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How to Get Superhero Six-Pack Abs

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How to Get Superhero Six-Pack Abs

superhero-absSuperhero movies have been all the rage lately. In addition to the action-packed scenes, it’s hard not to notice the leading guys supporting these films. Whether it’s the bulky definition of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor or the lean muscular definition of Captan America, one thing can be said: abs are making the leading man. But the average guy can’t dedicate the time, money, and energy it takes for Ben Affleck to become Batman. If you have worked hard through diet and exercise but stubborn fat still prevents you from getting those superhero abs, then it might be time to consider liposuction.

Liposuction Isn’t Only for Women

Many men shy away from the idea of liposuction because there is the misconception that plastic surgery is only designed for women. The truth is that liposuction and many other plastic surgery procedures can be tailored to men to enhance their appearance while maintaining the masculine contours they desire. The stigma around male plastic surgery is a thing of the past, and many more men are choosing to become the best version of themselves through procedures like liposuction.

Getting a Superhero Six Pack

Liposuction helps men achieve the abdominal contour they desire by targeting specific areas of fat accumulation. A special contouring technique, known as 4D abdominal etching, carefully removes fat from around each abdominal muscle. This process removes certain areas fat while leaving others in place to create definition and a more muscular appearance. Newer liposuction techniques provide the greatest precision, allowing for custom-tailored results.

Preparing for Your Liposuction  

Liposuction isn’t a weight-loss procedure. Men considering liposuction should have already lost weight naturally through diet and exercise. When you are within your goal weight, liposuction is used to remove stubborn fat and reveal your toned abdominal contour. For the best results, patients should attempt to tone their abdominal contour as much as possible prior to their treatment.

You don’t have to be an action star to have leading man abs. Everyone desires to be the best, most toned version of themselves. Schedule your consultation to see if liposuction can help you achieve the physique you desire. Contact our office at (915) 590-7900 or fill out our online contact form for additional information.

Liposuction and Male Breast Growth

shutterstock_268562606Gynecomastia is a condition that causes an unnatural enlargement of breast tissues in men. Obviously, this condition can result in embarrassment, emotional trauma, and even psychological harm to my patients – regardless of their age. Some forms of the condition can be seen in infants, adolescents, as well as the elderly.

Unfortunately, physiological male breast growth that is not caused by being overweight is usually seen in the early teen years, with about 50% of cases developing by age 14. The 1990s saw a 500% increase in specialist visits for this condition alone.

The Struggle is Real

The embarrassing nature of the condition can make it even more difficult for patients to reach out to their parents or doctor for help. If you’ve suffered from the condition for all of your adult life, you know how wearisome it can be.

Men suffering from abnormal breast growth may experience embarrassment during the simplest of activities – such as taking their shirt off for a dip at the pool, or wearing certain types of clothing in public. When you should be busy enjoying time spent with your friends and family, you may see your social life impaired or your personal network dwindling.

Treating Male Breast Enlargement

Liposuction is a straightforward and effective management tool for male breast growth. It is usually preferred in the mild to moderate phases of gynecomastia. Earlier intervention is key, as more progressive forms of breast growth may require complete resection and surgery of the breast.

Not only does liposuction reduce the size of the breast, but it also makes it possible for me to enhance the contour of the chest along the front and lateral surfaces. Choosing liposuction earlier can reduce the extensiveness of your procedure – giving you benefits much more quickly and reducing your recovery time.

With Liposuction, we are able to quickly and easily eliminate excessive fatty deposits throughout the body – including the breast tissues. This makes it an excellent option for my male patients suffering with gynecomastia. Plus, the results of the treatment are permanent.

If the breast gland is also enlarged, this can be removed through a small ¾ inch incision right at the margin of the areola.

Confidential Consultations

If you or your son is experiencing male breast growth, you deserve a board-certified plastic surgeon who can relate to the situation in a professional manner without causing additional embarrassment. My El Paso office provides confidential and friendly services to patients of all backgrounds and needs. Please call today to schedule an evaluation!

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Agullo, you may call (915) 590-7900 or fill out our online contact form.

Three Primary Causes for Increases in Male Plastic Surgery

There continues to be a growing pressure on men to look younger these days, and it has really started to show in the sheer number of men choosing to undergo cosmetic procedures. From 2013 until present day, the tremendous growth in the plastic surgery market has been partly due to the increase in male patients choosing to participate.

So, why this spike in male plastic surgery? Only five to ten years ago, plastic surgery patients were almost entirely female, but now we are seeing a steady increase in male patients in El Paso and throughout the United States. There are a number of reasons for this, but these are the top three causes for men seeking cosmetic or plastic surgery:

  1. There is a greater general awareness of what is possible surgically. Television and increased press attention has put the possibilities of cosmetic surgery into the public’s eye. Now that men know what kind of things they can change physically, it has created an entirely new demand in the plastic surgery market.
  2. There is both a professional and social pressure for men to look younger. Companies want men to look their best, and these days that means looking old can start to become detrimental to an otherwise sterling career. Men also have different social expectations put upon them presently than in the past; words like “manscaping” certainly didn’t exist 10 to 15 years ago. The stigma that used to exist in most men’s minds about having aesthetic surgery has lifted. This has increased the demand for cosmetic surgery as competition calls for it.
  3. Hair restoration surgeries have had incredible breakthroughs in the last couple of years. The field of hair restoration has really had some incredible breakthroughs in the last couple of years, and more men than ever are getting their hair line back to where they want it to be. Procedures like PRP and hair transplants have made hair restoration an easy and affordable option for many men and since hair loss is such a common trait, it is not hard to imagine why male cosmetic surgery is skyrocketing.

For men who may be considering plastic surgery or cosmetic alterations, Dr. Frank Agullo offers a confidential and private environment at Southwest Plastic Surgery, where you can discuss your ideas or inquisitions with a board-certified plastic surgeon in El Paso. Contact us today to schedule a consultation by calling 915-590-7900 or filling out our online contact form.

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