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There’s a Smaller Gap Between Male and Female Cosmetic Surgery Than You Thought!

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There’s a Smaller Gap Between Male and Female Cosmetic Surgery Than You Thought!

Surveys have shown that just over 1 out of 3 women would like to have some type of cosmetic surgery. That is, if cost wasn’t an issue. Surprisingly, 1 in 5 men said the exact same thing! Yet, the small gap between men and women who say they want plastic surgery and actually have it done is far wider. It seems that maybe men are a bit more hesitant to follow through with what they want when it comes to elective procedures. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to say yes!

Who is Actually Getting Treatment?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says that 9 out of 10 cosmetic procedures are completed on females. While women are following through with their cosmetic desires, then men aren’t (as they make up only 1 out of 10 patients.)

One of the reasons why we see this problem is because men frequently do not understand the benefits or accessibility to male-centered treatments. Some may not even realize what procedures are available. Yet if they knew the outstanding results that could be achieved, I think we would see more men than ever coming in for elective cosmetic procedures.

Highlighted Desires

When men are coming in, what are they having done? Some of the most common procedures we discuss or complete include:


Before and After BlepharoplastyIt might be hard to say, but it’s actually a fairly common procedure – erasing the signs of sagging skin around the eyes. Just a little lift of the lower or upper eyelids can improve vision and add a youthful appearance.

Beard Transplants

If you’ve always had a baby-face or are unable to grow a beard, then a beard transplant is an excellent way to add a full face of hair! We individually transfer each hair follicle from the back of your scalp (where hair grows the thickest) to the face to add fullness to your thin (or nonexistent) beard.


Getting a “nose job” isn’t just for women. Many men feel uncomfortable with their note’s size and shape. It may even interfere with the way they breath. Don’t try to man-up and “own” your nose if you aren’t happy with the way it looks. Do something about it! You might just be surprised to learn how many men actually have a rhinoplasty done. I can even show you some before and after shots here in my office.


If you’ve worked hard to lose weight, leftover areas of body fat may not go away on their own, even if you’re eating right and working out regularly. With liposuction we can permanently erase fatty tissues and make it easier to maintain a smoother, thinner body contour. It’s great for both male and female patients!

I always invite men (and women!) to come by my El Paso office for a complimentary consultation. I feel that it’s truly important to discuss the specific needs and expectations with each person, so that we can find the one best suited for their preferences. If you’re ready to get past the point of “just thinking about” cosmetic surgery, then call my office today!

You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Frank Agullo by calling (915) 590-7900 or by filling out our online contact form


Is it Normal for Men to Get Plastic Surgery?

The playing field in cosmetic surgery patients is changing. As more men are realizing that cosmetic procedures are minimally to non-invasive, they are increasingly coming in for plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments. It may just be that in the future, just as many men are getting treatment as women. Last year, over 1 million men in the US saw a plastic surgeon for cosmetic treatment.

The fact that technology has made treatments more comfortable and affordable is a huge factor. But men are also realizing that it isn’t narcissistic or painful for them to ‘get work done.’ They’re just now figuring out what women have already known!

So, what are the top procedures I’m seeing men for at my El Paso cosmetic surgery center?

Beard Transplants

If you weren’t naturally well endowed with a full facial beard, that’s ok. It’s now possible to do single follicular hair transplants from the back of the head onto the face – leaving you with a fully functional beard! For men with baby faces or patchy facial hair, beard transplants are the perfect touch for getting that  “lumberjack” or “metrosexual” look you’ve been working so hard toward. Plus, nobody has to know that you even had it done!

Laser Hair Removal

We’ve seen about a 40% increase in laser hair removal treatments in men. The results are permanent, and great for men who have excessive hair in less-than desirable areas, such as the back or even their chest.

Non-Invasive Facelifts

Light, laser, and radio therapy can tighten the skin throughout the face, neck, stomach and legs for a smoother, more youthful skin tone. It’s perfect for erasing loose skin around the eyes and mouth – areas that show our age. Plus, it triggers collagen production which makes the skin look fuller and smoother.

