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What to Do if You Tear Your Earlobe?

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What to Do if You Tear Your Earlobe?

Surgery to Repair Torn or Stretched EarlobesMost often, torn earlobes occur due to either too-heavy jewelry worn in the earlobe or through accidental tearing caused by an incident. It can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. One minute you may be playing with your children and the next, your earring gets ripped out right through the earlobe tissue. A split that occurs in your earlobe may seem unattractive and unsightly. It can make you feel self-conscious.

Sometimes, the earlobes are not completely torn, but the earring holes are stretched and seem to be close to impending doom.

Your earlobes are comprised of fatty tissue and soft skin, which makes them a good place for piercing. Some people have small earlobes while others have medium to large sizes; this is why men and women choose varying degrees of size when it comes to earrings they prefer wearing. The dangly or heavy earrings are more dangerous to your earlobe, although millions of people love to wear them. Your earlobes’ soft tissues may not be strong enough for some larger earrings, and especially if you wear them over a long period of time, the earlobe can become more vulnerable to tears or stretching.

What Can Be Done to Fix Split Earlobes?

You may think that your earlobe can repair itself, but this is not generally the case. Transparent tape might be your best attempt at a creative solution, but your skin could experience an adverse reaction.

Dr. Frank Agullo is a board-certified plastic surgeon who helps patients with torn earlobes by performing earlobe repair surgery. Using a gentle, safe technique and modern tools, Dr. Agullo’s delicate earlobe repair technique has helped hundreds of patients to restore their earlobes with minimal to no evidence of there ever being a tear.

During your consultation, Dr. Agullo will assess your earlobe and discuss the technique he will use to repair your earlobe. The technique he uses to repair your earlobe will depend on the type and severity of your tear.

The good news is that earlobe tear repair can be done with just local anesthesia right in Dr. Agullo’s office, without having to endure any pain or hospitalization. Dr. Agullo makes a small mark on the patient’s earlobe and applies numbing lidocaine to the area, so you will not feel anything during the earlobe repair procedure.

During the procedure, Dr. Agullo starts by removing the damaged scar tissue and then begins to work on rebuilding the damage. To repair the earlobe, Dr. Agullo uses either a zigzag or straight repair, similar to “stitching” up a hem on a piece of clothing. Some tears occur in a straight line down while others may rip a good portion of the earlobe, requiring extra care and stitching. He uses very fine threads to repair the earlobe that, after they heal, will eventually disappear if you continue to apply the scar therapy cream after the earlobe repair procedure has been completed.

Can I Ever Wear Earrings Again?

You should wait at least a couple of months after earlobe repair surgery before considering getting your earlobe re-pierced. We recommend that you stick to the smaller “stud” earrings, rather than attempting any heavy or dangly earrings again, especially if you have small children. They love shiny things and sometimes have a tendency to pull on earrings, which accounts for a large majority of earlobe tears. Dr. Agullo can re-pierce your ears once they are healed.

Other reasons for earlobe repair might be due to earlobe abnormalities, traumas or accidents, hereditary defects, or intentional changes when a patient gets large earrings due to body art.

If you have any questions about earlobe repair surgery in the Southwest, schedule your consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Agullo today by calling our El Paso office at 915-590-7900 or our Las Cruces office at 575-520-5041. For your convenience, you may also fill out our online contact form for more information.

New Fat Grafting Procedure Helps Patients Love Fat in a Different Way

In Mid-May of 2015, top surgeons for the ASAPS – American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – met to brainstorm the rapidly evolving method of fat grafting, which offers patients a revolutionary new way to re-sculpt and reshape the areas of the body that even exercise and diet cannot achieve.

Those once-neglected regions of a person’s body, such as the pecks, shoulders, abs and legs, can now achieve stunning definition that was once only available to those who were “born with” great genes.

Being hailed by one plastic surgeon as “liquid gold”, the fat grafting technique enables qualified surgeons to augment, reshape and redefine the anatomy in ways that other previous methods could not achieve. The results are natural looking, minimally invasive and use a patient’s own body tissue, making it less apt to be rejected by the body.

Fat grafting provides a robust, flexible measure of injecting the patient’s own fat cells into the desired areas. So you can take the fat away from the areas you don’t want it, and have it redistributed to the areas that need more volume. Although this does often require combined procedures, such as liposuction, for example, the initial results have been tremendously favorable. The fat literally takes on the physiologic makeup of whatever it is injected next to, thereby adapting in a way that makes it easy for the body to adopt.

While implants have long been used for augmentations, the fat grafting procedure offers an innovative alternative. It can even complement existing implants for patients who want more dramatic results, such as ultra-sexy, deep cleavage or “booty-licious” butts. In the future, many patients who have returned to plastic surgeons for the decade updates on their breast implants may be offered fat grafting as an alternative solution. It can also smooth and contour the implants, offering enhanced definition and customization.

One of the surprising findings is that in patients who have already gone through with the fat grafting procedure, the fat cells that were removed and redistributed to another part of the body did not come back to those areas. They also live forever in their new location. Fat retention rates averaged 60% for buttock fat transfers, 40% for breast fat grafting and 60% retention in the legs and calves. These tallies were performed by board-certified, best-of-the best, plastic surgeons certified by ABPS – the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Another notable point about fat grafting redistribution is that the results are centered on shape and proportion, rather than the size of the patient. A person can designate the unwanted fat and just move it to another part that needs extra perkiness and volume. If you are underweight, this technique may not be possible unless you want to gain ten or twenty pounds to have it done.

