Physician magazine, Dr. Agullo and his fellow co-founder of Southwest Plastic Surgery, Dr. Humberto Palladino, both addressed the benefits of SPY imaging technology to breast cancer patients. “The SPY imaging system should be used to prevent complications and increase surgical accuracy in many types of breast reconstruction procedures.”

Dr. Agullo and Dr. Palladino referenced recent evidence that points to the benefits of SPY imaging in other types of plastic surgery as well; as long as there is communication between the surgeon and anesthesiologist during the ICG dye injection. That seems to be the most critical aspect in the delivery of a successful outcome, since the dye pinpoints the regions that must undergo removal prior to the breast reconstruction.

One of the major advantages for the dye is that it is nephrotoxic; therefore it can be used several times during one procedure. A smaller area of removal in the fatty tissues of the breast during surgery can be detected by the SPY imaging system. During clinical studies, it the ICG dye was far more accurate than dyes used in other methods. These new studies have revealed the accuracy of SPY imaging, estimating it to be three times more effective than the methods widely used in the medical industry.

Southwest Plastic Surgery and both Dr. Agullo and Dr. Palladino have won numerous awards in the past year for their excellence in the plastic surgery industry. They are considered to be leaders in the SPY imaging and breast reconstruction field. Women from all over Southwest Texas, New Mexico and even from other states have turned to them to help overcome that final stage of breast cancer where they can trust the team at Southwest Plastic Surgery to bring the “wholeness” back to womanhood through the reconstruction of one or both breasts after beating cancer.

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