Fat Reduction

Did you know that it was possible for us to use non-surgical techniques to reduce the appearance of body fat? Liposuction is also useful for men with excessive fatty tissue buildup (even in the breasts) for a more toned body contour that diet and exercise can’t always achieve on their own.

Neck Treatments

Before and After Male Neck LiposuctionWhether it’s using lasers to firm and tighten the neck tissues or a surgical neck lift, tightening the skin in this area can add youth to your appearance. We also reduce fat through the area under the chin, which can make you look like you’ve lost weight. Sometimes I even add injectables to remove the fatty tissues underneath the skin.

Are you new to the dating crowd again? Just looking for a way to feel your best? Now you know the truth – I see men on a regular basis and the treatments available are usually far simpler than they realized!

If you’re considering doing something for yourself, whether it’s a beard transplant, liposuction, or laser therapy – I invite you to call my El Paso office to schedule a consultation. We’ll have a chance to sit and discuss what type of goals and expectations you have, and then go over your options available.

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Is it Right for You to Get a Beard Transplant?

shutterstock_228751441Beard transplants have been gaining huge popularity in men of every age. It doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon, either. The latest trends of beard-growing men have made it difficult for those with baby-faces or patchy hair to get the fullness they need from their facial hair texture. Plus there’s all the maintenance involved in keeping their beard trimmed and well groomed.

Is it even worth investing in a beard transplant? How can you be sure whether or not one is right for you?

Who is the Ideal Candidate for a Beard Transplant?

If you have trouble growing facial hair (or can’t grow any at all,) a beard transplant may be the perfect answer. Thanks to advancements in hair transplant technology, more men than ever are taking advantage of treatments to avoid a perfectly smooth chin.

How it Works

How does it work? First, we transfer hair follicles from the back of your scalp. This is the area where your hair usually grows its thickest, so missing a few won’t be too noticeable. Instead of transferring “plugs,” which can be very obvious, we move one follicle at a time. Each one is transplanted to the face in a way that gives you a natural hair pattern and creates a full beard. It can be as thick as you want (assuming you have enough hair to go around!)

More Common Than Ever

Although you might think not many people are getting beard transplants, we’ve seen a huge increase over the past decade. It used to be where I only performed a few each year, but now I probably see a man about the procedure at least once a day in my El Paso office. According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, beard transplant treatments increased by 2.2% from 2012 to 2014, and are continued to rise.

What to Expect

Depending on the extent of hair follicles that need to be transplanted, we may move anywhere from 1,500 to 3,000 grafts from the back of the scalp to the face. It varies, depending on the amount of coverage that you want (such as a goatee or a full beard.) And the price for the procedures start as low as around $7,000 but can go all the way up to $20,000 or more, depending on the extent of the procedure.

I am passionate about hair transplantation, and I am personally involved in the entire procedure. Whether you choose a traditional strip, AKA FUT, procedure or an FUE procedure, AKA Neograft or Alphagraft, I will be there every step of the way. I will personally harvest your hair and design the sites where the hairs will be placed.

If you want to look and feel manlier, a beard transplant is an easy way to go. Instead of going out to buy a new car or take a vacation, many men are choosing to enjoy a beard that they can have for years to come.

Schedule a Consultation

You can’t get a beard transplant without first scheduling a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. I’m more than happy to provide a one-on-one consultation with men right here in my El Paso office, to find out if a beard transplant is the right option for them. It never hurts to find out. In fact, a lot of men wish they had asked even sooner. Give me a call today to find out more!

To make an appointment, you can contact the office of Dr. Frank Agullo by calling (915) 590-7900 or by filling out our online contact form.

Erase That Baby Face with a Beard Transplant

Before and After Hair TransplantFor men who weren’t exactly well-endowed in the facial hair department, it can leave them looking baby-faced for longer than they really want to. Now, instead of men going out and buying a sports car, they’re doing things like getting a beard transplant. And you know what? They work.