Limitations exist, mainly when a patient’s bone structure or skin is unable to stretch enough to accommodate the fat injections. Scary as it may sound, if too much fat is injected into a specific area, it can actually rupture the nearby ligaments. Not everyone is a candidate for fat grafting, so the best advice is to go to a board certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Frank Agullo of El Paso, TX. In addition to being a member of ABPS and other prestigious organizations, Dr. Agullo can give patients realistic advice as to whether or not they are a candidate.

If you would like to find out if fat grafting is an option for you, Contact Agullo Plastic Surgery today to set up a personal one-on-one to discuss your concepts and goals.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is the “Natural” Type of Boob Job

natural breast enhancement If you are considering getting breast augmentation or implants, but aren’t sure about whether silicone or saline implants are something you want in your body, now there is an option that might perk up your interest! Fat transfer breast augmentation in El Paso, TX is increasing in popularity, because it eliminates the need for man-made implants. Say what?

Yes, this type of breast augmentation might sound too good to be true, but it works by using recycled fat stores from other parts of your body, which are then inserted to increase the shape and size of your breast. The other benefit is that by using your own fat stores, your body is more likely to accept it, while the option of fat redistribution is also ideal. Taking a little bit from your belly, hips or thighs and moving it to your breasts is an awesome idea, but is it really that simple?

Dr. Frank Agullo specializes in breast augmentations in Southwest Texas. He has performed hundreds of them to date. He starts by using a liposuction tool – known as a cannula – and sucking out the fat, which he then injects into the breasts. Fat transfers are not a new concept and are often used for butt augmentation and face rejuvenation techniques, as well.

The efficiency and results of the procedure can be enhanced with the Brava bra system, which increased fat take.

It is important to note some facts about the procedure. Fat injections to the breasts can only increase the size by one or two cup sizes in one session. You may be a candidate for more than one session. Plus, women who have a slimmer build may not be able to do this, since you need to have a lot of fat taken from your abs, hips or thighs to redistribute to the breast area. So the dilemma is that many small chested women are also slender, making it unfeasible for the procedure to be accomplished. But for women with middle to heavier build, the fat transfer breast augmentation is a rapidly growing concept.

The fat transfer boob job is also less expensive, since the procedure requires less incisions and work to achieve. In general, fat transfer breast augmentations in El Paso, TX are a safe alternative and more affordable option for many women, especially those who find that implants are not necessary and who want “just a little” more roundness and fullness in their chests. It offers a subtle enhancement, rather than a drastic change.

If you are interested in learning more about the breast augmentation surgeries we offer, contact Dr. Frank Agullo at Southwest Plastic Surgery today. Call 915-590-7900 or 575-520-5041 to schedule a consultation.


Is Petite Breast Augmentation Right for You?


Breast Implants for Petite Frames

petite frame breast augmentationWomen with a smaller frame often shop in the “petite” section of apparel departments. However, having a petite build often means that a woman may have smaller breasts to match her petite body structure. A petite woman may desire to have fuller, larger or shapelier breasts, but it is important to weigh this decision very carefully. Breast augmentation is a big undertaking for a small woman, often because there is less skin and surface area for the plastic surgeon to work with.

If you do decide to get petite breast augmentation, you should always choose a narrower breast implant. This is something you can decide with the doctor you want to work with. Choosing a breast implant that is not too wide is the best way to preserve a natural appearance. Otherwise, the breast not only appears “fake” but they can cause problems for women who don’t have the chest width to uphold the extra size.

Small breast implants do still offer a fuller, shapelier appearance on petite women. Asking for narrower implants will also make the breasts less likely to protrude from the sides of your chest, which can be tough to squeeze into clothing. To put this in perspective, just imagine someone you may have seen who tries to squeeze large boobs into a small bikini. This is probably not the look you want.

Skin elasticity is another consideration. If your skin is taught, you may not be able to withstand breast implants (especially larger ones) without possible complications. Hence, the profile and breast implant shape should also be considered, so one with a higher profile will help your body to appear shapelier, whereas one that is too large may give you a sloped shape that does not look as natural. Because there are so many variations, it is important to discuss the best breast augmentation choices for petite women with your plastic surgeon.

At Southwest Plastic Surgery of El Paso or Las Cruces, Dr. Frank Agullo has experience in doing breast augmentations for petite women. He can show you examples of the implants, as well as give you a live preview on the 3D Vectra Imaging system. This unique technology lets petite women see what their petite breast augmentation will look like ahead of time, which can help you decide if the surgery is a “yay” or “nay”.

Dr. Agullo also confers with you on how the different breast implants will look for your particular frame. He can guide you through the difficult decision of determining the shape, size, saline or silicone and positioning of the implant on your body. Whatever your cosmetic goals reflect, he can provide a breast augmentation solution that is tailored just for you. Contact this board-certified plastic surgeon in El Paso, TX or Las Cruces, NM today! Call 915-590-7900 or 575-520-5041 to see if petite breast augmentation is right for you.


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