In the past, it wasn’t possible to do beard transplants because hair transplants used plugs of 15 hair follicles or so. This could leave the face looking mottled or uneven. But now, they’re done a different way.

Something Any Man Can Enjoy

Dr. Agullo performs beard transplants through a procedure that actually moves one hair follicle at a time. The new hairs grow perfectly, can be shaved, and grow right back! Plus, they’re less than the price of that midlife-crisis sports car.

We used to see only 3 or 4 beard transplants in a year. But now, that many are being performed each month! The results give men of all ages the fuller, greater coverage of a beard that they haven’t been able to grow without the procedure.

Better Than Hair Plugs

Some men just don’t grow a lot of facial hair. Or, they have bare patches that make them feel self conscious about the way a beard looks as it’s being grown out. Whether you simply want to add more coverage or completely grow a beard from scratch, follicular beard transplants are an excellent way to go!

Hair is transplanted from the back of the head – where hair is usually the thickest for men. Each single follicle continues to grow hair, but now on the face, instead of the scalp. Plus, you can avoid that mottled complexion left with old-fashioned hair plugs on the days you decide to shave it off.

A Subtle Procedure Nobody Will Know About

In most cases, beard transplants look so natural that no one will even know you’ve had the surgery done. It will just seem as if you used to shave in the past and weren’t a beard kind of guy, and then switched into someone who decided to grow out their facial hair. For a procedure that’s done on your face, you deserve the subtlety that an advanced follicular beard transplant has to offer.

Depending on the area being treated, beard transplants start as low as $4,000 on up to $10,000 or more. Your friends or co-workers never even have to know!

Adding Maturity and Masculinity to Your Appearance

Adding more fullness to your facial hair can help you overcome a youthful baby-face appearance and add more masculinity to what you see in the mirror. It’s also perfect for men who have no trouble growing beards, but are dissatisfied with the bare patches that make their beards look “splotchy.”

To find out more about beard transplants in El Paso, it’s worth your time to meet with Dr. Agullo and find out if the procedure is right for you. Having performed hundreds of hair transplant procedures, his skilled hand and eye for detail as a board-certified plastic surgeon mean you’ll be getting the best results possible. Call us today to book a consultation!

You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Frank Agullo by calling (915) 590-7900 or by filling out our online contact form

Why are Women Over 50 Turning to Plastic Surgery?

Before and After Eyelift SurgeryWomen in their 50’s are increasingly turning to plastic surgery, and the reason why might surprise you. New financial freedoms mean that if you’re in your mid to late 50’s, you can spend your money where you want to – whether it’s traveling the world, doing some extra shopping, or even purchasing a new home.

A lot of women are using their pensions and investment incomes on things they’ve always wanted – like plastic surgery. More and more 50 and 60-somethings are coming in for cosmetic procedures like breast implants, body recontouring, and facial aesthetics (like eye lifts or Botox.)

Mature Patients Make Up the Majority

In 2015, the American Society for Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) said that individuals age 55 or over made up nearly 1/4 of all of the patients seen for cosmetic treatments. Not surprisingly, those in the age bracket of 40-54 made up over 1/3 of all patients. This can come as a surprise to most people, who assume cosmetic surgery is only for the young 20 or 30-something year olds.

Why the huge increase? It could be that more mature women are choosing to “tweak” their appearance, rather than change it completely. Subtle, age-defying procedures like eye lifts or injectables make it less obvious you’ve had any “work” done. More dramatic procedures like nose jobs are becoming less common among women in these age brackets.

Financial Freedom to Invest in Yourself

Being that people over 55 are free from a lot of the financial obligations that they had as younger adults (such as purchasing a home or raising a family,) they are often free to enjoy a bit more flexibility with their spending. Add in the fact that cosmetic treatment’s aren’t really regarded as a “taboo” thing anymore, people that might not have considered getting work done now find themselves moving forward with minor or less invasive procedures. They’re often surprised to see that cosmetic surgery is actually quite affordable for the individual on an average-income.

What Are People Getting Done?

Women are coming in for injectables or other types of non-surgical procedures to add youth and volume to their faces. They just want to feel vibrant and less tired when they look in the mirror. Since people are living longer, we don’t want to look older than the age that we feel!

While more invasive surgeries are usually left to the younger crowd, 50-somethings are not hesitant one bit to take advantage of simple outpatient or non-surgical treatments. The women that are going in for breast augmentation are typically those that had the surgery done a decade or so ago, and want to change them up a bit to fit their new body.

It’s Not Just Women! Men are Getting in on the Action, too!

And women aren’t the only ones taking advantage of convenient treatments. Men are joining in too! In most cases, men just want to look younger or less tired, and there’s a lot we can do to make that happen. Some men choose to have things done to their neck or eyes, to gently lift the skin and add a youthful glow to their appearance. Some of them are even getting beard implants!

It’s never late to do something to improve the way you look. Call my El Paso office to schedule a private consultation to find out what options might be best for you!

You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Frank Agullo by calling (915) 590-7900 or by filling out our online contact form.


You Heard it Right: Beard Transplants are a Growing Trend

Hair Transplant Before and AfterFor years, we’ve seen hair transplant procedures used to create fullness through the scalp and to battle balding in men. It’s a safe and effective way to increase hair volume – but now it’s being used in a way most people may not have ever imagined: beard transplants.

In what used to be a fairly rare procedure, beard transplants are now becoming quite the range in the US. Why? Because men find that having a beard makes them feel more masculine, and some research supports the idea that women find men with beards to be more attractive than those without them.

Have you heard the term “Lumber sexual” used lately? The term was coined by hipsters to describe the growing pop culture trend of beard-growing, flannel-shirt-wearing men. It’s no wonder why the men who can’t grow beards are seeking out new ways to cover up their “baby faces.”

But it isn’t just hipsters wishing they could grow a beard. 40 and 50-something men, too, can enjoy the full facial hair that a beard transplant has to offer. It seems that beards are “in” regardless of my patients’ ages.

How Does a Beard Transplant Work?

Like a traditional hair transplant, I perform a procedure called a follicular unit extraction to transplant donor hairs onto my patient’s face. The hair is typically taken from an area at the back or side of the head, where fullness is not as much of a concern. The transplanted hair adds fullness to the beard’s texture, and typically begins to grow within just a couple of weeks. You may even need to shave it by week two or three!

Although the initial transplanted hairs will fall out, their follicles are left behind – which means new hair growth is just around the corner. Within a few months, the transplanted follicles will begin forming new hair shafts that grow right alongside of the rest of your facial hair.

The Ideal Candidate

If you’ve always wanted a fuller beard but had to shave regularly due to lack of growth or fullness, then a beard transplant is likely the solution you’ve been looking for. Your new beard is also an excellent way to cover scars caused by acne or injuries throughout the years.

Most likely you will need to take a sick day off of work. But the entire procedure itself can typically be completed within 3 to 4 hours, depending on the number of transplants necessary. I can give you a better idea of the actual length during your initial consultation. We’ll talk about where you want to add the most volume, where the transplants will be taken from, and what type of results you can expect to see.

It seems as if the beard trend is here to stay. I used to only see a few men a year in my office who wanted to talk about their beard’s fullness, but we’re quickly seeing an increase in interest! In Europe alone, the procedure rose by nearly 15% as of a few years ago, and continues to increase.

Are you frustrated with patchy or thin areas across your face when you try to grow a beard? Is growing a beard nearly impossible for you to do? You’re not alone, but now you can enjoy having one after a single transplant procedure!

To learn more about beard transplants, contact the office of Dr. Frank Agullo by calling (915) 590-7900 or filling out an online contact form.

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